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  1. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    And finally, 4 player: Bezel [4S] - default.ini
  2. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Here's 3 player: Bezel [3S] - default.ini
  3. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Here's 2 player: Bezel [2S] - default.ini
  4. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Great work on the VBA-Link, its really an under utilized feature. I set this up a few months ago and thought i may as well share my bezels. Here's 1 player: Bezel.ini
  5. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Yeah i have my exit button set to escape. I like Rocket Launcher it is a pain to setup initially but once youve ironed out the kinks it does a great job.
  6. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    I kept having this random issue with it locking up, usually when i would exit a game and go back to hyperspin then after a few seconds of scrolling, nothing would respond and i would have to alt+f4 to get out of hyperspin. So I started writing down everytime it happened and exactly what i was doing at the time. No matter what i couldnt reproduce it when i wanted to, it seemed random. I did however notice it only happened on certain systems. I compared the systems it happened with the systems it didnt and i had a lightbulb moment. In RocketLauncher UI there is a setting for each system called "Suspend Frontend" and "Hide Frontend" on the systems where the issue occurred these were set to true. I set them to false and now it hasnt happened for about 3months. I tried to find this thread a few weeks ago to update it but couldnt find it. Would love for someone else to test this or if its just coincidence but it does make a lot of sense.
  7. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    This is an excellent point, definitely going to explore this tonight and do some testing. I never get this issue using the keyboard only my controllers and I've noticed they are really sensitive when it comes directions.
  8. shadow of war (PC)

    Youve uploaded the wrong theme. The download is shadow warrior 2 not shadow of war.
  9. Game screen won't fit bezel

    I had the same issue and it was caused by having fullscreen set in retroarch. Once i changed this the custom settings through RL started working.
  10. Who's running the show..

    Mixed opinions about what? I know we will never find out but may as well ask. It must of been pretty bad for him to just up and leave.
  11. [EmuMovies] Sega Dreamcast Video Snaps Updated (v1.2)

    Why are there missing games? e.g Tomb Raider
  12. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Great job on picking this up @thatman84 Please can I request that you remove the sub sections for particular users. Whilst I am a big fan of recognition for excellent work and as cool as the names are it just seems a bit messy. I would rather have all box sets together rather some in Kondorito Korner and some in Accorsi's Awesomeness. Its just a bit irritating when looking for things.
  13. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    I also have this issue, did anyone manage to fix it? This happens to me randomly on various systems but its not consistent. Next time it happens im going to do some digging in the logs see what it turns up.
  14. Atari LYNX Bezels

    I love this bezel and also couldn't find it so i recreated it as best i could. Bezel.ini
  15. No sound from some .mp4 videos

    I noticed this for the Atari 5200, a new version was releases on EmuMovies a couple of days ago v2.1 which fixes it.