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  1. Version 20110210


    I have a PAL "Genesis" from England, the "MEGA DRIVE" so i made a theme for it
  2. Sega Genesis - Main Menu (4:3)

    Version 20110517


    Genesis Version thx
  3. Scale Gameboy arcade

    I don't understand? If you have HS and play HD GB games you don't need this?
  4. Scale Gameboy arcade

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know, we haven't abandoned this project. You wouldn't believe the number of emails and msgs we get on this thing from all over the world.....Lots of eyes are watching this build, so we want to get it right. The main reason we haven't progressed much on this build is because of the video output issue. This project is now our only project at the moment.... Hopefully 2015 will be a good year ..................... oh and i think a door just opened for us
  5. Bartop started!

    Sorry for being a lurker lately. We've started to catch-up with our projects now that RL is giving us some free time! We managed to get our Bartop build completed and we intend to give our Gameboy build some serious attention now! Keep up the Great work guys/gals. Our site blog Bartop pics for those interested;
  6. you do not have permission to view this..... on wheel art thread.

    Yeah not too bad......had lots going on in life recently....parents having organ transplants....loss of a family pet ......and also two more Kids! thats three we have now!....how's you?
  7. Hi guys, I've been away for a while as i had to catch up with things. Today i fired up the arcade after it's long sleep..... ran hypersync and it updated quite a few "gameboy wheel art" pieces. thought i'd have a quite look at the wheel art thread i could see it currently being worked on. However the forum doesn't display any images...just links, almost like i'm not logged in. If i click a link i get this; i get the same thing on media, themes and boxart. I had a quick search and could find anything. Looks like the forum has changed quite a lot since my last visit. not sure if permissions have changed etc. Hi to all the old timers...and hello to guys and girls i haven't had the pleasure to chat to yet. Cheers
  8. Bartop started!

  9. Scale Gameboy arcade

    The Gameboy Hacks have started As mentioned before. Mike over at www.fpgaarcade.com is helping us make our Gameboy project a reality. He sent use a picture today that got our attention! here’s what he had to say; I’ve attached the victim to a Replay board and captured the video signal. The picture below is a bit fuzzy, but I had to add small resistors to protect the FPGA from the 5V signals. The next step is probably to remove the gameboy crystal and send a clock over from the Replay PLL. This will allow me to lock the VGA and the gameboy video together to avoid any tearing.
  10. hyperspin 1.3.1 horizontal wheel bug

    Yep as above..... i think the issue is fixed in the next release. Not sure when that is though.
  11. Bartop started!

    We've been some what distracted with the Gameboy build....however.....we have decided to get the bartop sorted!
  12. Scale Gameboy arcade

    The Gameboy VGA struggle As some of the Gameboy project followers are aware. One of our main concerns was how to output the Gameboy’s screen to a VGA monitor. This has given us a major headache, as we simply having no idea (at all) how to do this. We searched the internet hi and low and found nothing but “dead-end” projects. We finally stumbled across this gem of a site; http://www.fpgaarcade.com/ The owner of the site (AKA Mike), is in the progress of developing and manufacturing a FPGA board designed specifically for the gaming/Arcade community. The “Replay” board...............CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE
  13. Scale Gameboy arcade

    Added headphones and power sockets:
  14. Scale Gameboy arcade

    Not sure & not sure just yet.
  15. Scale Gameboy arcade

    Pah......... functional buttons, with the option to use a NES pad.