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  1. cowboy


    Hi Guys Been away for a few days, like to say thanks for the advice. Also been thinking HLSL runs through MAME and BEZELS runs through HyperLaunch/RocketLaunch Do you think refresh rate between both differs causing sound sync problems i.e one causing the other ones problems. Cowboy

    Hi Thanks for the reply Griffin, not sure what you mean do they compress the game display size? the bezel im using is 1600x1200 the same as my internal resolution and Mame, i'm running version .170 Mame tried turning setting on/off in hyperlaunchHQ/Bezels tab, also mame ini to no avail.I could live with it but it keeps niggling at me.Could try lowering resolution on the bezel. Also some games work alright seems to be Neo Geo or year 1990+ My rig is , i5 5th gen 270x 4gb Graphics 8gb ram not to shabby to run this surely,what you think. Cowboy

    Hi All Got HLSL working just how I want thanks to these forums , however I thought if I could put a bezel in the form of a screen edge to look authentic for horizontal and vertical Games using the Hyperlaunch/Bezels/Mame/Game Name method. All works fine except the sound staggers during game play in some games, seems as if the bezel is causing the problem. If Bezel is removed for a certain games all works fine. Anyone else experienced this as I really like the look on an LCD screen. Thanks cowboy Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk 2
  5. HS1.4 game video: mp4 video - audio yes, video no

    Hi Guys Hyperspin 1.3 Does do MP4 BUT you have to use the right video codec I think you have to use AVH(H264) MP4 codec to show the video Fully.Had this problem creating theme's with video in.Dont use MPEG4 codec else video won't show only sound. Program i use is FormatFactory. Hope This Helps
  6. Trying to launch PC Games

    Hi All I have seen Giga's guide on setting this up,the problem i have is PCLauncher is in red not green on the Hyperlaunch HQ so cannot link the exe's to the games individually im getting a message error pop up - Instance Validation error"ProcessName" is not a valid value for INISHEMAINIFILESECTIONKEYTYPE. No idea. Im using Hyperspin v,HyperLaunch v,HyperLaunch HQ v Do need to update to RocketLauncher for latest Modules e.c.t to get PC Games to work. Thanks Cowboy
  7. Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    First off everybody has different tastes e.t.c and is my opinion HYPERSPIN is the Best and i'll tell you why [1] Community and members = (second to none) [2] Best supported = (second to none) [3] Best looking = (second to none) [4] Help and advice = (second to none) [5] Artwork + videos = (second to none) [6] Features = (packed) Say no more.
  8. PC Games that Work in a CAB

    Tonycrew How did you launch and exit mkx Thanks. Cowboy Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk 2
  9. You can always mod the lead to the dolphin bar,put your own push/switch mounted on cabinet.just come of the earth wire and run it in line.Job done COWBOY
  10. Button Problems

    I think you have the switch the wrong way up and round. COWBOY
  11. Thanks JoeC3109 Possibly they could put a mode 5 on Dolphin bar for Bluetooth functionality ON/OFF and explain what systems work with which mode, with lettering. COWBOY
  12. SK Jukebox (Help Needed)

    Thanks rexryan got SK Jukebox going
  13. SK Jukebox (Help Needed)

    Have not tried any other jukeboxes, as this plays music videos, Thanks rexryan I'll try that when I get in