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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is another mame64 verson 0.195 enjoy
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    Hello Retro lovers Here's Sega Genesis / Megadrive theme with everything included (USA,JAPAN,EUROPE) boxart, cart art, wheel, letters, default theme and more. I made theme and wheel myself , the rest are from the good guys at hyperspin but i resized them to fit my theme. please do as in the pictures below to get the best result (otherwise it would look ugly). hyperspin makes retro more fun. enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    - Favoritos personalizado - Animaciones swf personalizadas - Pantalla de salida personalizada - Sonidos personalizados - Vídeo de intro personalizado - Vídeo por defecto personalizado
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    Hyperspin intro - Mame system

    Hi guys, I recently made variation based on this after effects video: https://videohive.net/item/arcade-logo/15175743?s_rank=1 For mame systems: Hope you like it Intro.mp4
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    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Hey Guys it's been a while. I've been working on alot of other projects but, I'm back to this one. I will be releasing version 2 of my console bezel project once I've finalized all the new changes after testing. Here is what's new as of right now! Thanks for your time.
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    Version 1.0.0


    All: First, I am not a programmer or professional script writer - so please be kind. The purpose of this script is to edit the daphne-singe game config files that contain references to internally needed files so that they point to the right location. example: . The script will change sprCursor = spriteLoad("D:/Arcade/Games/American Laser Games/data/singe/crimepatrol/crosshaira.png") to this: sprCursor = spriteLoad("I:/Emulators/Hyperspin/Games/American Laser Games/data/singe/crimepatrol/crosshaira.png") The script can be run from the base folder of the system name and it will search all subfolders. Also, it creates a backup of the target file before making any changes. Use at own risk. I developed it because I got tired of having to manually edit the .singe files for each of the 'American Laser' and 'Wow Action Max' games. Hopefully, it will help others.
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    Version 1.0.1


    351 logos Sega Master System renamed with xml database
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    HyperBase vs HyperSync

    Unfortunately it's been a lot of time without any HS updates and a lot of people is moving to other frontends. Hope there's a revolution soon, so we can keep this project alive.
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    Check some of the earlier posts to see if you missed a fix. Sounds lije a local ptoblem to your setup or router
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    Made a reasonale dent in the Game Theme (4:3) section today. 800+ themes reorganised in a presort kinda fashion. Its goingto need many more hours of attention! Please Please upload your content with detailed desciptions and to the correct section
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    HyperSpin does not work

    If nothing happens when pressing enter it's always either a bad path or a permissions issue, nothing related to the frontend or plugin in RLUI because RL isn't even being executed. In this case, it's a typo in the exe name "RockerLauncher.exe".
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    HyperSpin does not work

    You should consider mentioning what type of controller you are using to map your buttons. a keyboard encoder will not be configured the same as a joystick encoder you do not need Joy2key or Xpadder, Hyperspin does not support joystick inputs, this is why everyone is telling you to use joy2key. But you can get rid of Joy2key/Xpadder by mapping your joystick controller directly to the emulators, and use this plugin to control Hyperspin and you should post a link to the YT video you used to configure Hyperspin, Austins videos are great, but Rocketlauncher has been updated many times, the instructions are probably outdated. More then likely the video does not tell you how to set up a default frontend on your Rocketlaunher settings. this is why you can load a game with RLUI and not in Hyperspin.
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    Have a look here at this Looking at Building Custom Aimtrak Wheel for myself
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    so after weeks of trying to figure out when exiting a game, hypermarquee was in focus as HS was frozen in screen, requiring a mouse click to make it active. seems the official mame builds from mamedev wee causing the issue. i changed my name to a different build, arcade mame i believe, it only plays arcade games but stays updated (i am in synch with mame 194). so it seems however official mame is compiled, it was causing focus issues with my HS, HM set up. hopefully this will help others.
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    Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures Theme for PC Games
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    Top features Poll

    I would like to see the genres added to the android version so we do not have to duplicate Database / media / settings files. This can create a lot of duplication especially in the case of MAME !!!! Thanks
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    Assuming you're using mine (screenshot?): not that I know of, but let me know if you find some so I can add them to the bezel set. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Version 0.86.6


    *** THIS FILE IS AVAILABLE TO HYPERSPIN SUBSCRIBERS ONLY *** Dear HyperSpin friends, I've put together a package of sorts, aimed at HyperSpin newcomers and veterans alike. I've been continuously grooming a custom "best of MAME" database, bezel set, and MAME ini file set for quite a while now. My goal is to provide something that someone can drop into a fresh setup or custom wheel and be up and running right away. I intend to release updates to the individual downloads on a periodic basis, so check the change logs for more information going forward. The package is split into three parts, as follows. Put together, these downloads will have results as shown in the screenshots. HyperSpin MAME.xml database (Link) Corresponding RocketLauncher bezel set (THIS DOWNLOAD, see below for details) MAME ini files (Link) File information: This download contains a set of RocketLauncher bezels which match the "best of MAME" XML database referenced above. Not every game has a bezel yet, but progress continues either by myself or other artists in the community. All credit is due to the original artists and all file names should contain bezel creator names. I've merely gone through what's available, selected my personal favorites, renamed them to match ROMs, and included them here. Or I've created or modified (with permission/credit) them myself. Info/caveats: The version number of this pack corresponds to the percentage of Bezel coverage to the "best of" database mentioned above (ex: if 50% of games have bezels, the version number will be 0.50) Entire pack is split into three zip files to meet the site's file size restrictions All bezels are 16x9, and at least 1920x1080 For each game with bezels available I've picked my favorite and included it A default bezel is included for those games without coverage Bezel folder names match ROM names in the "best of" database (important for clones) Install instructions: Download files Extract compressed folders into your \RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels\MAME folder Assuming you've got bezels enabled in RocketLauncher... Enjoy!
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    Hello Retro Spiners copy what's in the image below NEC TurboGrafx-16CD Default them with boxart that used as Wheel (including PC Engine CD) . I have NEC TurboGrafx-16CD and PC Engine CD in one wheel so i thought to share it with you guys. keep retro alive forever