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  1. Ultimate SNES (2.0)

    Yes, you indeed saved me a lot of time. Thanks for this awesome set.
  2. Atari ST

    HS itself does not rely on CRCs but it does make it monumentally easier to manage sets. Especially when theres 4000+ games in a single database. And like you said, for verification.
  3. Atari ST

    Has anyone been able to get a full CRC matched set with the official database? Ive run several "Complete" sets from various sources including the gamebaseST against this DB and about 700+ still remain unresolved... Thanks
  4. Help on Illuminated Buttons Please

    I did make a mod for that for the current U360 if anyone has interest in it. It works quite well when done right.... http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,132356.0.html Although, I am curious to see Andys model. I dont talk to him much personally. Does he have a thread on it?
  5. Ultrastik 360 rotary is here

    I finally posted some semi thorough documentation on this if anyone is interested. UltraStik 360 + RGB LED + Topfire + Rotary Mod
  6. Ultrastik 360 rotary is here

    Im not sure if this was still in development but my latest abomination has got 2 ULTRASTIK360s+TOPFIRE+LED+ROTARY!!!!!!!!!!! Youtube~~~~~~~~~watch?v=2cYB5DOP5E4
  7. Hi, pm bent98 , he will hook u up.

  8. Hi Bill,

    I seemed to have misplaced my FTP access info. I cant find it in a message or email or anything. Would you mind checking that out for me when you get the chance? Thanks


  9. Hi there... Im Golden now. May I have an FTP account? Thanks.