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Nintendo 3DS Widescreen Essentials (Complete)

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16 Screenshots

About This File

I've collected videos from youtube to have this system ready to use when it's finally playable, which shouldn't take long.

This pack contain videos (on EM FTP), 3D boxes I gathered here and there, logos, pointer and letters (same as DS)

Note that I included my cropped database, which contains 62 titles with logos, videos and boxes , the full database included contains over 500 titles which don't have media for, except for logos included in the "Extra Logos".zip, this pack consists of 62 titles I wanted in my final database and I'm not thinking of adding or completing media for the remaining titles, except if a new title in the future draws my attention.

You can download the videos in /Upload Here/_Video Snap Submissions/_Not Approved/Aorin/Nintendo 3

Notes About the video snaps:

Videos are in SD quality at best

Only top screen (it makes themes look much better IMO)

It's hard to find no commentary videos and without watermarks for this system

They are a total of 78 videos, which only 62 made it to my list, the extra videos are still in the above mentioned folder for you to use

Extract to Media\Nintendo 3DS\Images the following:





Extract the database to Hyperspin\Database\Nintendo 3DS

Place Nintendo 3DS.ini under Settings, which is in Hyperpin's root folder

There are 6 themes, 3 are main themes and the other 3 are default themes, each of main\default has 3 options which will show different buttons, for example, in the screen-shots, you see PS buttons, there are Xbox and Arcade buttons as well.

Once you choose what default theme you want, for instance, the default theme with Xbox buttons, name it "default" and place it under media\Nintendo 3DS\themes

Once you choose what main theme you want to use, name it Nintendo 3DS and place it in Media\Main Menu\here


A quick video showing this theme



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