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  8. CXBX-RELOADED in Hyperspin

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to run cxbx reloaded as administrator in Hyperspin ? Reason I ask is although i can run it ok in Windows 10 if I do not set Hyperspin to run as admin, many other systems then do not work (gameloader etc) without setting each game to run as admin Even when i leave fade in off to allow myself to click yes in the confirmation box (see image) it still won't load. It's annoying as this emulator is now working well on certain games. Most emulators have an option to turn stuff like this off but I can't find it if it exists. Any help appreciated. Note, CXBX RELOADED emulator itself is not set as admin, just Hyperspin and this brings up this error.
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  12. ExaGear Strategies (PC games emulator)

    Has anyone tried dosbox on retroarch?????....I got super street fighter and mortal kombat playing at full speed now but the issues are controls....its not accepting any of my shield controller inputs....if anyone messed with this core lemme knkw how ur experience was...thanks
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