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  1. For Amiga, check out WHDLoad. For other systems, set it up to boot from the first disk and then either use the emulator, or a third party tool such as rocketlauncher to swap the disks. Most of the databases for hyperspin have entries for every disk in a set, so I usually set them as clones so I can hide them in the menus. As far as I am aware, all emulators for systems that supported multi disk games offer a disk swap function, but if it's hidden away in a menu it may not be obvious.
  2. Hyperbase access

    Hypersync appears to be working for me, but the lack of updates here is a little bit disturbing... What's going on guys?
  3. I can read/write Japanese. Which bits do you want?
  4. Pac-Man not showing up under MAME

    Pac-Man is a clone of Puck-Man. If you have clones disabled then you won't be able to see it.
  5. CUSTOM ARTWORK - Back to the Future

    That's amazing and so cool they got to see it. Did you get to meet/speak with them? What was their reaction?
  6. You don't have to use task scheduler. It can be done with a batch file too. But it will require administrative rights.
  7. Sorry, my mistake there. I meant task scheduler. Create a task to enable the dolphin bar. Set it to run with highest priveleges. Create a shortcut to the task. Have RocketLauncher run the shortcut before loading dolphin.
  8. You don't need an ahk. It can be done via task manager and Rocket Launcher.
  9. It's really simple to do via task scheduler and devcon. Remember though that the Dolphinbar has 2 hardware IDs, one for mouse mode and one for wii mode. You'll need to disable both for a catch-all situation. Also, a very important point to remember is that you cannot disable keyboard devices, which is what the dolphinbar uses for its buttons in mouse mode. Here's a batch I made to simplify everything. ECHO OFF CLS :MENU ECHO What would you like to do? ECHO 1. Enable DolphinBar ECHO 2. Disable DolphinBar ECHO 3. Reinstall DolphinBar ECHO 4. Tidy device manager ECHO 5. Exit SET /P M=Type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 then press ENTER: IF %M%==1 GOTO ENABLE IF %M%==2 GOTO DISABLE IF %M%==3 GOTO REINSTALL IF %M%==4 GOTO TIDY IF %M%==5 GOTO EOF :ENABLE start %~dp0devcon.exe enable "USB\VID_057E&PID_0306" start %~dp0devcon.exe enable "USB\VID_0079&PID_1802" start %~dp0devcon.exe updateni c:\windows\inf\keyboard.inf "HID\VID_0079&PID_1802&MI_00" GOTO MENU :DISABLE start %~dp0devcon.exe updateni c:\windows\inf\input.inf "HID\VID_0079&PID_1802&MI_00" start %~dp0devcon.exe disable "USB\VID_0079&PID_1802" start %~dp0devcon.exe disable "USB\VID_057E&PID_0306" GOTO MENU :REINSTALL start %~dp0devcon remove "USB\VID_0079&PID_1802" start %~dp0devcon remove "USB\VID_057E&PID_0306" TIMEOUT /T 5 start %~dp0devcon rescan :TIDY start %~dp0devcon Find ID "*VID_057E&PID_0306*" "*VID_045E&PID_02A1*" > "temp.txt" FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=: " %%A IN ('start %~dp0devcon FindAll ID "*VID_057E&PID_0306*" "*VID_045E&PID_02A1*"') DO ( TYPE "temp.txt" | FIND "%%~A" >NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 1 %Debug% start %~dp0devcon Remove "@%%~A" ) del temp.txt start %~dp0devcon remove "@HID\VID_045E&PID_02A1&IG_00" TIMEOUT /T 5 start %~dp0devcon rescan GOTO MENU :EOF This will allow you to enable/disable/reinstall dolphinbar as well as clean up unattached devices from device manager. Pop devcon in the same folder for it to work.
  10. Bezel in MAME causes mouse click issue

    You got it working with MAME? I have it working with everything except MAME. It's driving me nuts!
  11. Rar5 seems to give the best performance/compression ratio.
  12. Taito Type X Problems

    The best advice I can give for TTX is to use "Game Loader All RH" instead of the other loaders which are out there. It's updated relatively often and works well on Windows 10. I only have 3 games that will not work on Windows 10 and 2 are known about. Silent Hill and KOFMira. I also can't get Far Cry working either.