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    Check out this thread for video tutorials http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35681-where’s-ninja2bceen/
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    EmuMovies is happy to present our version 1.3 update for the Sony PlayStation Video Snaps collection. This update includes 220 new video snaps making our total collection come in at 2,766 videos in total. These were some I worked on over the summer and I was bouncing around way to much so I need to release them so I can focus again 🙂. Continue reading past the preview for a detailed view of whats new. Version 1.3 Added/Replaced 220 Videos @Circo Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) View the full article
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    MAME .201 NoNag
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    Version 1.0.0


    Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (USA) (SNES) Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (Super Nintendo) (4:3) Aspect Ratio = (4:3) System = (Super nintendo) Details = game theme
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    I'll tell you a thing: a 2011 cpu is still good to play today at 1080p https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/intel-sandy-bridge-core-i7-2600kthe-2018-review-time-for-an-upgrade,1.html The fun thing is the article is confronting a 4 cores 2011 cpu with a 2018 6 cores cpu. If you really want hi-end gaming at 4k you need high end hardware: oc'ed 8700k, a GOOD heatsink, a decent z370 mobo, gtx2080, 16gb of ram, m.2 ssd. For some games if you want to play 4k at 60fps a second gtx2080 should probably kicks in. We're in, well, "I'm made of money" range lol. An oc'ed 8600k, a GOOD heatsink, a decent z370 mobo, gtx1060 6gb (but, again, wait for the new videocards nvidia is rolling out), 16gb ram, m.2 ssd is a very good system for 60 fps at 1080p. If you want more performance at the same price for non-games related stuff probably you should look at AMD's ryzen but emulators prefers intel cpu as they have better single-threaded performance. the REAL problem is today 4k resolution is becoming the "standard" but non high-end hardware really struggle to run 4k
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    Version 2.0


    I was adding the Famicom system into my set, only to realize that there were no actual 3d box packs created, EVER (that I have heard of)! Since the rest of my sets have 3D boxes, I could not leave Famicom in 2D! - This set contains over 1.100 boxes! - Horizontal, vertical and square boxes; all matching the original source art - Side color matches the front cover color - System logo color depends on the side color (so we don't have black on black) - Some boxes are not from the official XML but I have created them in case those games are added in the future - The covers have great image quality (thanks to @fire10 for the source material!) Bear in mind that this is version 1.0; I will be reviewing the boxes (as a lot of them could get better coloring, borders cleaning, side colors), and will try to update them. Let me know of any suggestions or comments! Enjoy the pack Kondorito
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    Phillips cdi

    I did not enable in game mouse or touch the mouse index, I just went to the mouse bindings and set up my 360 controller so I can use it rather than the mouse. I have attached a few pics so you can see what I did. Now not sure why but when I get to the boot screen I actually have to touch my shield remote before my 360 controller will work. I can confirm that Hotel Mario, Zelda the Wand of Gamalon, and Zelda the faces of evil seem to work great, Zelda's adventure boots and goes through the cut scenes but crashes once I get in game. Hoping to test more tonight
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    After a long while and effort, the Daphne emulator is now available for Android and Hyperspin. https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/ setup and compatibility details here: https://github.com/libretro/daphne
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    Version 1.0


    517 wheels and 52 alternates, coinciding with database 1.1 of 11 Oct. 2017 Credits: @diskmach - Project Lead, Wheel Creator, Source Art Collector @32assassin - Wheel Creator @Black Hazor - Wheel Creator @agent47 - Database Link to thread Link to database
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    I haven't abandoned this project, so at one or other point in place and time there will be updates.
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    Sorry if I jumped the gun and if it's broken. I'll test this afternoon and confirm.
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    Version 0.86.6


