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    Hyperspin intro - Mame system

    Hi guys, I recently made variation based on this after effects video: https://videohive.net/item/arcade-logo/15175743?s_rank=1 For mame systems: Hope you like it Intro.mp4
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    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Hey Guys it's been a while. I've been working on alot of other projects but, I'm back to this one. I will be releasing version 2 of my console bezel project once I've finalized all the new changes after testing. Here is what's new as of right now! Thanks for your time.
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    HyperBase vs HyperSync

    Unfortunately it's been a lot of time without any HS updates and a lot of people is moving to other frontends. Hope there's a revolution soon, so we can keep this project alive.
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    Check some of the earlier posts to see if you missed a fix. Sounds lije a local ptoblem to your setup or router
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    Made a reasonale dent in the Game Theme (4:3) section today. 800+ themes reorganised in a presort kinda fashion. Its goingto need many more hours of attention! Please Please upload your content with detailed desciptions and to the correct section
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    HyperSpin does not work

    If nothing happens when pressing enter it's always either a bad path or a permissions issue, nothing related to the frontend or plugin in RLUI because RL isn't even being executed. In this case, it's a typo in the exe name "RockerLauncher.exe".
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    HyperSpin does not work

    You should consider mentioning what type of controller you are using to map your buttons. a keyboard encoder will not be configured the same as a joystick encoder you do not need Joy2key or Xpadder, Hyperspin does not support joystick inputs, this is why everyone is telling you to use joy2key. But you can get rid of Joy2key/Xpadder by mapping your joystick controller directly to the emulators, and use this plugin to control Hyperspin and you should post a link to the YT video you used to configure Hyperspin, Austins videos are great, but Rocketlauncher has been updated many times, the instructions are probably outdated. More then likely the video does not tell you how to set up a default frontend on your Rocketlaunher settings. this is why you can load a game with RLUI and not in Hyperspin.
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    Have a look here at this Looking at Building Custom Aimtrak Wheel for myself
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    so after weeks of trying to figure out when exiting a game, hypermarquee was in focus as HS was frozen in screen, requiring a mouse click to make it active. seems the official mame builds from mamedev wee causing the issue. i changed my name to a different build, arcade mame i believe, it only plays arcade games but stays updated (i am in synch with mame 194). so it seems however official mame is compiled, it was causing focus issues with my HS, HM set up. hopefully this will help others.
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    Top features Poll

    I would like to see the genres added to the android version so we do not have to duplicate Database / media / settings files. This can create a lot of duplication especially in the case of MAME !!!! Thanks
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    Assuming you're using mine (screenshot?): not that I know of, but let me know if you find some so I can add them to the bezel set. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    RetroArch - Need Help

    Hmmm... I assume that you have install RetroArch emulator in the RLUI. Open RLUI, go to GLOBAL, chose Emulators. Then select the RetroArch emulator (be sure that you have the extension for run nes games, if not, copy/paste this to the RetroArch extensions: 7z|2hd|3ds|3dsx|3g2|3gp|32x|68k|88d|a26|a52|a78|abs|agb|app|asf|atr|atx|avi|axf|ay|bml|bmp|bin|bs|bsx|caq|cas|cbn|ccd|cci|cdg|cdi|cdm|cdt|cgb|ch8|chai|chailove|chd|cmd|cof|col|cpr|cso|cue|cxi|d88|dim|divx|dmg|DOOM|dsk|dup|dx2|elf|exe|f4f|f4v|fds|fig|flac|flv|game|gen|gb|gba|gbc|gbs|gd3|gd7|gdi|gg|gif|gym|hes|hdf|hdm|hdr|img|int|ipf|iso|j64|jag|jpg|jpeg|kcr|kss|lnx|lua|lutro|m2p|m2ts|m3u|m4a|md|mdf|mdx|mgw|min|mkv|mov|mp3|mp4|mpg|mpeg|msa|mtl|mx1|mx2|mxf|n64|ndd|nds|nes|ngc|ngp|nsf|nsfe|obj|ogg|ogm|p|pak|pbp|pic|pce|pgm|png|ppm|prg|prx|ps|psd|psx|rar|ri|rom|rzx|sap|sc|scl|scummvm|sfc|sg|sgb|sgx|smc|smd|sms|sna|spc|st|st2|stx|sv|swc|t81|tap|tga|toc|trd|ts|tzx|u1|unf|unif|uze|v64|vb|vboy|vec|vgm|vgz|vob|voc|wav|webm|wma|wmv|ws|wsc|xdf|xex|xfd|z64|z80|zip lol Well, select your RetroArch emulator and then, in the little icons open "Edit Global Module Settings". Then select your NES system with double clic. A new window will open. There you will see 4 sections: Settings, Network, Nintendo Entertainment System and Rom Settings. Choose NES, and then the first option say: "LibRetro_Core". There you need to put where is you nestopia_libretro core. I hope this solve your problem
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    RetroArch - Need Help

