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    • thatman84

      Uploading Content   12/15/2017

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1 Screenshot

About This File

I was adding the Famicom system into my set, only to realize that there were no actual 3d box packs created, EVER :o (that I have heard of)! 
Since the rest of my sets have 3D boxes, I could not leave Famicom in 2D!

- This set contains over 1.100 boxes!
- Horizontal, vertical and square boxes; all matching the original source art
- Side color matches the front cover color
- System logo color depends on the side color (so we don't have black on black)
- Some boxes are not from the official XML but I have created them in case those games are added in the future
- The covers have great image quality (thanks to @fire10 for the source material!)

Bear in mind that this is version 1.0; I will be reviewing the boxes (as a lot of them could get better coloring, borders cleaning, side colors), and will try to update them.

Let me know of any suggestions or comments!

Enjoy the pack :)

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog



Remade the entire pack (+1200 boxes).
Better perspective
Added shadows
Added lights
Added box lid

Example of old (left) and new (right):

5ad927ea5823f_ChiptoDalenoDaisakusen2(Japan).png.4a4d316f13fd0e1e00080dfd2a7a9a10.png > > > > 5ad927e10f312_ChiptoDalenoDaisakusen2(Japan)copy.png.bb141a172f9a6f8ab01b7397c36e8ae2.png


If you still prefer the old version over the new, do not update, as there are no new games added.





Updated boxes:

  • Exciting Boxing (Japan) > The previous one was wrong.

Just overwrite the box from your set with the box file in the Download section.


Added boxes for the new translations:

  • Gojira (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gun Nac (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Hydlide 3 - Yami kara no Houmonsha (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Last Armageddon (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Saiyuuki World (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Sakigake!! Otoko Juku - Shippuu Ichi Gou Sei (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Tetsudou Ou - Famicom Boardgame (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Super Xevious - Gump no Nazo (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Rampart (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Madoola no Tsubasa (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Ikki (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gomoku Narabe Renju (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gomoku Narabe (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Ganbare Goemon Gaiden - Kieta Ougon Kiseru (Japan) (Translated En)


Grab the zip file from the Download section



Updated boxes:

- 1991 Du Ma Racing (China) (Translated En) > The previous one was wrong. Thanks @rodrigodn for the finding! If anybody is able to find a cover with better quality, let me know.
- Chess Academy (China) (Translated En) > Improved quality.

Just overwrite these two boxes of your set with the files in the Download section.



New name variations:

- 4 Nin uchi Mahjong (Japan) (Translated En)
- Bats & Terry (Japan) (Translated En)
- Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi - Crazy Land Daisakusen (Japan) (Translated En)
- Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (Japan) (Translated En)
- F1 Circus (Japan) (Translated En)
- Family Circuit (Japan) (Translated En)
- Fleet Commander (Japan) (Translated En)
- Formation Z (Japan)
- Galaxian (Japan)
- Game Party (Japan) (Translated En)
- Ganso Saiyuuki - Super Monkey Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Gekitotsu Yonku Battle (Japan) (Translated En)
- Getsu Fuuma Den (Japan) (Translated En)
- Golf '92, The (Japan) (Translated En)
- Hi no Tori Hououhen - Gaou no Bouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Higemaru Makaijima - Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Igo - Kyuu Roban Taikyoku (Japan) (Translated En)
- Kamen no Ninja - Akakage (Japan) (Translated En)
- Kiteretsu Daihyakka (Japan) (Translated En)
- Nankoku Shirei!! Spy vs. Spy (Japan) (Translated En)
- Ninjara Hoi! (Japan) (Translated En)
- Parasol Henbee (Japan) (Translated En)
- Perman - Enban o Torikaese!! (Japan) (Translated En)
- Pyokotan no Dai Meiro (Japan) (Translated En)
- Sanrio Carnival (Japan) (Translated En)
- Sansara Naga (Japan) (Translated En)
- Shadow Brain (Japan) (Translated En)
- Sukeban Deka III (Japan) (Translated En)
- Tetris (Bulletproof) (Japan)
- Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan)
- Totsuzen! Macchoman (Japan) (Translated En)
- Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Japan)



