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    As far as Amiga goes on android u CANNOT load a zipped game....the problem is, everything is named according to the zip file name...now once u extract a game u will realize the whdload folder containing all game info is named totally different from the zip folder itself.....so at this point ur only left with the option more or less to extract and rename all ur roms ...trust me it sounds crazy but it's very much doable.....another issue which I've put on hold is that not all games will have the same screen size....if u look at the uae cfg, for the hight u may have something like 240 or so.....that may be good for a game like dkong but for rtype u can go 1 setting larger.....amiga is one of the hardest systems 2 setup for Android with no easy trick or nuttin....ive started Amiga but then jumped on other projects (my problem is never being able to complete a project b4 I start another one...smh)....im now in the stages of learning Photoshop because I enjoy doing wheel art or boxart.....this video is old but as u can see, it shows how Amiga works and how the bootloader works....the small time it takes to load only happens when u load a game for the 1st time...afterwards it should load immediately
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    Ben shinobi sure makes it look easy. Here's my first attempt, took me a couple tries to break the default highscore.
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    The secret is to collect the diamonds in order from left to right (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple). If you do this then a secret door appears at the end of level boss. Each room holds two items, both worth one hundred thousand points. One of the items is a big diamond and the other is a special item that gives you a permanent power up. This means that if you have got the power up you will still have that power when you die. Loads of helpful rainbow islands information here. My best advice would be that you should remember to not fire the rainbows directly. Always try to crash and drop them on the enemies and that's how you get the diamonds. You should also remember that when you crash a rainbow it shoots slightly upwards before falling. This means you can plant a rainbow below an enemy on a platform, crash it and get the little critter. I am quite good at this but if you want to watch an expert, just go to the link below. Ben Shinobi clearing Rainbow Islands
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    Version 0.189


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    Version 20081109


    Box Images Set for Hyperspin, includes 27 boxes. the set could need a professional cleanup. feel free to use, change and reupload this set as you like
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    Version 20150516


    Gallop Racer 3 - 65 (Zinc)
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    G-Darius - 37 (Zinc)

    Version 20111128


    G-Darius - 37 (Zinc)
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    Version 20150515


    Default MAME Game Wheel Pack