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  7. Setting "Roms Only" when roms are in subfolders?

    Not sure if a solution has been offered since, but I've stumbled on a simple fix that works in Windows. In each subfolder, create a shortcut to the cue file "gamename.cue". Then rename the shortcut to "gamename". Then move the shortcut to the parent, main rom folder. Now open HyperHQ and include the "lnk" file extension under the appropriate wheel. That's it! Now you should be able to keep files in rom subfolders and use the "rom only" filter for Hyperspin. I've found this same fix also works for Wii U game folders in dealing with wux and rpx files. Doesn't completely eliminate the clutter, but should cut it at least in half, especially games with multiple bin files.
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  21. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Ive tried to get some of these working myself with varying success...
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  28. Kustom Sega CD Wheel Art (Koolbrez67 8-6-09).zip

    Great collection, fine work 👍☺️
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