    *** THIS FILE IS AVAILABLE TO HYPERSPIN SUBSCRIBERS ONLY *** Dear HyperSpin friends, I've put together a package of sorts, aimed at HyperSpin newcomers and veterans alike. I've been continuously grooming a custom "best of MAME" database, bezel set, and MAME ini file set for quite a while now. My goal is to provide something that someone can drop into a fresh setup or custom wheel and be up and running right away. I intend to release updates to the individual downloads on a periodic basis, so check the change logs for more information going forward. The package is split into three parts, as follows. Put together, these downloads will have results as shown in the screenshots. HyperSpin MAME.xml database (Link) Corresponding RocketLauncher bezel set (THIS DOWNLOAD, see below for details) MAME ini files (Link) File information: This download contains a set of RocketLauncher bezels which match the "best of MAME" XML database referenced above. Not every game has a bezel yet, but progress continues either by myself or other artists in the community. All credit is due to the original artists and all file names should contain bezel creator names. I've merely gone through what's available, selected my personal favorites, renamed them to match ROMs, and included them here. Or I've created or modified (with permission/credit) them myself. Info/caveats: The version number of this pack corresponds to the percentage of Bezel coverage to the "best of" database mentioned above (ex: if 50% of games have bezels, the version number will be 0.50) Entire pack is split into three zip files to meet the site's file size restrictions All bezels are 16x9, and at least 1920x1080 For each game with bezels available I've picked my favorite and included it A default bezel is included for those games without coverage Bezel folder names match ROM names in the "best of" database (important for clones) Install instructions: Download files Extract compressed folders into your \RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels\MAME folder Assuming you've got bezels enabled in RocketLauncher... Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.1


    !!!PLEASE NOTE: THESE HAVE BEEN SWF SMOOTHED THEN RENAMED TO .PNG, SO THE FILES CANNOT BE OPENED TO VIEW THE IMAGES OUTSIDE OF HYPERSPIN. THIS IS NORMAL AND THEY WORK WITHIN THE FRONTEND JUST FINE!!! This is all of the /Media/Frontend/Image files resised, and HD smoothed for 16:9 displays. Screenshot above was taken in 4k and shows marked aesthetic improvement for widescreen over standard artwork. To install, simply extract the download into your :/HyperSpin/Media/Frontend/Images folder and overwrite or backup the original files. Cheers!
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    Version 1.0.1


    The full oficial wheel pack for Nintendo Game Boy Color.
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    Version 2


    Nintendo Entertainment System 3D cases (USA) titles,(Unofficial) titles,(Europe) titles, (Australia) titles,and a few Japanese cases. All created with the original side panel not the custom . XML included for the NES games that are not on the original hyperbase 1.3 version if you want it. If there are are errors or mistakes, please just let me know and I'll fix em'!
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    Version 20151003


    Official database (XML) -> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7961-super-nintendo-official-database-xml/
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    Version 20140124


    Nintendo Wii-U - Main Menu (16:9ST)
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Naomi - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Atomiswave - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150514


    Data East Classics Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 1.4


    807 games supported.
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    Version 20130727


    If you want a professional and good looking interface take a look this theme. Please support my project facebook.com/chicuelo.ar
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    Version 20140503


