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    • By thatman84
      Thought I would start putting out some @Avar inspired content.
      Its late here so no links. Just a little rundown of what I have been up to and whats going on in my Hyperspin Android, general Android and general emulation worlds.
      @agent47 helped me out with some batch scripts a while back and I improved on them (well thats debatable) 2. Commodore Amiga is getting some major love for Android setup. Watch this thread for updates3. New Discord chat group channel created for all things Android. PM me for the details. (post coming soon)  
      Possible chance of a very Minor HS Android bug fix update. Don't get excited....(but i am anyway.....God im a gimp)
      Peace Out A town
    • By Avar
      Every day as time/content permits, I'm going to try to make a post on the HyperSpin facebook to try to publicly highlight and give credit for some of the great work that goes on in the HyperSpin community. I put some recent examples at the bottom of this post.
      I'm hoping that fellow HyperSpinners can help me pin down awesome projects by nominating developments here or via PM. Also, if anyone would like their work to be in the spotlight let me know! I don't want to focus on any one specific aspect of HyperSpin either so if people are working their butts off on anything at all, whether it be a database, artwork, a personal cabinet project, a third-party tool, anything at all, let me know
      If I ever miss updates to your project, please don't feel slighted! I try to keep track of everything cool I see on the forums but my days are hectic and I sometimes lose track For example I saw a really clean looking Epoch update a few weeks ago from someone but haven't been able to find it again
    • By andyco40
      y does hyperspin never get any updates like launchbox does?? . is it loosing its touch.
    • By bclout
      Hi there!
      Circo does a great job by informing us about the Emumovies updates. I thought to start something similar here, to provide a quick reference of the latest additions, before you even think of updating. I use Hypersync for almost all systems, but some have been downloaded apart from it. Also note I do not have every single system installed, or even all the games, so your help is appreciated. 
      Here goes: 
      HyperSync Update 20.02.2016 Just 3 MAME game videos: elevator.mp4, mk2.mp4, umk3.mp4
      HyperSync update 16.02.2016
      Sega Game Gear - 239* Game Wheels following HQ update, see announcement thread
      Nintendo Game Boy - 806 Game Wheels HQ update
      (or maybe because I recently installed the system, but did not sync it previously)
      *) Actually 334 HQ wheels available, found out I still used the 1.1 database, while 1.2 is the newest.
      Also notice that it took 2 days for Hypersync to show up the HQ wheels compared to the download section. Probably even faster because I did not update earlier than the 16th. A big thank you for that!  
      Also huge thanks to the Wheel Machines Sub-Zero JayC bartmarley dougan78 Iggy J-Sinn