    Have you run retroarch directly and confirmed a game works? Load Content>select game>Nintendo (Nestopia) should be listed as a core to play the game with If its not listed go the Online Updater >Core updater and download the Nestopia core. Although I believe the fceumm core is the preferred core these days
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    Hello from BadBoyBill

    AS Pink Floyd said .... Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.... If he's not here in 5 minutes, just wait longer.
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    My excuses for the initial negativity, i got it all working now and hyperspin is amazing even though there is a slight learning curve. But that's what i got online tutorials for
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    indeed it works :)))) thanks all
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    All is back up guys!
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    They work quite well together! You could try this pointer and see how it looks. As it fades from light blue to white...
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    MAME 0.139 XML?

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    Green/Red look great. Even the 1st one looks good. I like the video/screenshot box in the 1st one.
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    managed to make some time to mess with Amiga themes. Just a few edits to existing ones. Not sure what i will go with as I like the green one but also like the red one from Hono's collection. I have not made any of this just made some theme xml edits and swf-png edits Default Amiga-Red BG.zip MM Amiga Green BG-Silver Logo.zip MM Amiga Red BG-Silver Logo.zip MM Amiga-Blue BG.zip MM Amiga-Console BG.zip MM Amiga-Green BG-Black Logo.zip
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    HyperSpin does not work

    Do you get any error? We will likely need more info and your Hyperspin log.txt file please. (copy it into pastebin )
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    HyperSpin does not work

    You cannot start a game with enter on keyboard? Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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    Thank you! I will take a look at it later on.
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    Hono's Shield TV setup

    Sorry for the confusion. As Thatman explained, I have closed down the channel and I won't be restarting it...I have more pressing issues at home to contend with for the foreseeable future. The videos are gone completely, I didn't keep backups of them. I was about to rename the thread to stop any further confusion HOWEVER having read Thatman's comment...I can record a new video and post it here as .mp4 if people are interested. I'm content with how it is currently, the only change that was on the cards, was switching to a new emulator (Amiberry) for the Amiga & CD32. Looks like that won't be released for quite sometime though. Thatman has a thread dedicated to it, I have faith he'll do a good job fleshing it out in time. Thanks for the interest and to everyone who had viewed and liked the content I had put on Youtube.
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    MAME Cores