    Deathsmiles MegaBlack Label (2008/10/06 MEGABLACK LABEL VER) - dsmbl (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    I've created a complete wheel for most of the SNES CD MSU-1 games that are currently available. The wheel is based on SimplyAustins SNES Wheel as I like the clean look and background and have also used some of Aorin's Video Snaps from the great game hacks wheel that was released. I've created mock up SNES CD covers and CD images based on some of the box art for the games out there. The RocketLauncher module is setup to launch the games with Retroarch using the BSNES core, its my first wheel release so hopefully everything works ok. You can download the full wheel with rocketlauncher fades and pause backgrounds here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As2jkrtIr7k7gR5gk57jEa1sCuYw Update: I've added Zelda Parallel Worlds, Zelda Goddess of Wisdom and Final Fantasy 6 Balance and Ruin, I've also added the complete database XML file that was missing. Complete wheel is around 1 GB for artwork and videos. To get all the games setup takes about 30 GB. Update 10-14-2017: Added Donkey Kong Country, Joe & Mac, Rockman & Forte, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Castlevania IV ,Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Terranigma Instructions: 1. Create new wheel and copy over Hyperspin media and XML database. 2. Add a new system to Rocketlauncher called "SNES CD" and Copy over the Rocketlauncher files (Media, Modules & Rocketlauncher UI) into your Rocketlauncher folder. 3. Setup Retroarch (SNES CD) in your global emulator, set your path to match where you have retroarch installed and setup the module to the "RetroArch (SNES CD).ahk" that is included in the download pack. 4. Go to https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database and download most of the game patches and pcm audio files. Most games use Lunar IPS to patch the original super nintendo rom .sfc file to the MSU-1 version. Create a new folder for each game named to match the name of the game in the xml file eg. BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1). To Use The BSNES Balanced Retroarch Core: In Rocketlauncher in the global emulator settings for the SNES CD system go to the "Rom Settings" tab. You can keep this setup as is with the bsnes balanced core, it requires the included .bml files. The bml files are like a cue file that tells the emulator what msu file to use and what audio tracks to use. The game must have all the required files in a folder named to match the game in the XML file. To Use The SNES9X Retroarch Core: Under the "Rom Settings" tab in Rocketlauncher change the LibRetro_Core to "snes9x_libretro". Rename the rom file, pcm files and .msu so they all have the same name. For Example to setup BS Zelda the folder must contain the following: BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).sfc BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).msu BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-1.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-2.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-3.pcm etc. Now you just launch the .sfc file directly like you would with a normal snes game with rocketlauncher, no need for a bml file. You can check out a preview video here: Video Preview for the latest update:
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    Dreamcast issues

    did you try to change the extensions in retroarch global settings to emulator
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    If you are just starting I strongly recommend subscribing as you will find a lot of gotchas in the mean time. To avoid the gotchas follow my tutorials Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks mate and I have actually read through a lot of your posts, very informative. Proper learning curve with Hyperspin. It can be infuriating but ever so rewarding when you overcome its challenges. one thing you may be able to help me with is themeing. I don’t realise that the themes aren’t 1080p. It seems that the resolution is set at 1024x768 (seems to be a hyperspin default) I take it the HyperTheme app does not support 1080p theming? I am also going to build a fully fledged gaming HTPC and will be migrating my setup over to that eventually.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Kondorito for SWF files
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Kondorito for SWF files
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Another positive happy post. Nice.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Theme for Adventures of Tintin, The Prisoners of the Sun (SNES)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sony PSP - Main Menu
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    OK its been a while but I'm almost done I think there is only 9 more to go. Here is what I got so far, Btw you guys have got to let me know what you think of what I did with tea d off and taxi. I'm really proud of those. Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern).zip Safe Cracker (Bally).zip Scared Stiff (Bally).zip Space Shuttle (Williams).zip Star Trek - The Next Generation (Williams).zip Starship Troopers (Sega).zip Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams).zip Taxi (Williams).zip Tee'd Off (Gottlieb).zip
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    Version 1.2


    Added to HyperBase on 8/11/2016 - Circo Default Game Wheel Pack for the Sega Master System.
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    Dark41 is a master with swf, a true master I have a main menu special artwork that just says main menu and hyperspin but Dark has added a real date and time in the top right corner. Just brilliant. Enjoy use the same settings as my other template file with special art to make it the same as the location in the screenshot
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    Attached is everything that makes the screenshot possible
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    Version 20150801


    Amstrad_CPC_Wheels_[08012015]. Wheels Match with Tur-Matcher from HorseyHorsey and PPAAUULL folders on FTP along with my C64 wheels. Wheel naming based on HS 1.0 XML. No guarantee that all wheels match a Amstrad CPC box. Its a start anyway. Did you help with some of these? Let me know so you can get added to the credits! Cheers!
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    File imported by an administrator
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Taito Type X - Game Wheel Pack
  41. 1 point

    Version 20150615


    Default - Zinc - Game Wheel Pack
  42. 1 point

    Version 20150615


    Default - Sega ST-V - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150527


    Logos in progress - wheel incomplete
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    Version 20110311


