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    HYPERSCORE Challenge # 56 is now GAME OVER Congratz to Accorsi, winner with an INCREDIBLE score of 54090 points
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    Things are moving slowly.... but they are moving. Bezel for the screen (track saw cut + 45°deg router trim) : Control panel mount : Sound speakers and amplifier : Motherboard mount :
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    Less than 24h to submit your Frogger high score!
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    I had some issues with the position of the buttons and joystick. I wanted them to be symetrical on both side of the panel and lower but it was not confortable. So I ended up with a non symetrical positionning. The second issu was during the drilling of the hole. For the first drills I put nothing under the drill and when the bit came trough the panel it rip off a big thickness of wood..... I will need to clean up this mess with the router. Next step is using the router to clean my drilling mess and to adapt joystick and trackball.