New boxes from China releases and Prototypes!
Some of these were a little hard to find, and some I even had to compose them myself as no actual Famicom art was found:

- 1991 Du Ma Racing (China) (Translated En)
- Chess Academy (China) (Translated En)
- Dragon Knife (China) (Unl) (Translated En)
- Final Fantasy VII (China) (Unl) (Translated En)
- Parody World - Monster Party (Japan) (Proto) (Translated En)
- Pescatore (Japan) (Proto) (Translated En)
- Super Contra 7 (China) (Unl) (Translated En)
- Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan (China) (Unl) (Translated En)
- Super Mario Bros (25 Anniversary Edition) (Japan)
- Super Maruo (Japan) (Unl) (Translated En)

New name variations for some of the 1.0 titles:

- 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong (Japan) (Translated English)
- Batsu & Terry - Makyou no Tetsujin Race (Japan)
- Battle Storm (Japan) (Translated En)
- Bio Force Ape (Japan) (Proto)
- Chack'n Pop (Japan)
- Cho Jiku Yosai Macross (Japan)
- Choplifter (Japan)
- Daiva Story 6 - Imperial of Nirsartia (Japan) (Translated En)
- Dash Yarou (Japan) (Translated En)
- Digital Devil Monogatari - Megami Tensei (Japan) (Translated En)
- Don Doko Don 2 (Japan) (Translated En)
- Doraemon (Japan) (Translated En)
- Double Moon Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En)
- Dynamite Bowl (Japan)
- Famicom Wars (Japan) (Translated En)
- Family Jockey (Japan) (Translated En)
- Family Tennis (Japan) (Translated En)
- Golf Club - Birdie Rush (Japan) (Translated En)
- Gun-Dec (Japan) (Translated En)
- Hi no Tori Hououhen - Gaou no Bouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Higemaru Makaijima - Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Hottaman no Chitei Tanken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Hyper Sports (Japan)
- JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part II (Japan) (Translated En)
- Kamen no Ninja - Hanamaru (Japan) (Translated En)
- King of Kings (Japan) (Translated En)
- Labyrinth - Maou no Meikyuu (Japan) (Translated En)
- Lagrange Point (Japan) (Translated En)
- Lost Word of Jenny - Ushinawareta Message (Japan) (Translated En)
- Magic Candle, The (Japan) (Translated En)
- Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100 (Japan)
- Mito Koumon - Sekai Manyuu Ki (Japan)
- Moero TwinBee - Cinnamon Hakase wo Sukue! (Japan) (Translated En)
- Musashi no Ken - Tadaima Shugyou Chuu (Japan) (Translated En)
- Ninja Hattori-kun - Ninja wa Syugyou de Gozaru (Japan) (Translated En)
- Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken (Japan) (Translated En)
- Obake no Q Tarou - Wan Wan Panic (Japan) (Translated En)
- Onyanko Town (Japan) (Translated En)
- Paaman Part 2 - Himitsu Kessha Madoodan o Taose! (Japan) (Translated En)
- Pachinko Daisakusen (Japan) (Translated En)
- Pachinko Daisakusen 2 (Japan) (Translated En)
- Palamedes II - Star Twinkles (Japan) (Translated En)
- Paris-Dakar Rally Special (Japan) (Translated En)
- SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan (Japan) (Translated En)
- Summer Carnival '92 - Recca (Japan) (Translated En)
- Super Dyna'mix Badminton (Japan)
- Super Star Force (Japan) (Translated En)
- Superstar Pro Wrestling (Japan) (Translated En)
- Taito Chase H.Q. (Japan) (Translated En)
- Taito Grand Prix - Eikou e no License (Japan) (Translated En)
- Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird (Japan) (Translated En)
- Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV (Japan) (Translated En)
- Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (Japan) (Translated En)
- Tower of Druaga, The (Japan)
- Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - Blue Marlin Hen (Japan) (Translated En)
- Wily & Light no Rockboard - That's Paradise (Japan) (Translated En)
- Wit's (Japan) (Translated En)
- Wizardry II - Llylgamyn no Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En)

Comments and polite suggestions are welcome!
If you have a game that is not present in the set, let me know :)


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