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  1. One Arcade Wheel (to rule them all)

    Dunk, thanks for the advice - I used Don's tools to make a merged list to include my MAME favorites and Daphne games. I currently have two wheels, MAME and Daphne with MAME roms and Daphne files in separate folders. Where exactly does this new .xml file go? Will Hyperspin know to look elsewhere to see/launch my Daphne games or do I need a dummy .zip for the Daphne titles in my MAME folder in order for those titles to appear on the one wheel? Thanks again!
  2. Yes, Rocketlauncher. Does it require making additions to the MAME database for the Daphne games? Would appreciate how to set the protocol up correctly.
  3. Curious if you made any headway with the all-in-one wheel. I'm trying to make a favorites MAME wheel which includes a few Daphne games (Space Ace and Dragon's Lair 1/2). Looking forward to any insight on making this possible.
  4. HyperHQ will not start

    Found out the problem was a malware program in Windows Defender blocking HyperHQ from launching. Disabled Defender and boots normally. Have to figure out how to tell Defender that HyperHQ is our feiend
  5. HyperHQ will not start

    I'm running Hyperspin on an external hard drive. Perhaps the computer is having issues reading it. I'll try to paste backup versions into the folder in hopes that it will read it correctly. Would hate to reinstall Hyperspin...
  6. HyperHQ will not start

    I have Mame and Daphne set up and working great using Hyperspin and can access RocketlauncherUI, however, just recently I've been unable to launch HyperHQ. I get a message that it must be in the same directory as Hyperspin (it is, although I do have a backup directory on the same drive) Where is the .ini file which I can check to see how HyperHQ is being mapped?
  7. One Arcade Wheel (to rule them all)

    Dunk, looking for your attachment which states how you edited the .ini files to get multiple emulators on one wheel. Do you just cut and paste from the Daphne database to the Mame database? Trying to just add a few Daphne games to my Mame wheel seeing those are the only ones I want added to my arcade games.