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HyperScore Challenge #59 - GALAGA (Arcade / M.A.M.E)

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I feel embarrassed even posting this after those scores.  Nice job guys.  Just got back in town today, so this is all I've got for this round...20170917194305.jpg.561ee46b884c95bae04c0969097aa942.jpg


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Posted the wrong screen shots

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For a fifth time in a ROW, ACCORSI wins the 59th challenge!!! GALAGA

Amazing skills from Brazil! Unbelievable!


1st: Brazil-Flag-icon (1).png Accorsi - 255380  imageproxy.png.09637507d0fc3ac0937b67a671b075ea.png

2nd: Australia-Flag-icon.png.e3f4b6dee4393d00542c1683a144988d.png iNTiGOD - 232440 59bf0ecd06d22_imageproxy(1).png.497736d7da3ed5ab2d929d91ce6918fb.png

3rd: 59b0863e107cf_United-States-Flag-icon(2).png.bbd5f751a249cfad5d123e0b2b57f758.png Deathstalkre - 215260  59bf0ece1c4cd_imageproxy(2).png.da657c6085d7e6e092affe07f21f77a0.png

4th: imageproxy.png Mekquake - 180440

5th: imageproxy.png.7ac79f85c67cdcbe5863ca93469d8c3d.png Retro Goonie - 104880

6th: Belgium-Flag-icon.png.78e8e48538cd05fa16d4620befed90bc.png Yeuxkes - 102590 

7th: Canada-Flag-icon (1).png Lucky1 - 99080

8th: imageproxy.png.7ac79f85c67cdcbe5863ca93469d8c3d.png gigapig - 67740  

9th: 59b0863e107cf_United-States-Flag-icon(2).png.bbd5f751a249cfad5d123e0b2b57f758.png borntohula - 47340 

10th: Germany-Flag-icon.png.11d376735eee32ddd7b1184870c77bfd.png LarryLaffer75 - 47080  

11th: 59b0863e107cf_United-States-Flag-icon(2).png.bbd5f751a249cfad5d123e0b2b57f758.png Dougan78 - 45140

12th: imageproxy.png Thatman84 - 23710 

13th: Uruguay-Flag-icon.png.6b8f300aaf989d4a9e418374455c322d.png Kondorito - 15530





CONGRATZ to all for participating!!!  

Thank you

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