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  1. Hyperspin plays ONE mame game...then no more.

    You know, i've been over everything and i figured it was a corruption somewhere. Turns out i was right. I did a fresh install, to another dir, and it seemed to work it's self out.
  2. I've got the latest hyperspin. Did the standard install. Ran it. Then put the upgraded hyperspin in. All the settings are correct, the path, the mame 0.187 64bit), the extension (zip). When i load it, it will launch "1" game then it pretends like the rest aren't there. I even have the filter to only show the roms that are there. All the roms have been tested on Mame64 directly and Mala and play perfectly. Hyperspin just seems to be a confusion in it's self.
  3. immortalsoule