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  1. PC or Raspberry Pi B?

    RPi 2 with Recalbox is immense for console emulation and ok for arcade. It's easy enough to make a nice pimpy theme for EmulationStation and it does a good job of displaying media for each of the games, but it'll never be as attractive as Hyperspin.
  2. And yet another NES-PC :)

    CD drawer is genius...nice work dude
  3. Version 20150914


    Rename to "Nintendo Game Boy Color" and put in main menu themes directory
  4. Hyperspin and STEAM inhome Streaming

    Thanks man, top info. What are you using for a controller? I just bought a bluetooth dongle to get a PS3 controller going on this project but haven't gotten around to installing it yet. And what was your experience with the Steam version of this with proper full fat games, something like one of the recentish FPSs (for when I want to stop pretending it's 1980something)
  5. Hyperspin and STEAM inhome Streaming

    What's important here? The speed of the network over the power of the PC? Or is streaming CPU intensive too? And what's the lag like? Just been reading about Limelight and Emulation Station to start using my RPi2 better and this is all dead interesting. The collective internet thinking seems to be that it can be laggy with Limelight on some games.
  6. Version 1.1


    Congo Bongo for MAME
  7. Version


    POW theme, MAME
  8. Version


    Port Man / Dock Man theme for MAME
  9. Version 20140821


    B.C. Kid / Bonk's Adventure - bonkadv (MAME)
  10. B.C. Kid - bonkadv (MAME)

    Version 20140821


    Bonks Adventure alternative title
  11. Version 13042015


    MAME GTI Club Theme
  12. CP-1 Custom Space Sim Seat

    Love this build, keep at it!
  13. Version 20150627


    MAME Blood Bros
  14. Has anyone here given up?

    Been building stuff for the last 10 years. Have given up many times. Always come back, and like others, have ditched a project when it's not going well. Right now I'm half way through a Naomi total rebuild, plus I have another in the garage. And I've finished a small arcade stick to a high standard. Would love a pinball, but I'm not going there...
  15. Version 20101226


    Super Street Fighter II Turbo (World 940223) - ssf2t (CP System II) Video Snap available at EmuMovies