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    Another update today is for the Sega CD video snaps set including 10 new videos. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the captures. Videos Added / Replaced - 10 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Corpse Killer (USA) (32X) Night Trap (USA) (32X) (Disc 1) Night Trap (USA) (32X) (Disc 2) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 1) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 2) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 3) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (USA) (32x) (Disc 4) Supreme Warrior (USA) (32x) (Disc 1) Supreme Warrior (USA) (32x) (Disc 2) Surgical Strike (USA) (32x) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
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    After a few frustrating low scoring games I seem to hit the zone and ended up with this. So close to second.
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    Finally got past the 4th screen! I think that this is gonna be my best score "27,140"
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    The Altacade

    Showing off my arcade build based off this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Cab-arcade/ with many tweaks. Most obvious is show casing the innards. Decided to go with a black light theme with UV reactive cables, paint etc. Turned out really well. Specs: ASUS VN279Q 27" mounted vertically. Intel Core i3-6100 3.7 GHz 8GB DDR4 MSI H110M Pro-VD 2x 5TB Hard drives Creative X-Fi Titanium Sound Card Fairly cheap hardware but runs systems like PS2, Wii, Pinball FX2, etc perfectly. Still TONS to do on the software end but so far very playable. What do you guys think?
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    It's great to see the comps are doing good now. Big up @Lucky01 and all those that participate congrats @Accorsi for another top score
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    -HyperScorers bears the entire risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of Equipment in whole or in part from any reason whatsoever.
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    Gameing all night.
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    Hey guys, Wanted to share this tutorial on how I added music video capability to my hyperspin cabinet. Just launching Google Chrome in kiosk mode and using alt f4 to quit via rocket launcher back to HyperSpin. You could point it to multiple websites in a wheel such as youtube, google music, spotify, itunes, etc. I put a touchscreen in my cabinet and cut out a plex bezel so I dont see the monitor edge, but can use the touch. In short, you setup like you would a pc game, but launch google chrome with parameters such as –kiosk http://music.google.com https://gameroomsolutions.com/hyperspin-video-jukebox-launch-chrome-browser-kiosk-mode/ Video preview of how it is working so far.
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    First game in a very long time... 78060
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    I did notice today that the Caprice core has been added to the cores available in Retroarch's online updater. I did already have it added but that was through faffing around with a "custom" retroarch.cfg file which sourced the cores from an alternate source (I think Pouter had done a Youtube video in French about it some time ago). The Amstrad CPC is the first machine I can recall ever owning, it makes me smile replaying some of the classic games (Barbarian is awesome!). Hope this helps some of you guys out, now you don't need to jump through hoops to play the games. Have a great weekend whatever it is you're doing
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    ...AND WE HAVE A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BiiiiiiGGG WINNER!! 1st: ACCORSI WINS WITH A SCORE OF 104,350 POINTS 2nd: Lucky1 - 101860 3rd: Yeuxkes - 29250 4th: Retro Goonie - 27140 5th: Deathstalkre - 25270 6th: gigapig - 23840 7th: Mekquake - 20100 8th: borntohula - 17000 9th: Dougan78 - 15730 10th: Thatman84 - 12040 11th: lovebus5 - 11900 12th: LarryLaffer75 - 9500 CONGRATS to all for participating!!! Really Appreciated! Thank you
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    22,640.....for now!
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    My best: 11 900! But I hope its more important to participate than to win (this game is sooooo hard....)
