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  1. jhabers


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    • By syborfical
      Is there a way to have a limited number of games on a wheel
      my child hood collection would be about 50 games, on snes, nes, megadrive (sega gensis) and master system.

      Do I manually have to go though the lists / xml files and remove everything I don't want to show up in the wheel/s?

      Is there a tool available?

      Id love to have a complete collection many of my rom sets have H1-6 J U E etc... Hyper spin only accepts one rom
      Ie is there a way I can have say the roms on this dir and hyper spin pics them up ?
    • By steven1973
      Tried numerous times to get MS-Dos to work with Dosbox, Rocketlauncher, HyperSpin without success.
      Read module notes implemented a few thing which failed re-read the notes until my head exploded.
      I then said bugger it and deleted the 376 gb of games I downloaded.
      I desperately need a guide to set this bloody system up and running, so is anyone up for the task
      Would be extremely grateful   
    • By sheineken
      Newbie to the hyperspin / Rocketlauncher world so please forgive this question if its really simple.
      Can someone please tell me how to map / configure a logitech mom racing wheel so i can use the foot pedals etc on all emulators in Hyperspin?
      I plugged everything in an with zero mapping i can use the wheel but the accelerator never works (I might have to use the buttons on the arcade. 
      I know I need to do something in Rocketlauncher then key mapper but not too sure how. Any help is greatly appreciatedl