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  1. Tekken 7 PC/Steam Controls - FYI

    Tekken and Injustice 2 have issues with vJoy... as of the last couple updates for Windows 10, it seems like the devcon disable/enable isnt working everytime. I suspect that it's timing of the script or something.
  2. Injustice 2 PC/Steam - IPAC Support?

    No luck getting it to work yet....
  3. Injustice 2 PC/Steam - IPAC Support?

    I bought it... havent't had too much time to mess with getting controls working. Looks like it uses directinput and only single player works with keyboard. But not all of the default IPAC buttons are recognized.
  4. Anyone buy Injustice 2 for PC yet that can speak towards how the player controls are layed out? And is two player controlls with one keyboard possible - a la IPAC friendly? If not, any work arounds created using vjoy/ahk or anything else? I may buy it tonight and see what's up...
  5. xul

  6. Tekken 7 PC/Steam Controls - FYI

    I'm not having this issue. Have you tried disabling the vjoy driver in device manager? I saw that the game did not like this at all... once i disabled, everything was working well for me.
  7. Just wanted to give anyone a heads up on Tekken 7... I have an IPAC 4 and over the last couple years have battled a lot with customizations to get 2 players working from the same keyboard via my ipac configuration. Tekken 7 nails it. Couple items to note: 1. I had to do was configure player 2's controls first, then configure player 1 and then reconfigure player 2's, so that the keys were not used multiple times. 2. I used AHK to remap the ALT button for 'Y'. Really easy to do in Hyperspin/RL 3. I do use vJoy for Mortal Kombat XL and Tekken 7 does not like this. When vjoy is enabled in the device manager (windows 10), I won't get control access in the menu. To get around this, i'm using devcon.exe with a couple batch files to enable and disable. I have these batch files setup in my pclauncher module settings like this: disables vjoy, re-enables vjoy when i'm done. Everything else i have plays fine with vjoy (for now) [Tekken 7] Application= steam://rungameid/389730 AppWaitExe=Tekken 7.exe PreLaunch= D:\Tools\devcon\vjoy disable.bat PostExit= D:\Tools\devcon\vjoy enable.bat Namco actually has a utility when you start to map out 2 controllers via the keyboard. Bravo and more PC fighting games NEED to do this.
  8. I don't know if there is a better way but I configured all of my emulators and games via each individual emulator. They all have their quirks. Some, you want setup specifically to your liking. I have many hours involved with this... Part of the hobby. Open to learning about cool tools that may make this easier.
  9. So this issue also exists with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter 5. I have never been able to get XboxCE to work even with using vjoy first. There seems to be a group of us out in the world who have keyboard encoders (IPAC2 (old), IPAC4) that need a keyboard to xinput converter. I would contribute $100 for this, sigh.... Or, rebuild my cab with an IPAC that supports xinput output... and then reconfigure EVERYTHING else. Open to ideas, suggestions, etc
  10. Okay, I've learned that AHK works better if you let it auto-configure the keys - everything works if i let AHK discover and build out. I have an Ipac with 8 buttons, so some of these cancel out used keys so that player 2 wont interfere with player 1. I've got it working and if i save someone the hours i've spend - here ya go: #MaxHotKeysPerInterval 200 1::Enter 5::Space Up::W Down::S Left::A Right: Lcontrol::U Lalt::I Space: LShift::J 2::Numpadadd a::Numpad4 s::Numpad5 q::Numpad6 w::Numpad1 i::Numpad2 k::Numpad3 r::Up f::Down d::Left g::Right z::k x::l 6::Numpad0 j::Numpad7 l::Numpad8
  11. Here's what i've got and player1 works. Player2 does not: #MaxHotKeysPerInterval 200 Z::K X::L 1::Enter 5::Space Up::W Down::S Left::A Right: Lcontrol::U Lalt::I Space: LShift::J 2::Numpadadd R::Up F::Down D::Left G::Right A::Numpad4 S::Numpad5 Q::Numpad6 W::Numpad1 I::Numpad2 K::Numpad3
  12. Ok, so I got some of the remapping working. Can you post your AHK config? I have a standard ipac layout. I've got player1 working fine but when I setup player 2, it is using some of player1 controls and it doesnt seem right. One thing i've noticed is that the AHK is kind of finicky.... where I had to past Medium kick and hard kick buttons at the top of the AHK lines... i just happened to move them up because I wasnt getting any response... I'm wondering if that's why my player 2 isnt working right. Any suggestions? Appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for this thread everyone. I've got it all setup and working except for 2 player controls. I've got this running on via my cab that has an IPAC, so I need 2 player controls working via a keyboard. I tried setting up AHK as described but when I set it up, it doesnt work. Are you using AHK internal or external. Mine was set to false but when I change and try to setup via internal, it seems to cancel my buttons out. EG) I just setup enter to be the '1' key to try it out and I couldnt get that to work.... I use vjoy for MKX... xboxce for SF4... Is their another method people have had success with as my AHK seems to not be working correctly...I dont know why...
  14. Yes, two wireless xbox360 controllers. I had to also setup xpadder for windows 7 compatibility mode. I found this, which did the trick: Now, about this exe - is windows defender just seeing this as a false positive? Much appreciated.
  15. Just upgraded my cab PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This PC is used for all emulation and I have a dolphin bar and xpadder with xbox360 controllers. The upgrade has been relatively smooth and it was something I put off for about 9 months. I wish I did it sooner as I think the whole system is more stable. Really, I just had to do a trick to get the xbox360 controllers fixed in device manager and I had to re-sync my wii motes via bluetooth. My other pc games needed to be re-auto configured and then they were fine. I tried to download this fix/exe file and I keep getting Windows defender trojan horse issues... Specifically: Trojan:Win32/Rundas!plock Is this a false positive?!?