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  2. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    Thats what vjoy does. RL can handle that. I have never used it so i cant help much beyond that. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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  5. Organize my PC Games

    Still drawing a blank there.. but hey doesnt hurt anyone.
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  9. Organize my PC Games

    ok thanks, any ideas y i had to add a blank entry to the bottom of the .xml to get the last game to show up on the wheel?
  10. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    Well that's just bad programming on their side. I will keep an eye out for Joystick Emulation though and let ya know if I come across something.
  11. Organize my PC Games

    I usually have.. <menu> Touching far left. (No Indent) A single Tab for the <game then a double tab for the contents <crc> <grenre> <year etc> Then back to a single tab to end </game> But to be fair, its just my issue. Others probably wouldn't care in the less as it still works fine. (Well Unless they are also OCD or Programmers etc.)
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  13. Organize my PC Games

    So would the <game be all the way touching the left column? and indent be made at the first dotted lines?
  14. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    yeah that was actually me who posted that image. basically those games require player 2-4 bindings be to gamepads. only 1 person can bind to keyboard, period.
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  21. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    There was a picture posted recently of a Keyboard layout that was using a 4 Player Ipac. You should be able to set keyboard buttons for all players? Or is it restricting the device per player?
  22. Hey all. I received my 4 player controller and have Hyperspin all working great with MAME and console emulation. PC Games have been tougher, and I'm wondering if anyone has solutions. Many PC Games only allow 1 keyboard input and other players would have to use gamepads. I am finding lots of solutions to convert gamepads to keyboard keystrokes, but not the opposite, where a keystroke emulates a button press on a gamepad. Does anyone have a way to make games like Double Dragon Neon or Gauntlet work with a 4 player arcade cabinet? Thanks!!
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