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    • By fabyo
      Random Intro Video very easy to use
      copy random.exe to any folder of your hyperspin 
      and in HyperHQ in the startup/Exit tab put the path of random.exe as sample image shows
      to create a folder any:\Hyperspin\Media\Frontend\Video\Intros
      any videos *.mp4 or *.flv 
      OBS: run the random of any drive letter C:, D:, E: etc
    • By Bubs
      This is a Vecor special media pack to replace HyperSpin original "Specials" & "Menu" medias, with improved quality.
      It's made to exactly replicate the original style, but with a much improved quality (vector and aspect ratio)
      Updated content is:
      Footer animations (Next/Prev Game, Press Start, Free Play), for Main menu as well as for all Game Systems (Next, Previous, Forward, Backward) Those are the .swf files under images/special folders of Main menu & Systems Exit and Favorites menu (Background, Texts and arrows) Those are the .png files under frontend/images/special Benefits are:
      No jagged graphics Smoother animations Native Compatibility with all resolutions (4K included) Correct Aspect Ratio in 16/9 and 4/3 Smaller files How to Install:
      Please copy Media folder corresponding to your screen aspect ratio (4/3 or 16/9) to your Media folder (for Main Menu and Frontend), and copy files under (FOR_SYSTEMS) to each Game System folder, You can execute the batch script under FOR_SYSTEMS to automatically copy game systems specials to all systems (to be done once archive copied to your HyperSpin folder) You also have to redo the copy every time you create a new system with HyperHQ, as HyperHQ create default arts which are not Vector Note:
      .png files under /Frontend/ are .swf files renamed to .png, they cannot be open under an Image viewer Thank you
      Before (Bitmap):

      After (Vector):

      16/9 Before (Bitmap, stretched):

      16/9 After (Vector, not stretched):

      HiDPi Detail:

      MENU (Exit & Favorites):
      Before (Bitmap):

      After (Vector):

      16/9 Before (Bitmap is stretched):

      16/9 After (Vector is not stretched):

    • By Masterbaite
      Hi guys,
      i have MAME configures and running on hyperspin, everything works besides, my video snaps I've downloaded a full pack to match my roms from emuparadise, all *.mp4 files, but they show only black screen and sound. I've test with one from emumovies and it works! Is it a conversion problem?
      Anyone knows how to solve it, it's about 17gb of video, it's a lot to download one at a time from emumovies.
      Thanks, best regards