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  1. Sega Ring

  2. Help me name my cab!

    Bust-A-Fighter or Super Bust-A-Fighter Turbo
  3. mess bios retro arch problem

    Just wanted throw this out.. I've fully tested several builds and all do not boot mess arghhh So... I tested zero's and found out that the core he is using is the reason to why it works yeahh!! I threw the core he has into my other builds and can confirm that all is working as it should, seems that there are a few options missing in the latest mess 2014 core build so no matter what core option config file say it will not happen! Thanks zero for finding this!
  4. bezel setup with american laser games

    Bezels look amazing with laserdisc based games epecially with an overlay for low-res games!
  5. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    I wish you all the best my friend looking pretty freaking sweet so far ;-)
  6. Update to my Hyperspin Cabinet

    Yeah I have just a quick run through and the parts you use that will do me fine thank you again sir
  7. Update to my Hyperspin Cabinet

    If you ever have the time can you PM me on intergration of ps3 etc please I would love to build a cab also this way thankyou kind sir
  8. Still there is no chat what a bitch :-(