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This section is for full HyperSpin members who have supported the FE and website through their contributions or donations. Thanks for helping to make HyperSpin great!

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  1. UHD Sega Dreamcast 3D Jewel Case Project WIP

    The "UHD Sega Dreamcast 3D Jewel Case Project" is a team effort between myself, @fire10, and @Black Hazor. It is very much a work in progress. Our goal is to provide the community with an Ultra Hi Definition, future-proofed set of Sega Dreamcast box art. Black Hazor has managed to collect high quality scans for over half of the current official database, and has actually volunteered to purchase some of the missing games. He truly jumpstarted this project... because I was on the fence about just putting together something far less extraordinary. Fire10 started this project, and has contributed design ideas, invaluable feedback, and is currently working on 'special' jewel cases that will not work with the basic templates we've already designed.
    Thanks goes to @goofers for providing the PAL template. Special thanks to @Avar, @Kondorito, for feedback and tips, and especially @JSinn for help polishing the final versions of our templates.
    A regular HD project is already in the works. It will include everything from this project resized to usable HyperSpin 1.4 sizes. Since this project will not be finished any time soon, that project will be finished first most likely. When this one is complete, that one will become obsolete.

    I will be uploading material as it becomes available. Expect there to be updates. Version 1.0 of this project includes the following:
    1. The original source materials that Black Hazor has collected. If you need 2D scans, the file you want is '___Original Source Material.7z.' Rather than make things confusing, future uploads of source material will be named as such: Missings (version number here). So if the current version of this project is 1.3, the file will be called Missings 1.3.7z.
    2. The templates we are currently using. We are currently satisfied with the templates we have, but if they get updated, I will state such in future updates.
    3. A set of photoshop .psd files with all of the PAL set from the current database, sized and snapped to guides, ready to be batched using photoshop actions. This file is called ___Batch PAL.7z. I considered putting instructions here on how to run batch actions to files, but decided against it. There are videos on youtube for that sort of thing. Both the layers are smart objects, meaning they can be resized and altered as much as you like, without losing quality. Thanks to JSinn for making me aware of this. The basic idea is, if someone even more finicky than myself wants to clean the scans for white specks and blemishes and whatnot, they can do so, then run a batch, and then the community will have an even better set. The spines had to be resized first prior to making them smart objects. Photoshop actions has no practical way to resize specific layers specific dimensions (which is what I really needed). It will let you enter in pixels instead of percentage (by specifying "1363px"  for example), but when you go to run a batch, it will not respect that and use percentage instead. Lame.
    4. The UHD PAL set from the database. Currently one game is missing. (you will need to make copies and rename multi disc games) __UHD PAL.7z is the file you want, if you came here for that.
    Missings List
    Back scans must include the spines. If you happen to own any of the games in this list, and are able to provide UHD scans (1360x1360 or better) for both the fronts and the backs, please upload the scan to the following thread: 
    This list will be updated as I upload more materials, and with future updates.
      Flintstones, The - Viva Rock Vegas (Europe) (Proto)
    Atari Anniversary Edition (USA) - back only
    Soul Calibur (USA) - back only
    Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (USA) - back only



  2. Touhou Project System Theme

    This is my first attempt at a theme after working with hyperspin privately for years. I think I am versed enough in this to start giving back a little of what I've taken over time. Here is the first of my contributions. 
    I didn't care much for the default theme so I decided to make one of my own as TouHou Project content is sort of difficult to find. 



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