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Game Wheels

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2 files

  1. NEC PC Engine - Game Wheels [official]

    192 and 12 alternates, 100% of database 2.0 - [12/13/2016] 

    Set Credits:
    @Yeuxkes Project Lead and Wheel creator
    @JSinn: Wheel creator and collector
    @diskmach: Wheel creator
    @dougan78: Wheel creator
    @xALPHAxOMEGAx: Source collector
    @Styphelus: Source collector
    @hardcorehubz: Source collector

    Check out the original thread -> 
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  2. NEC PC Engine - Game Wheel Pack

    This is a simple wheel I created for the NEC PC Engine in Photoshop when I was supposed to be working. This won't be winning any graphic design awards, but I still think it's an upgrade from the default text wheel. I highly recommend sprucing this up with AutoKustom.



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