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  11. Nintendo Famicom 3D Box Pack

    Thanks a lot! Very beautiful!
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  16. Games collection

    Thanks for the info, but what you describe can be done on a pc. I am using shield tv and was wondering if this would be possible on the android version of Hyperspin? Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
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  20. RocketLauncher JoyToKey MAME profile error

    Did you ever figure this problem out? My joysticks randomly stopped workingin hyperspin and thats the only error I have to go on.
  21. I apologize in advance if this topic has been answered already. I also realize this is 2 years old now, but I'm attempting to do what Thomas3120 is describing. I would like to retain the ability to exit to the Windows Desktop when needed, but want this mapped to a separate and hidden button so players can't access this. (I don't want players to muck with my Windows and only want them inside the Hyperspin front end). I do not follow how to go back in the Hyperspin wheel to choose another emulator without hitting the same button again and exiting to Windows. Is there a way to back out of one HyperSpin wheel to choose another emulator, yet not exit to Windows if the same button were pushed again? I realize you can disable the exit feature of HyperSpin, but this then means when I actually do need to exit to the Windows Desktop, I would need to perform a CTRL-ALT-DEL to pull up the task manager and kill the hyperspin process. I'm sure this is a very simple concept that I'm just failing to grasp.
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  25. best hardware configuration

    Have to check performance but the IGP is always an intel product. ITX form factor is relatively small and you can use high-end hardware with m.2 ssd hard disk and a good videocard https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z370I-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC.html If you are into overclock and have you space for a decent heatsink i3 8350k is a good choice, it can safely runs at 4.5ghz as it usually can reach 5ghz. A good start point can be a case like this one http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mini-itx/elite130/ . The good thing is it supports an ATX PSU. With an upper mid-end rig you need at last 400 REAL WATT, that means a decent >550W PSU. If you are planning overclock and an high-end videocard the thing can be much more complicated. Probably a custom build case would offer better solutions. There are L shaped pci-e adaptor that could help organizing space... results seems to vary, some people don't have problems, some people have lots of problems. If looks is more important than real performance you should be able to find a decent "steam machine". The project has been an uber failure but some decent rig was rolled out.
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  28. Unofficial Sega Dreamcast Discs 7-11-2017

    For the knowledge of the entire details of that and that you can also get the process easy from the help of the Canon tech support for the entire help which you must know that from there.
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