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    • By CamoUchiha
      Hi Guys, I am trying too add Sega Mega Drive Japan too my hyperspin but I am having all sorts of problems with this one which should have been quite straight forward.  
      First off all I was getting troubles saying that Sega Mega Drive Japan is not a supported system name even though I have added it too the Retroarch AHK File and no games play atall apart from the systems I already have.
      I changed the system name through rocket launcher too 'Sega Mega Drive' and that allowed my to play games through Rocket Launcher but when I try on Hyperspin it points too my old drive.
      I recently put my whole hyperspin setup on a new hard drive and redirected everything but for some reason Rocket Launcher thinks it is still aiming at my K: Drive when I am now using my H: Drive. 
      Can anyone help with this? 
      Either getting the system to work as Sega Mega Drive Japan or redirecting Retroarch.  
      Or both would be good if possible

    • By CamoUchiha
      Hi guys, I am fairly new to the whole Hyperspin world but I have been working on it now in my spare time for the past couple of months with the intntions to eventually build a cabinet.
      I am quite stuck with a problem with Sony Playstation 1 games through retro arch where the frame rate completely drops and the games lag quite bad leaving it barley playable. 
      Has anybody encountered this problem before and know of a fix? 
      It happens on all games that I have tried but is allot more noticeable on past paced games such as 'Marvel Super hero's' and 'Street Fighter'
      I have a high end PC so it can't really be be that. 
      I have tried countless different settings but nothing seems too make much of a difference. 
      If you have any help please let me know, Thanks

      p.s This is the first time I have ever posted on any forum so be nice please