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  1. Launching a VM through Hypserspin

    Glad your sorted
  2. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Thank you for the mention I dont do much but when I do I like to give it back to the community that has helped me so much
  3. Launching a VM through Hypserspin

    I never had that issue that I recall sorry!
  4. Launching a VM through Hypserspin

    Basically: I went into the machine menu in VBox and clicked on the create shortcut button. Then I right clicked on the new shortcut and copies the whole link out of the target box. Next open a txt editor and paste the file patch into the text editor and save it with a .bat extension to make it a BAT file. You can then link to that batch file through HS. I found that if you manually input the file location in the batch file it will now work, But if you copy it from the target box under preferences it does, But it is followed by a huge number which is what I presume made the difference. Hope that helps.
  5. Launching a VM through Hypserspin

    Never mind found another way around this
  6. Launching a VM through Hypserspin

    Hey everyone! I have recently managed to get Aliens Extermination working properly on my cab, Now I just need to get it to run through HS which is proving to be more hassle than I originally anticipated! It runs through virtual box so I created a shortcut (.ink file) to it so it could be launched without going through the virtual box GUI which works fine. But I can not get it to recognise it in Hyperspin when I create a new menu for it. Just tells me that the location does not exist. Any help appreciated, Cheers guys.
  7. starting a cabinet build (wall-mounted)

    Looking good. Sadly spinners Aint cheap but the 2 best ones I know of are the spin track and the one groovy game gear sells.
  8. starting a cabinet build (wall-mounted)

    Really cool idea. Be interested to see this one finished
  9. VEGAPIN - My Noob-Project

    Well no, but it is due very soon and hes running around like a blue ass fly sorting stuff out ready so woodwork is at the bottom of his list atm lol
  10. VEGAPIN - My Noob-Project

    Well tbh my bro in law is a carpenter so I would hire him to do the wood for me but hes just expecting his first kid so it will have to wait a while lol
  11. VEGAPIN - My Noob-Project

    Love the design! Looks ace I so want to build a VP but I just aint got the room to do the woodwork!
  12. (FALSE) HyperSpin Going Commercial?!?

    People will sell anything they can to make cash, Especially atm when times are hard for many. Maybe HS should have a activation/license key thing. It can still be but has to registered to a specific email address then you would know who is distributing it. If you asked for a small donation through Pay Pal it should be a real address.
  13. (FALSE) HyperSpin Going Commercial?!?

    Cant beat a bit of CYA eh? Very sad really how someone would do that.
  14. That makes more sense then! Think everything was covered there lol
  15. Allthough your idea is nice ime not sure if you realise the size of such a task. For example take just Sega M2. Of the Sega M2 games I know there are ports of House of the Dead, Virtua cop, Dead or Alive, Virtua fighter, Daytona and Dynamite cop. There are probably ports of most of the others as well but I couldnt say for sure without looking for them.