    You put the year in. Parameters=cores/mame2014_libretro_android.so Your MAME 0.170 I think is MAME2016 and romset .174 also I think mame2003 is romset 0.78 Etc
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    Should work. Just add 1 emulator (mame i would think) then use the alternate emulator option in RL for every other game that is not a mame game. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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    I have the last version of hypersync form long ago, the computer is in a cabinet that never updates system, and the last time hypersync worked for me was the 10 of January of this year acoording to logs. Anyway, i tried right now to delete de entire folder of hypersync, deleted the folder in the user/appdata/roaming folder too and redownloaded the last version of hypersync again in a empty folder. But nothing worked, hyperspin log in always fail while emumovies log works right. I dont know what more i can try. Thanks for your help.
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    MAME with no Year is latest and basically falls inline with official MAME so long as r-type updates the core which he has been doing quickly. that core is commonly known as MAME Git you will have to test newer games and let people know. I usually only play old games. also afaik MAME in general has become more of a resource hog in last few years just because their priority is accuracy. Better accuracy tends to mean slower performance. have a play with some games and make a decision. always good to report back so others can share the experience.
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    as I told you in your other thread Xtension controllers use the Ipac (keyboard encoder) in their set ups. You can only use the WinIPAC software to remap them. Something you may not need to do. The Ipac comes pre programmed with MAME keys default keys programmed into the Ipac https://www.ultimarc.com/ipac2.html What you need to do is make a map of your controller Open Note Pad and press a button and make a picture similar to this Once you have this image Open ALL!!!!! your emulators and remap the keys to match YOUR!! custom layout. You only need WinIPAC IF!!!! any of your keys conflict (don't work) with any of your emulators (example ALT CTR or Space do not work with SSF, but you should be using Mednafen or Mednafen core in Retroarch not SSF) YOU will defantly need to "UN-bind" some of the serviece keys for some of your emultors the F key in your layout is probably Player 2 Down, but in Retroarch the F key --> "Toggle Full-screen" Before you do all this you should get a hold of the site you got your controller from. I would assume they have pre made config flies you could simply drag and drop into your emulators. this guy made a tutorial on how to set up an IPAC for retropie use, and you can download some retroarch cfg files. this might help you set up your Ipac for retorarch use. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/8987/guide-setting-up-a-retropie-controls-using-ipac2-controller-extensive-tutorial-preconfigured-files I would assume your controller supplier should have a similar guide or cfg files you can use.
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    [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Had some time this morning to test just a few, here's what I found. PopNmusic 20-fantasia = video issue - video displays 16:9 instead of 4:3 Bishi Bashi, The = video issue - video displays 16:9 instead of 4:3. Background appears cut off but could be design choice. 19xx the war against destiny - video issue - video displays 4:3, should be vertical (shmup) as in the image they provided. wacky races and tetris gm 3 - I couldn't discern an issue with these themes
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    Let me first say how grateful I am that all of you have replied and here I am gonna be adding one more system to my build and after I lock this down has to be transferred over to the main computer that will inhabit the cabinet I have been designing everything on my main desktop upstairs and I’m going to be buying a new computer and transferring everything that I’ve designed into that.call me paranoid it’s just that every time I turn hyper spin on my afriad something is just going to break all by itself. Once I get the cabinet ready and the Control Panel that begins the long process of configuring the Control Panel to games. And then you’re absolutely right about making sure that the USB connections are easily accessible because three of my systems, N64, PS2 and SNES I am going to buy separate controllers for each of those systems and not rely on the Control Panel. So far I have configured MAME, Atari 2600 5200 7800 and Lynx. Mattel Intellivision, Coleco vision PlayStation 2 Sega master system Sega Genesis Sega CD Sega 32x and Vectrex. I know I missing something anyway I am very proud of what have set up so far. I have to confide in you I had no idea what I was getting into a year and a half ago I had no idea what hyper spin was rocket launcher or how to configure any of the emulators I simply learn by watching tutorials on YouTube
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    Hono's Shield TV setup

