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Killer Instinct for PC is a Windows 10 store file and took a bit to get working and playing right with 2 players because its exe and files are locked. So here's how to run Killer Instinct in HyperSpin and RocketLauncher



-Use this .exe/bat file (made for me by Hunk_4th at the RL forum) as your Application in the PCLauncher module settings:

Killer Instinct launch.zip


-Then set this as your AppWaitExe in the PCLauncher module settings



-Here are the controls to re-map to for 2 players from a single keyboard if you're using an iPac/encoder.

I just built an AHK profile direct from RL's keymapper and it works perfectly for 1 or 2 players.


Player 1

W, S, A, D

LP = u

MP = i

HP = o

LK = j

MK = k

HK = l


Character select/enter = Enter (I set this as my player 1 button)

In game pause/menu = spacebar (I set this as wht is normally my Enter button)


Player 2

Arrow up, Arrow down, Arrow left, Arrow right

LP = numberpad4

MP = numberpad5

HP = numberpad6

LK = numberpad1

MK = numberpad2

HK = numberpad3


Character select = numberpadadd (numpad +) (I set this as my player 2 button)



...Hopefully this helps make it easier for somebody.

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Thanks man! I Super bummed that this is only playable on Windows 10.

Damnit! Win 8.1 user here. Nice try, to get me to upgrade Microsoft.

Sent from my SM-T210R using Tapatalk

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Plus I think the UI is better.


cool, the major reason I despise 8


I'm handling win7/8/8.1/10 devices on a regular basis as I teach newcomers to the platforms & resolve issues as a volunteer. So it's not like my opinion has been formed solely from the sidelines ;)

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Will definitely look into this, how is the game experience? Big difference with Killer instinct on the arcade? 

I always found the first version better than the second.

It's really, really good. Similar to the originals, but it's its own animal. Deeper gameplay than them for sure.

Plays fast and is really satisfying, good character customization and there are 26 characters now with 4 or 5 more coming in the next few months.

I'm just so relieved that it works on a cab. I was really worried after Capcom took several steps back from SFIV with V as far as cab compatibility.

I'm pissed about SFV, but would have been way more bummed if KI wasn't playable.

Well technically I guess it isn't playable for me because the game is synced to my monitor refresh of 144hz right now so everything is in super speed, but they are working on the issue already.

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This might be a little wrong to ask but is there away to unlock more then just jago?

You can buy characters individually, but the entire game only costs $49.99 or if you already own the X one version you get it again for free.

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Just bought this game. Very fun works great with my 360 controller. Need to test it out with my MadCatz fightsticks next.

Yeah, spent some time playing it today. So happy Tusk is finally out. Game is awesome.

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Yeah I paid $49.99. Been reading all the positive reviews and decided to give it a try. They did a nice job looks and plays really nice. No hickups on my setup.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


I already owned it on the Xbox One, but I re-bought it on here for $49.99 to get access to the outfits and such. Worth every penny.

Works great on mine now, but I had to tone my monitor down to 60hz from 144. I'm just glad it runs so great on a cab!

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Glad you got it working as it is a nice game. I disconnected all my consoles as I just don't play them anymore. RocketLauncher, HyperSpin, PinballX and Steam take most of my time these days.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Yeah I'm on 7 and have no desire to upgrade at all; everything works perfectly for me. What is everyones experience with Windows 10/upgrading from 7 to 10?

I have upgraded my laptop and my gaming PC from Win7 to Win10. To be honest I really like it - quicker to boot and snappier in just about every regard including moderate fps boost in just about every game benchmark I've tried. I have followed a couple of online turorials re privacy settings however as Win10 is a little bit nosey in its default configuration.


For my planned bartop arcade build (which is why I have joined these forums) I'm leaving it on Windows 7.

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Just upgraded my cab PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  This PC is used for all emulation and I have a dolphin bar and xpadder with xbox360 controllers.  The upgrade has been relatively smooth and it was something I put off for about 9 months.  I wish I did it sooner as I think the whole system is more stable.  Really, I just had to do a trick to get the xbox360 controllers fixed in device manager and I had to re-sync my wii motes via bluetooth.  My other pc games needed to be re-auto configured and then they were fine.


I tried to download this fix/exe file and I keep getting Windows defender trojan horse issues... Specifically:

Is this a false positive?!?

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    • By ceekay011
      Hi Arcade fans,
      1 year a member of this forum, but have still not much posts on my name , but found much usefull tips to read: D
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      4 year ago i buyed a killer instinct cab with myhtpc and mamewah interface.
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      Black T-moding replaced by light blue T-molding, its a bit scary at first

      New plexi and all pushbuttons + joysticks replaced.

      old black T-molging used for the edges on the side of the marquee and top of the monitor bezel. (The lights in the bezel are of the led PCB(aimtrack)

      2usb connections for the attachment of aimtrak gun or usbstick.

      7-Pin lock + tumbler switch + led lighting with soundsensor in the inside of the cabinet.

      Running hyperspin(1 year work) of course
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