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    EmuMovies is happy to present our version 1.3 update for the Sony PlayStation Video Snaps collection. This update includes 220 new video snaps making our total collection come in at 2,766 videos in total. These were some I worked on over the summer and I was bouncing around way to much so I need to release them so I can focus again 🙂. Continue reading past the preview for a detailed view of whats new. Version 1.3 Added/Replaced 220 Videos @Circo Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) View the full article
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    MAME .201 NoNag
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    Version 1.0.0


    Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (USA) (SNES) Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (Super Nintendo) (4:3) Aspect Ratio = (4:3) System = (Super nintendo) Details = game theme
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    Version 2.0


    I was adding the Famicom system into my set, only to realize that there were no actual 3d box packs created, EVER (that I have heard of)! Since the rest of my sets have 3D boxes, I could not leave Famicom in 2D! - This set contains over 1.100 boxes! - Horizontal, vertical and square boxes; all matching the original source art - Side color matches the front cover color - System logo color depends on the side color (so we don't have black on black) - Some boxes are not from the official XML but I have created them in case those games are added in the future - The covers have great image quality (thanks to @fire10 for the source material!) Bear in mind that this is version 1.0; I will be reviewing the boxes (as a lot of them could get better coloring, borders cleaning, side colors), and will try to update them. Let me know of any suggestions or comments! Enjoy the pack Kondorito
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    Check out this thread for video tutorials http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35681-where’s-ninja2bceen/
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    Phillips cdi

    I did not enable in game mouse or touch the mouse index, I just went to the mouse bindings and set up my 360 controller so I can use it rather than the mouse. I have attached a few pics so you can see what I did. Now not sure why but when I get to the boot screen I actually have to touch my shield remote before my 360 controller will work. I can confirm that Hotel Mario, Zelda the Wand of Gamalon, and Zelda the faces of evil seem to work great, Zelda's adventure boots and goes through the cut scenes but crashes once I get in game. Hoping to test more tonight
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    After a long while and effort, the Daphne emulator is now available for Android and Hyperspin. https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/ setup and compatibility details here: https://github.com/libretro/daphne
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    Version 1.0


    517 wheels and 52 alternates, coinciding with database 1.1 of 11 Oct. 2017 Credits: @diskmach - Project Lead, Wheel Creator, Source Art Collector @32assassin - Wheel Creator @Black Hazor - Wheel Creator @agent47 - Database Link to thread Link to database
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    Sorry if I jumped the gun and if it's broken. I'll test this afternoon and confirm.
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    Version 0.86.6


    *** THIS FILE IS AVAILABLE TO HYPERSPIN SUBSCRIBERS ONLY *** Dear HyperSpin friends, I've put together a package of sorts, aimed at HyperSpin newcomers and veterans alike. I've been continuously grooming a custom "best of MAME" database, bezel set, and MAME ini file set for quite a while now. My goal is to provide something that someone can drop into a fresh setup or custom wheel and be up and running right away. I intend to release updates to the individual downloads on a periodic basis, so check the change logs for more information going forward. The package is split into three parts, as follows. Put together, these downloads will have results as shown in the screenshots. HyperSpin MAME.xml database (Link) Corresponding RocketLauncher bezel set (THIS DOWNLOAD, see below for details) MAME ini files (Link) File information: This download contains a set of RocketLauncher bezels which match the "best of MAME" XML database referenced above. Not every game has a bezel yet, but progress continues either by myself or other artists in the community. All credit is due to the original artists and all file names should contain bezel creator names. I've merely gone through what's available, selected my personal favorites, renamed them to match ROMs, and included them here. Or I've created or modified (with permission/credit) them myself. Info/caveats: The version number of this pack corresponds to the percentage of Bezel coverage to the "best of" database mentioned above (ex: if 50% of games have bezels, the version number will be 0.50) Entire pack is split into three zip files to meet the site's file size restrictions All bezels are 16x9, and at least 1920x1080 For each game with bezels available I've picked my favorite and included it A default bezel is included for those games without coverage Bezel folder names match ROM names in the "best of" database (important for clones) Install instructions: Download files Extract compressed folders into your \RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels\MAME folder Assuming you've got bezels enabled in RocketLauncher... Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.1


    !!!PLEASE NOTE: THESE HAVE BEEN SWF SMOOTHED THEN RENAMED TO .PNG, SO THE FILES CANNOT BE OPENED TO VIEW THE IMAGES OUTSIDE OF HYPERSPIN. THIS IS NORMAL AND THEY WORK WITHIN THE FRONTEND JUST FINE!!! This is all of the /Media/Frontend/Image files resised, and HD smoothed for 16:9 displays. Screenshot above was taken in 4k and shows marked aesthetic improvement for widescreen over standard artwork. To install, simply extract the download into your :/HyperSpin/Media/Frontend/Images folder and overwrite or backup the original files. Cheers!
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    Version 0.0.198beta1


