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Tutorial How to config Ledwiz-PacDrive

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UPDATE: ledcontrol.vbs v0.2.4.6 released!

- fixed W flasher bug when using Switch on the same output where a flasher is working


(after download rename ledcontrol.vbs.txt to ledcontrol.vbs)


download here your complete ledwiz package with all necessary files:

ledwizpackage245 ==> http://www.mediafire.com/?9chwnn5n4sj4dce


core.vbs (v3.33 improved nudging/tiliting)

FPLaunch.exe (with pause.png pause function and working circus voltaire playfield dmd)

HPLedControl.exe (for blinky buttons during hyperpin browsing)

HPLedControl.ini (for config your buttons during hyperpin browsing)

ledcontrol.ini (your ledwiz config table file, you can generate your own with pixelmagics config tool)

ledcontrol.vbs (newest ledcontrol.vbs version v0.2.4.5, fixed flipperbutton color)

ledwizm05.ocx (ocx file, for working ledwiz)

pause.png (nice pause.png image for pause function during gameplay)

for your easy/automatic ledcontrol.ini configuration visit PixelMagic's LED-Wiz configuration utility at

========> http://pinball.pixelmagic.nl/ledwiz/


thanks Roger! :cheers: btw... the download-link to the software/code is inside the tutorial.

Here is an excel (version 2003) config-tool for easier ledwiz config. thanks to klaus/wolfsoft!

I thought we could make for each table a separate excel file. so its easier to share.

here is my cirqus voltaire config file


here monster bash


so far available on my side: cv, mb, totan, ij, sttng, tz, taf, afm, cc, fh, mm, tom (let's discuss who wants to do which config to prevent double configs)

standardize a bit: you can do your own config and change the port numbers in the excel-config-file with your equipment, but it would be easier for the community to have a "little" standard.

so we could share our config plug and play.

some hints for ledwiz config...

you have to download the pinball manual for the solenoid/switch/lamp matrix numbers (check http://www.ipdb.org for manual download)

for example, cirqus voltaire (I use always switch and solenoid pages). good advice is to print these pages.






now go to your pinball, start the table and switch to the pinmame test menu (end/opencoindoor key, keys 7-0 to navigate).

go to test menu -> solenoid test and flasher test (you can see the flashercolor and position there)



now you can assign the flasher and solenoid numbers to your various contactor, rgb led, knocker equipment, like:


---> simply copy&paste the output to your ledcontrol.ini file. share your config with the community :)

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ledwiz config overview

this post will be updated step by step with new configs.


circus voltaire, monster bash, attack from mars, medieval madness, tales arabian nights, indiana jones, star trek tng, addams family, twilight zone, cactus canyon, funhouse, theatre of magic



elvira and the party monsters, simpsons pinball party







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hey just wondering why you have your stuff in excel? is it easier to orgainze? can you export the file to 0,0,0,0,0,0????

klaus/wolfsoft made this excelscript for easier ledwiz config. when you are done, simply copy&paste the output to your ledcontrol.ini file. it's a real time saver.

without this excelscript you have to edit a line in notepad like mb,L88,L87,ON,ON,ON,S48,S46/S1/S9,0,0,S10,S11/S8,S27/S28,ON,ON,0,S27/S28/S37/S38,S12/S15,S6/S13/S16,S14/S2/S3,S5,S17/S19/S23/S24/S25/S14,S25/S14,S19/S25,S25,S27/S28,S20/S22/S26/S23/S13,S22/S26/S13,S26,S18/S19/S12,S18/S21/S12,S18/S19,W87

Edited by chriz99

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Hi there,

if you are in need of some hardware for make your pinball "rocks".

Look here:


If you are having problems with my german shop you can contact me at

[email protected] and I can help you to the ordering process (paypal is possible). Please sent me your complete adress in the email.

Shipping Costs worldwide are round about 30-40Euro.

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I need help. I just downloaded core.vbs and unzipped to my vp/tables folder and it replace vbs core with new file. now when I run table is says can not open vps core? I do not need the other files just wanted vbs core to use with new nudge system. Is the download file corrupt? I have pinmame 2.3 installed.

Regards, Lonnie

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I need help. I just downloaded core.vbs and unzipped to my vp/tables folder and it replace vbs core with new file. now when I run table is says can not open vps core? I do not need the other files just wanted vbs core to use with new nudge system. Is the download file corrupt? I have pinmame 2.3 installed.

Regards, Lonnie

remove the last line called ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile("LedControl.vbs") of your core.vbs.

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Need a bit of help...

1. I am trying to get Fathom to work... I have the following as a test:


However, it does not work. None of the lights come up. thoughts?

2. I am working on Independence Day as a test. No problem with the coils, but how do I get the flashers to light up if I cannot mix lamps and coils together (Lxx/Syy)?

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Hello everybody and happy new year we are working to mix S/L/W at the same time but for the moment it's not posible I think in 3 days this new feature will be finished and I will to upload it.


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