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  1. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Ha ha!!!!!!! I know but there are a few of us who have to use XP due to our monitors. I had an older version of sync running then they upgraded sync and and it stopped working until I downgraded back to my older version but now my old versions broke. I haven't tried hyperbase on it I'll probably just use my everyday computer to upgrade media and copy to my arcade. Again thanks for the time and effort you guys put in. First time I've been excited in along time on this site!!!
  2. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    This is looking great! Just a long shot question. Do you know if this will work with windows xp? It's the easiest OS for my original arcade monitor. Either way thanks for all the work you guys put into this.
  3. computer requirements question

    Not sure but I'm running an intel i2600k and it plays 99% of everything. The only game that has a slight skip is NFL blitz and that's very minor sometimes not at all.
  4. Hypersync cannot verify membership

    Does anyone know if the new hyper sync will work with xp? Thanks
  5. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    ??? I get the same thing along with having to download 1 file at a time with the arcade classics pack even though I'm platinum is really getting frustrating
  6. Signed in with wrong username

    I read last week someone else having the same issue. When I looked at my sign in name it was a different name? I had to sign out then sign back in under my name. Just thought somebody should be aware.
  7. Son of a... Street Fighter 5 won't work in a cab?

    Playing in a cab also but with a crt monitor. Does anyone know if 640x480 resolution is still supported?
  8. What happened to these forums?

    I agree. I still hop on once in a while to see what's going on but doesnt feel the same. Reall miss the days of Rain and the others who would constantly write stuff and help out others. Thanks to Giga and a few others that are keeping this going in the right direction.
  9. Hyperspin Help On Facebook

    So much negativity around here lately??
  10. Monitor question

    Ya looks real good on those systems. Yes I'm using a standard res 25 inch crt monitor
  11. Monitor question

    I have the arcade vga card on my 25 inch crt monitor. It looks awesome as far as resolution. The only thing you may want to consider is it doesn't run ps2 and gamecube very well.
  12. Hello from BadBoyBill

    Thank you BBB! Hyperspin has given me so much enjoyment! Merry Christmas Hyperspinners!!!!
  13. Out of curiosity, do you use the full hyperlist XML?

    I use brolly a XML in his folder on the FTP that gets rid of mahjong and casino games. I then use themes only which covers most popular games and makes my cab look awesome in mame. I'm sure I'm missing some good games but when new themes come out its like getting a new game.
  14. can you help me with snes9x?

  15. Mame 0.153

    Is the split set or merged set the way to go?