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Change the HS theme/video play duration time?

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Is it possible to set up videos (or themes) in Hyperspin to play a longer time?

Currently I have some nice videos I would like to play for 30 seconds for instance, before the HS wheel starts running again.

Is this a global setting? How can I change it on Hyperspin 1.4+ with Hyperlaunch (no rocketlauncher)?

Thank you!

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I think its a global setting via Main Settings/Attract in HyperHQ and not a wheel/system based setting?

I personally leave mine disabled on my main config. But you can change the delay on the spin and the time it spins for here.

You can also have it Wait for Video which I believe lets the video finish before spinning if the time is set lower.



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thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for!

I recall to have done this in the past, I guess probably I rushed to read the description of these settings and missed it :)

Works perfectly now, thanks!

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