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HS lost focus, this fixed it for me

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so after weeks of trying to figure out when exiting a game, hypermarquee was in focus as HS was frozen in screen, requiring a mouse click to make it active.

seems the official mame builds from mamedev wee causing the issue.

i changed my name to a different build, arcade mame i believe, it only plays arcade games but stays updated (i am in synch with mame 194).

so it seems however official mame is compiled, it was causing focus issues with my HS, HM set up.

hopefully this will help others.

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19 minutes ago, MydknyteStyrm said:

You just changed the name? Or you changed the Mame build? I’m curious as to this as I am having a similar issue

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I read it that he swapped out official MAME emulator for Arcade MAME variant of the emulator

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