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  1. Hi RetroKenesis

    all your work is amazing im just wondering if you have a done a full set of 2d genesis carts.

    kind regards danny

  2. love your work mate keep it up your terrific

  3. Nintendo Famicom 3D Box Pack

    Magical! Thanks!
  4. Retro Overlays by RetroKenesis

    Retro Overlays by RetroKenesis View File 16 custom overlays for retro consoles and handhelds. Submitter RetroKenesis Submitted 05/31/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  5. Console Overlays/Bezels

    Here is an update to my NES overlay showing Contra some love! I've also updated my famicom overlay in the post above. I'm going to upload my updated pack within the hour with a total of 16 overlays. I started this project with only 1080p in mind but, I've now added 720p support! There will also be all the config files packed as well if you need them for use with RetroArch. Make sure to read the read me first, this way I don't have to explain everything here. I've uploaded them to the Themes 16-9 Section. That's the only suitable place I could think of upping them. Admins, if you need to move them, feel free to do so. Thanks for your time.
  6. Console Overlays/Bezels

    Just got finished playing with this and now...time to sleep! Still want to add a few things to the shelf but for now....this is the prototype. Super Famicom
  7. Sega Mega Drive Japan Project

    I would pretty much dub it as done. Carts as well as cases. I've uploaded the carts and updated the case set. Go get grab it when you want!
  8. Sega Mega Drive Japan Carts by RetroKenesis View File Carts for Unlicensed, Proto, and Exclusive games for the Sega Mega Drive Japan Submitter RetroKenesis Submitted 05/28/2017 Category Cart Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  9. Handheld Overlays

    Thanks alot!
  10. Console Overlays/Bezels

    Sorry for the long wait, here are some new additions! Also, I fixed the images that were down on the previous page and added the newest versions to them. TurboGrafx-CD Sega CD
  11. Handheld Overlays

    been very busy as of late with work but here are some updates as to what i've been working on. Here is the final version of my gameboy original overlay and possibly the finished version of my gameboy color one.
  12. Console Overlays/Bezels

    Thanks alot! That means alot! Im very busy nowadays but, slowly i am working on new ones!
  13. Handheld Overlays

    Thanx will do! I will post new ones and new versions of old ones upon completion
  14. Handheld Overlays

    Hey guys. Been a little bit since i posted any of my projects. I originally started this overlay project for consoles only but, decided this week i would like to do portable as well. Here's a look at the beta version of my Gameboy overlay. thanks for your time.
  15. LOVE the NES 3D pack!  Could you make one for SMB2 Lost Levels?