    Gun Survivor 2: Bio Hazard Code Veronica Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Here is the last version of HyperXMLspin for Hyperspin : + create/edit/save favorites that stretch across all systems in one wheel. + create/edit/save search results that stretch across all systems (ie create a Mario wheel from all systems) in one wheel. + create/edit/save console favorites, handheld favorites, arcade favorite genre wheels etc... + as you update your media, you can sync the genres media here by pressing a button so your new media is always up to date in the genre wheels here. + Play directly to game found from HyperXMLspin results view. + Play to any games from Hyperspin wheel created. + Hide/Show HyperXMLspin (MultiSearch or QuickSearch) with an Hotkey. + Compatibility with all launchers (Hyperlaunch & RocketLauncher) + Add a game to its favorites system list with a button when selecting a game from results view. Video tutorial : Text tutorial (also in readme.txt): ************************************************************** **** I - hyperXMLspin : Quick Installation : **** ************************************************************** 1 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 2 / On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 3 / On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 4 / For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** II - hyperXMLspin : Full Installation : **** ************************************************************** With Full installation it will be possible to save lists from mode "show" and "export" lists from HyperXMLspin item databases. If you doesn't need one of this features , just use the Quick Installation from chapter I ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with any name you want , for example : "HyperXMLspin" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. 9 / If you have choosed "HyperXMLspin" as item name : Copy & replace Databases & Media folders from Hyperxmlspin package inside HyperSpin directory. Otherwise rename all "HyperXMLspin" folders & files name by yours , before copying and replacing. ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10/ Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 11/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 12/ On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 13/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperXmlspin item name.(Name given in step 1/) 14/ For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** III - hyperXMLspin : Advanced setup : **** ************************************************************** 1 / On tab menu <General> HyperXMLspin language : french or english 2 / On tab menu <General> resolution (fullscreen/window) : 800x600/800x600 , 1024x768/1024x768 , 1280x720/1000x720 et 1920x1080/1380x1010 3 / On tab menu <Controls> Keyboard hotkeys for exit , parameters and hide/show HyperXMLspin. 4 / On tab menu <Controls> virtual keyboard , to show a virtual keyboard inside HyperXMLspin interface. 5 / On tab menu <Controls> Emulate Joystick to mouse and set up joy number and its 8 buttons. 6 / On tab menu <Options> Fullscreen mode allow picture selection for background. 7 / On tab menu <Options> For each HyperXmlspin views set background color , font color , transparency , and police style. 8 / On tab menu <Options> Hide HyperXMLspin on startup. (Then use Hide/Show HyperXMLspin key/button to unhide) 9 / On tab menu <Options> Video preview allow you to disable/enable video preview 10/ On tab menu <Options> Parental control Parental to define a PIN code to limit access to parameters and limit HyperXMLspin to "Show" and QuickSearch mode. 11/ On tab menu <Options> Parental Filter to not show mature/adult games in HyperXMLspin and also in HyperSpin (for hyperxmlspin wheels). 12/ On tab menu <Options> Symlinks NTFS to use Symlinks instead of duplicating medias (prevent space on hard drive but only possible with NTFS partition) 13/ On tab menu <Options> Use confirm exit to show a message box and confirm to exit hyperxmlspin. 14/ On tab menu <Options> HyperXMLspin graphical theme.(custom theme must be placed on Themes folder in HyperXMLspin.exe folder) 15/ On tab menu <Update> Check medias to update hyperXMLspin artworks & videos with those from HyperSpin. Allow you to share custom HyperXMLspin wheels.(Look for chapter IV) 16/ On tab menu <Update> Scan Filters to update genres and years lists for HyperXMLspin search engine. ************************************************************** **** IV - hyperXMLspin : Tips **** ************************************************************** 1/ For found games that have same name , HyperXMLspin add a space to distinguish them from others , actually this tip is just working with HyperLaunch For RocketLauncher , edit HyperSpin/settings/settings.ini file then modify "Hyperlaunch_Path" with HyperXMLspin full path ( ex: Hyperlaunch_Path= F:\HyperSpin\HyperXMLspin.exe ) , don't forget to save modifications. 