    Hey Honosuseri, I would love to view the videos you have posted to youtube but all are saying video unavailable ????
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    I followed this guide to set it up for my iMac...also has instructions for Windows (start at "Enable NVIDIA SHIELD Storage Access"): https://support.plex.tv/articles/220347688-accessing-internal-storage/ If you connect/reconnect an external HDD, you have to turn "Over local network" off then immediately back on(only if you connect and reconnect an external HDD) before attempting to connect. I also made sure to go into my Mac's System Preferences-Sharing-Options-Check the box next to Share files and folders using SMB (not sure if this is truly necessary or not). Great way to transfer back and forth from the Shield and Mac/PC. Finally get to give back after everyone's wonderful help. Thanks for your patience as I get all of this set up correctly!!! My Hyperspin folder is installed internally on my Shield. Being on a MAC, I had to have Windows Parallels installed in order to run the HyperHQ.exe file that is located on my internal storage of my Shield. I double-clicked the HyperHQ.exe file located inside the Shield and it opened in Parallels just fine and saved all of the changes I made. If you're using a PC, it should work fine. Hope this all makes sense!!!
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    That's very interesting. Can you write up how to do it please. Wish I knew that 2yrs ago
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    Was able to smb into the Shield TV and run HyperHQ on my Mac and all the changes were made successfully!!! No more joystick on the main menu nor in any of the systems!!!
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    Well I got all my website stuff done and played around with a new idea for a bit. THEN the Amiga addiction kicked back in. With the absence of @Honosuseri YT channel I thought I would pay a little respect to the work he has done.. Sorry Hono I am short on time so this is not a great video by any means just a bit of fun.
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    See here. Thanks @lilcza missed K's post
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    If you are asking if there is an easy way to make the box art appear over game specific themes people have made though, it's not as simple as checking a box in the settings i'm afraid Like in the case you have a bunch of game themes downloaded, it would require making sure those themes were edited individually to display the artwork folder on the correct layer, which in some cases may compromise elements of the theme itself if all the layers were already in use. It's unfortunate as it makes a pretty strong case against using these game specific themes if you want a uniform look and don't have game specific themes for the majority, to each their own though.
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    As an example I am using the Default Theme for Atari 2600 Author unknown in one of my setups. You can see in the image below showing the Default.zip contents as well as the Theme.xml file layout. The theme itself only contains Artwork1 and 2 as well as a background image which will be used for every item but the theme is also using a specific artwork 3 and 4 for each item as media layers. I.e Cases and Cartridges. If you navigate to the Hyperspin/Media/Atari 2600/Images folder you can see there are areas to put Artworks 3 and 4 for each item, which the theme will use if there is no default in the zip file for the theme itself. Inside Artwork 3 we have the boxart. And Inside Artwork 4 we have the 2D cartridge files. As they will show on top of Layer 3. I hope that makes sense.
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    It depends what layers are left with the theme you are using. Most system default themes are built to include Boxart and CD/Cartridge artworks. Commonly layers 3 & 4, but this is always down to the designer of the theme. I would say .. yes.
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    Rest assured there is a lot of work im doing at my end to finalize a huge amount of preconfigured games in HDF format before the release Amiberry on Android. I want to have everything complete so the transition is quick & smooth. Currently I have 3,100 HDFs in total I have manually made each one. Testing them one at a time and making sure these work 100% Must say I have expert help by people behind the scenes from eab. 1. DamienD teaching me how a HDF is converted from whdloafld. And of course 2. RetroPlay. Without his help it would of been impossible to create some problematic HDFs that would crash or give weird errors. After all.. All the HDFs are sourced from ............. latest Whdload set. So bravo to these gents. Being persistant and very helpfull along the way. Games like Pinball Prelude would only load table 1. I have made a menu that launches and allows you to select either of the 3 tables. Impossible to do without a menu. I have quite a few games like this ie. Populous & Data Disks etc etc. Allowing you to select what you want to loaf from launching the HDF. Looks like I have anywhere from 2 to 4 hundred HDFs remaining my guess. @thatman when you have HDF games i suggest making configs for them. Simple A1200 quickstart configs should be enough. Any other problematic games will require a600 quickstart. Worst case scenario I will have working configs for them all on my Raspberry Pi. Thats enough from me. See you guys soon.
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    information on hyperspin

