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    • By koscica
      Hi I have and Hyperspin install on mounted network drive. HyperSync was working fine until I installed Windows 10 April 2108 update. I tried it on two PCs. It stops working after windows update. Any ideas?
      HyperSpin shows no internet connection available which is not the case
    • By punkysuen
      I have just purchased the HyperSpin platinum account and the EmuMovie account.
      I can log in both in the HyperSync. However, when I click "individual system settings" icon, it fails and shows the message below:
      "Sling 2: there was an error connecting to HyperBase, please try again later"
      What should I do now?
    • By relic
      Hi guys this is where ill be listing a full database chart of what content is available  for hyper sync and which content is not there but could be added in. I know its been ages since ive been in this scene but i promise to do a full list of every single system available in the list of hyper sync and go through every single bit of content and list what is in their and whats not it will be a huge project but im gonna get it done thanks regards relic.
    • By Dakin23
      HyperSync WILL NOT recognize my HyperSpin login...WHY?  It logs into my "Emumovies" account just fine.  PLEASE HELP!
      THANK YOU!