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  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Green/Red look great. Even the 1st one looks good. I like the video/screenshot box in the 1st one.
  3. redapocalypse

  4. Reaganator5

  5. deadcrows999

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  8. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    managed to make some time to mess with Amiga themes. Just a few edits to existing ones. Not sure what i will go with as I like the green one but also like the red one from Hono's collection. I have not made any of this just made some theme xml edits and swf-png edits Default Amiga-Red BG.zip MM Amiga Green BG-Silver Logo.zip MM Amiga Red BG-Silver Logo.zip MM Amiga-Blue BG.zip MM Amiga-Console BG.zip MM Amiga-Green BG-Black Logo.zip
  9. Alina12007

  10. HyperSpin does not work

    You should consider mentioning what type of controller you are using to map your buttons. a keyboard encoder will not be configured the same as a joystick encoder you do not need Joy2key or Xpadder, Hyperspin does not support joystick inputs, this is why everyone is telling you to use joy2key. But you can get rid of Joy2key/Xpadder by mapping your joystick controller directly to the emulators, and use this plugin to control Hyperspin and you should post a link to the YT video you used to configure Hyperspin, Austins videos are great, but Rocketlauncher has been updated many times, the instructions are probably outdated. More then likely the video does not tell you how to set up a default frontend on your Rocketlaunher settings. this is why you can load a game with RLUI and not in Hyperspin.
  11. cy83r

  12. HyperSpin does not work

    Do you get any error? We will likely need more info and your Hyperspin log.txt file please. (copy it into pastebin )
  13. niburianelf

  14. HyperSpin does not work

    You cannot start a game with enter on keyboard? Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  15. HyperSpin does not work

    Ok, thx. But why i can´t start a game in HS? Where is the Problem i have to fix..
  16. HyperSpin does not work

    If you use ps3 or xbox controllers then yes you will probably want joytokey or xpadder. Both configure very differently so its just a matter of which one you can wrap your head around. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  17. Super street fighter 4 AE ttx 2 player help please!

    Whilst I remember, is there an arcade Ultra SF 4 version available, I’ve never seen one despite looking for a while.
  18. Super street fighter 4 AE ttx 2 player help please!

    Hi all, I’m very late to the party but I’m looking for the patch that enables standalone mode (2 player) on SSF 4 AE 2012 version. There’s been talk earlier but I can’t find a link to the files. My version just has the 1player linked version Nesys etc. Much appreciated. I have a new Vewlix cab and I’m desperate to get it working!
  19. BULGE32

  20. HyperSpin does not work

    Ok, here some Pictures.. Do i Need joy2key?
  21. Johnyb20b

  22. HyperSpin does not work

    Controllers don't play well with Hyperspin. keyboard keys work so may need to look into joy2key or xpadder have a look in HyperHQ for the controls tab to see what's setup.
  23. sbppabck

  24. kraziebone

  25. HyperSpin does not work

    Hey Folks, I Need your help, because my HyperSpin does not work after install/configure. I installed the latest HS 1.4.16 with RocketLauncher. The YT Video of Simply Austin showed me how to install/configure. Everthing was easy and fine to do. But, after starting HS i cannot choose and Play a game? The Controller doesn´t work too. In RocketLauncherUI i can Play every game, there isn´t a Problem. Need a hint what i have to do or check!
  26. emanuelsp

  27. davequest

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