    Probably, but that doesn't really tell a single thing about your computer. That's like saying "I have a Chevy car, is that all I need to drive across the country?"
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    Ok, so now I'm a much happier man. My mancave is mostly up and running. PinKadia is alive again, and the simpit is shaking the house again after a long absence... driving my wife crazy! Here's a video tour describing what I have, and how everything works and is wired together and how VR is setup to work with everything. I show off the simpit and how my 12 transducer telemetry feedback setup works and you also get to "hear" how it works too! It is amazing combined with VR! If want to skip right to the simpit demo then go here.... Just waiting for the new TV to get replaced, then I'll make a stand for that to go over the simpit to bring the screen closer. Then the last screen and game consoles will go to the unused space.
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    Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    I wanted to tell you the same! I like yours. The shame is you don't have the same buttons layout as me. I could share with you all my lights/controls configuration files.
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    Hopefully Daphne Android port will come out soon. Then we can have them all
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    Ha good vent but this is the Android Forum. No need for anti virus or rocket launcher. have a look at Gigas Build in premium section it's 95Gb but I think it saves plenty of time and there is support for it as people know what you have got
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    What is that? JoyToKey is free Norton is crap and has been over more than a decade. There a plenty of better alternatives. Just for cab use, the free Windows Defender, though far from bulletproof, 'll do just fine There a ways to enhance it, but scan lines is the best and most obvious way to go No idea what your on about here
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    Finally, i got to put on the oil-based (no-scent) primer to help seal the MDF for painting. Then I painted the inside and back of the cabinet black. the outside was painted with "amazing" red. Now I could put everything back together. I installed chrome T-molding for the backglass. Then I installed the "front" speakers, backlgass 27 inch monitor, and 19 inch DMD / extension monitor. The 19 inch monitor sits only a little bit inside the lower cabinet. The back of the cabinet has two small fans and a door for the backglass screens, and two large fans and a door for the lower cabinet. I also made some extra vent / access holes for cabling that may be needed in the future. the fans draw air out of the cabinet. The back door allows access to the PC and cabling. The PC is mounted on a shelf on rails, so it can just slide out of the back for access if needed. For the PC I used some mounting hardware from an old server case. I originally had on old i5 dual core CPU and server motherboard, but that got replaced with an i5 2500K later on. Dual core cpu worked fine for mostly everything, except when it came to playing 3 videos at once through Pinball X. Quad core cpu was needed for that. PC specs are: i5 2500K quad core cpu 8 gigs ddr3 1600 ram nvidia gtx 960 video card (all 3 screens connected to this one video card, via HDMI, DVI, display port) 750 watt power supply 250 gig ssd 500 gig hard drive sound blaster audigy 2 sound card for 5.1 sound (that was removed when the motherboard was changed). logitech 5.1 speaker system (older set i've had for years) Here's the subwoofer and air-intake fan that brings fresh cool air into the cabinet. This is where the rear speakers are mounted. I actually swapped the front and rear speakers so I could reach under the cabinet and adjust the volume if need be. (I had to swap the audio cables on the sound card for this to work) The center speaker will go in the middle hole. Now for the controls! I decided to use two Logitech F310 gamepads for two players and for pinball controls: -they are really cheap -they provide both direct-input and x-input compatibility -they are completely xbox 360 compatible (which works with ALL games / emulators). No need for xpadder-like software. -they have a button that allows the functions of the d-pad and left analogue stick to swap. VERY important as some games won't allow some functions to work with the d-pad. The d-pad is what I will be using for the arcade stick. This allows me to have d-pad and "left analogue stick" functionality at anytime on the arcade joystick at the push of a button. you can't get this with a normal xbox 360 gamepad. Now the un-fun part. I had to do some reverse engineering to find out how this sucker is wired. I wanted to have all the normal buttons and the "triggers" for buttons as well. You need to replace to potentiometers for the triggers with correct resistor values and hope it works. Unfortunately, getting the triggers to work this way would also mess up the resistance for the analogue sticks. So I eventually had to give up the trigger buttons and use the left and right stick buttons. As a result, I had to make my two center buttons (red/green) the "home" button (for player one and two) which would just open STEAM Big Picture Mode, which I wasn't going to use. Normally, you only need one common ground when wiring buttons to most gamepads... not this one! It had FIVE different grounds, working with diodes in a matrix encoder. A pain to figure out, but I got 'er done! So I mounted the gamepad to a board and had all the wires I soldered to it goto terminal strips. Then I can have the cabinet's arcade buttons AND the pinball button wires use the same controls off of the player one gamepad. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the old-school parallel / printer cables (DB-25) I needed to allow the control panel to just "plug-in" to the gamepad board. I was building this part during Christmas holidays, and the very few shops we have around here didn't have any. So I just mounted it anyway with the shorter wires (which I got from a couple of JAMMA harnesses) connected directly. As a result, the player one gamepad and pinball controls all look like this mess. Keep in mind.... most pinball cabinets only have around 10 buttons / controls to wire up.... I have OVER 40, with multiple separate grounds, and LEDS on each button (except the flipper buttons). When I get the cables I need and I'm ambitious this will be mostly gone and all tidied up....either way I won't see it! As you can see.... the player two gamepad is much tidier. For the control panel, the insides of the playfield walls, backglass walls, and DMD bezel, I decided to use carbon fibre vinyl wrap. I had some left over from the simpit, and liked to way it looked with chrome trim. I'm a sucker for chrome and shiny car stuff. (I used to have a 1971 Chevelle with a custom 415 horsepower engine, but that was another life!) This is one of the few things I could buy around here. (at Walmart or Canadian Tire)
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    Hey everyone...how's it going? Just dropped by to show a little of another project I've been working on as of late. I've completed the entire Sega CD Library (Minus the Unlicensed and Prototypes which I am currently working on). I will release when finished. Here are a few samples of some My Sega CD and My Sega Mega CD Japan Set i've been working on. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for your time. After Burner III Corpse Killer 32X Night Trap Samurai Shodown A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen Anetto Futatabi Burai - Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu Captain Tsubasa Cosmic Fantasy Stories Death Bringer