2/ To make an HDD backup with symlinks created by HyperXMLspin , use an NTFS HDD Then use cmd or PowerShell with administrator rights , and use this command line : xcopy /e /b /i /h Path_In Path_out ( ex: xcopy /e /b /i /h C:\HYPERSPIN f:\HyperSpin-backup ) ************************************************************** **** V - hyperXMLspin : functioning : **** ************************************************************** ******HyperXMLspin functioning (QuickSearch) :******** Enter or select at least on search term , then validate.("Tools" button must not be activated) *******HyperXMLspin functioning (MultiSearch) :******* Enter or select at least on search term , select "tools" then : --> Use the "show" function for an immediate search.(Results can be saved if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) --> Use the "create" function to save your search results in an hyperspin "genre" or "main" wheel. --> Use the "Add" function to add the search results to an existing list. The last three functions are usable without search criteria: --> Use the "delete" function to delete an entire list and media..(Use HyperHQ to delete an entire "main" Wheel) --> Use the "edit" function to sort games by genre, year , etc ... or to delete them. --> Use the "Export" fonction to export an hyperXMLspin "genre list as an other "Main or "Genre" list.(only available if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) Once list have been edited , click "OK". Tip : for multiple search for multiple games separate each keyword/letter with a comma. ************************************************************** **** Sharing HyperXMLspin lists functioning **** ************************************************************** You can share any hyperXMLspin list you want with HyperSpin community , but their compatibility between each users will not be all the time at 100 % : Games from lists are compatible only with lists with same game name and same system name. But you can increase compatibility with function "Update medias" on manual mode. Example with list ABestOfAll created by ninja2bceen (inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) : ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with the name of the list , for this example : "ABestOfAll" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","Themes only","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. Option "Themes Only" allow to hyperspin to not show games not compatible from the shared list.(Do not check this option if you not have at least 1 default theme per system) Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 9 / Copy xml list ("ABestOfAll.xml" inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) inside hyperspin databasest ("/Hyperspin/databases/ABestOfAll/ABestOfAll.xml" for this example) ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe then go to parameters. 11 / On menu tab <Update> click "Check medias" then select updating mode : Auto mode checked : all fully compatible medias will be automaticly copyed if found. Auto mode unchecked: you will have to choose each systems & games not found automaticly with systems or games you have. 12 / Select list to update ("ABestOfAll" for this example) then click "update". (hyperxmlspin main lists have "***" at begining and ending of their name) So now, media directory of this list contain all artworks and videos you already have. (your Video et artworks files have not been modified or deleted but just copyed or "symlinked") ABestOfAll.xml file created by ninja2bceen contain 245 games. With my configuration , after an auto scan i got 130 fully compatible , then after a manual scan i got 63 more...total : 193/245 results depend from each HyperSpin database users, and so may be different from others users. As a normal list , each shared lists can be edited in hyperxmlspin to add , delete or sort as you prefer each games. ************************************************************** **** VI - hyperXMLspin : About **** ************************************************************** Report me buggs or ask me your questions to : [email protected] Thanks also to beta tester : ninja2bceen,potts43,ghutch92 & arshesney. Thanks also to donators that have contributed to HyperXMLspin development. To help me : use donate button on menu tab "About" inside parameters panel. Application created with Autohotkey. That's all folks , now : Search,play,enjoy !!!
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    Stick these in the Resource>backgrounds folder and watch your bordered wheels get created with ease
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    Victory Furlong Horse Racing - vfurlong (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  48. 1 point

    Version 20111123


    Gals Panic 4 (Japan) - galpani4 (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  49. 1 point

    Version 20091115


    Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 107, 102, 100HK) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  50. 1 point

    Version 20100821


    Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (World) Video Snap available at EmuMovies