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Old newbie unclear about fundamentals!

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Though I'm new to Hyper(s)pin, I've been investigating the world of emulation fairly extensively over the last decade and have been flexing my BASIC muscles with more than a little retro-programming. I came to Hyperpin in quest of a reliable front-end for the sadly defunct Future Pinball that ran comfortably in Windows 7, but as a new member haven't been able to check it out for myself. I would like to know: a). is Hyperpin comfortable with a desktop system, or is it actually intended for cabinets and B). is it still comfortable with Future Pinball tables?

I'm not entirely sure what I can offer as bounty, but I'm currently working on an extended English parser in BASIC and am quite happy to discuss parsing, text adventure coding and the place of language in A.I., if anyone's that interested! Oh, and I've been playing 'Anteater' on MAME a lot lately.


JJW [greencarnation].

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the main goal for Hyperspin is to be used in an arcade cab,

but allot of people like myself, have a HTPC with XBMC installed and launch Hyperspin for gaming.

I was never happy playing console systems in an arcade cabinet. This is why I opted for an HTPC with console controllers to go along with my cab.

Hyperspin with the use of Hyperlaunch can launch any exe, Future pinball is no exception; and runs quite well.

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