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    As far as Amiga goes on android u CANNOT load a zipped game....the problem is, everything is named according to the zip file name...now once u extract a game u will realize the whdload folder containing all game info is named totally different from the zip folder itself.....so at this point ur only left with the option more or less to extract and rename all ur roms ...trust me it sounds crazy but it's very much doable.....another issue which I've put on hold is that not all games will have the same screen size....if u look at the uae cfg, for the hight u may have something like 240 or so.....that may be good for a game like dkong but for rtype u can go 1 setting larger.....amiga is one of the hardest systems 2 setup for Android with no easy trick or nuttin....ive started Amiga but then jumped on other projects (my problem is never being able to complete a project b4 I start another one...smh)....im now in the stages of learning Photoshop because I enjoy doing wheel art or boxart.....this video is old but as u can see, it shows how Amiga works and how the bootloader works....the small time it takes to load only happens when u load a game for the 1st time...afterwards it should load immediately
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    Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    I had uoYabause sideloaded it still worked but I have now switched to Yaba Sanshiro. This works on my Shield TV setup...I'll put a snippet from my .ini file below. exe=org.uoyabause.uranus/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause romextension=bin,cue parameters=org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx
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    The secret is to collect the diamonds in order from left to right (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple). If you do this then a secret door appears at the end of level boss. Each room holds two items, both worth one hundred thousand points. One of the items is a big diamond and the other is a special item that gives you a permanent power up. This means that if you have got the power up you will still have that power when you die. Loads of helpful rainbow islands information here. My best advice would be that you should remember to not fire the rainbows directly. Always try to crash and drop them on the enemies and that's how you get the diamonds. You should also remember that when you crash a rainbow it shoots slightly upwards before falling. This means you can plant a rainbow below an enemy on a platform, crash it and get the little critter. I am quite good at this but if you want to watch an expert, just go to the link below. Ben Shinobi clearing Rainbow Islands
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    Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    I just tried it again and right now I'm able to get into settings. I didn't change or do anything but somehow I got in now. Only thing i need to figure out now is what needs to go in that parameters line to auto start the games again. Also to add in, it looks like the scanline filter has been fixed. Before it gave off this weird greenish tint across the whole screen when applied, now games look a lot better although now a little darker but now games at least look like how they should with that old school crt look. Even Bulk Slash seems to be playing fine without freezing anymore (I recommend everyone here to play that game if you haven't already)
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    All amazing scores, well done everyone.
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    Thanks Lucky for all your work with these tournaments !!
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    For a fifth time in a ROW, ACCORSI wins the 59th challenge!!! GALAGA Amazing skills from Brazil! Unbelievable! 1st: Accorsi - 255380 2nd: iNTiGOD - 232440 3rd: Deathstalkre - 215260 4th: Mekquake - 180440 5th: Retro Goonie - 104880 6th: Yeuxkes - 102590 7th: Lucky1 - 99080 8th: gigapig - 67740 9th: borntohula - 47340 10th: LarryLaffer75 - 47080 11th: Dougan78 - 45140 12th: Thatman84 - 23710 13th: Kondorito - 15530 CONGRATZ to all for participating!!! Thank you
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    Broke the S of my keyboard!
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    First play today and I get my best score, feel like I'm in the zone! Continue to play for the next hour and can't get past 70,000!!!!
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    First try; 15530 Im baaad
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    New high score from me.
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    Back from Greece? Good to here from you. Excellent score!
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    Evening everyone! I missed you guys! Love this game.... probably my all time fav.
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    And after a few more games I managed to break the 100,000 barrier. I've still to get a perfect on the dancing stages though.
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    I was stuck with a score of about 14000 and could not break it, so had a quick break and came back with 23840. So happy because this was bloody hard.
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    My first go. I'm going to see if I can better this.
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    FYI Here's the download if anyone wants to try. It lets you quickly add any Audio, Video, Text, Picture, or other exe file to a wheel in seconds, along with art for the wheel entry: https://jdm001.wixsite.com/jimmerscripts
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    Jesus what happened to this place? Site was re-designed to be as difficult to use as possible? Someone PM'd me because they can't find this transition pack I uploaded. I went to grab it for him and I can't find it either. The download section is a crazy wreck of categories with a ton of individual user categories now? Why the hell? I can find a post about it from when I uploaded it using search, but clicking on that just says "Not Authorized" and doesn't go anywhere.
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    So, back with a score!
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    A small update for the Nintendo Super Famicom video snaps set has been released today including videos for 3 new games. We have a new translation and a couple of videos that were requested on our forums. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the captures. Videos Added / Replaced - 3 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Ghost Chaser Densei (Japan) (Translated En) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu '96 - Kaimaku Ban (Japan) Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (Japan) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps and artwork immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article