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  1. Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    Starts a few years old, goes to present day. Long but very well worth the read. Interesting to see the evolution in thought.
  2. Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    Heck, in this thread: http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45026 which has some great settings in it, one person even wrote a script to auto-generate per game and per platform ini settings. Primarily to deal with different gammas in the original games.
  3. I have my Aimtraks hanging on hooks on the side of my control panel when not in use. I've noticed that occasionally even though they're pointing at the floor they sometimes cause interference with the mouse pointer and when I'm using a trackball, especially in Windows, it pops to the upper left corner. I can imagine this could also potentially impact trackball or analog joystick games. Is there a way to programatically disable and enable the aimtraks through Hyperlaunch so that they're essentially turned off or ignored so that I can configure them to only be "on" for gun games?
  4. Should I bother to compile MAME 0.149?

    The big interesting thing that people have been playing with in 149 (although just the basic binary isn't working for me at all) is new HLSL effects for vector graphics that are supposed to give much nicer bloom for a more authentic look.