    This is the mame xml databases full lists generator application : Generate Mame xml full lists of any version you want. Auto-Download all ini files necessary for generate Mame xml full lists. You can create your own Files from mame (official) sorted by : working or All games(including non-working) number of Players (from 1p to 9p) Genres (48 genre lists + 1 "new" genre list for games added from the current version) Manufacturers (26 lists of the most important manufacturers) Years (5 lists by decade of years) Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,In/Not in Dir,Others...) Same thing for Folders: Manufacturers , Genre , Years , Players , and all Extras : These lists will have the same directory/lists created : For ex : Genre "Fighter","Soccer","Adventure","Capcom","Sega","1970-1979","2p sim".... will have : working or All games(including non-working) Genres (49 genre lists) number of Players (from 1p to 9p) Manufacturers (26 lists max) Years (5 lists max) Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,in/Not in Dir,Others...)
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    Version 1.0.1


    The full oficial wheel pack for Nintendo Game Boy Color.
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    Version 20151003


    Official database (XML) -> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7961-super-nintendo-official-database-xml/
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    Version 20140124


    Nintendo Wii-U - Main Menu (16:9ST)
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Naomi - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Atomiswave - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150514


    Data East Classics Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 1.4


    807 games supported.
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    Version 20130727


    If you want a professional and good looking interface take a look this theme. Please support my project facebook.com/chicuelo.ar
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    Version 20140503


    Deathsmiles MegaBlack Label (2008/10/06 MEGABLACK LABEL VER) - dsmbl (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    ICs are a RocketLauncher feature that goes along with bezel support. You might check the RL forums for more info, if you don't get anything here. Another alternative (that I'm working on, myself) is showing a control panel mock-up on each game's fade screen (which is also a RL feature).
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    Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Any chance of one about Uploading stuff to the forum downloads section? its been requested a few times.
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    Info on compatibility here https://github.com/libretro/daphne
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    Taito Games Freezing

    I've reinstalled these many times because they stop working when you go back after a break. If you don't want to reinstall you could try Gameloader or even the Nesica Loader, but I'm not sure what games that works with.
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    Ok so I completed the 1st run at Game Themes 16:9..... I have gone with Splitting them by System Name fully. It does seem overkill but will see how it works out. If anyone wants to give opinions and maybe test browsing and searching. That would be awesome
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    nintendo ds wheels

    hope this helps till sth better goes up
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    Version 1.0.0


    Pinball FX3 wheel art to match Roadrunner's theme set. Please note there are two versions of Earth Defense as there are two versions of this theme. You can choose which you like best. Wheel names are according to the V1.0 version of the DB as submitted by Gigapig.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Kondorito for SWF files.
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Backup's are essential. You should consider getting extra HHD's to backup your setup you'll be happy you did one day!
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Thanks for the feedback. We're absolutely going to support widescreen in a future release. [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Hey guys, I wasn't quite happy with my other bezel - did some more work, and this is what I came up with. Bezel.ini
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    Ultra Street Fighter IV - Ashurax

    Un nouveau theme déjà disponible dans la section Download. Peut être que l'on pourra l'utiliser sous Taito Type X 3. Et de nouveau themes à venir.
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    MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Here you go.
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    OK its been a while but I'm almost done I think there is only 9 more to go. Here is what I got so far, Btw you guys have got to let me know what you think of what I did with tea d off and taxi. I'm really proud of those. Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern).zip Safe Cracker (Bally).zip Scared Stiff (Bally).zip Space Shuttle (Williams).zip Star Trek - The Next Generation (Williams).zip Starship Troopers (Sega).zip Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams).zip Taxi (Williams).zip Tee'd Off (Gottlieb).zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made a custom bootanimation for my windows 7 HyperSpin Arcade Cabinet. For tweaking the Bootanimation, I used the "Windows 7 Boot Updater" How To Download and install "Windows 7 Boot Updater" You will find it on google (freeware) Download my shared zip file with the boot-animationen and extract it to a place you like. Start "Windows 7 Boot Updater" and use the "HS-boot-1024x768.png" as "Background" For the animation, take the folder "boot-animation" Known issues : If you use my boot-animation on a monitor with upper resolution than 1024x768, the backround and animation will be streched. (Like in my recording video) Other OS ( Windows 8 , 10) instead of windows 7 are not supported! Windows 10 and 8 use a static picture for the boot process. I don't try it on Windows XP, but I think nobody use windows XP for HyperSpin. Here a recording of the boot process with my animation: Used artwork : hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to give me a level up! THX to CroCop and gigapig for supporting me
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    Version 20131126


    Custom pal Game Gear boxes black boxes are done in black and gray so you can choose.
  39. 1 point

    Version 20150708


    Mario Kart Double Dash
  40. 1 point

    Version 20150615


    Default - Model 2 - Game Wheel Pack
  41. 1 point

    Version 20150615


    Default - Sega ST-V - Game Wheel Pack
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    225 sound effects to use for your Nintendo Game Boy Color wheel.
  43. 1 point

    Version 20150514


    Optimized for a 16:9 display 143 - Main Menu Wheels 73 - Genre Wheels 7 - Classics Wheels
  44. 1 point

    Version 20150511


    DICE Game Wheels Pack
  45. 1 point

    Version 20110406


    Sega Strike Fighter (rev A) - sstrkfgt (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  46. 1 point

    Version 20080630


    Wheel Sounds (124 Sounds)
  47. 1 point

    Version 20100525


    Vs. Platoon - platoon (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  48. 1 point

    Version 20130108


    Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520) - avsp (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  49. 1 point

    Version 20100413


    Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 USA (95/05/18) - gtmr2u (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  50. 1 point

    Version 20100512


    Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum - ngbc (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies