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  1. Add 'quit confirmation' to a single Mame game?

    Try allocating the escape key to something else so you can't catch it accidentally. You can have escape mapped to two buttons, such as start and select on a pad (so a single button press won't exit). hellsing
  2. How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    Hi, Fusion works fine. You will need the following file in the bios folder - SegaCD BIOS V2.00 (U) - you'll have to find that yourself. You then have to go into "set config" - select SEGA CD then add the location for the bios file. Make sure you have unzipped the game file. You should have 2 files. eg. Sonic CD.bin Sonic CD.cue Open the cue file in notepad and make sure the filename at the top matches. If not edit it. Open HyperHQ and in the file extensions part simply add cue. hellsing
  3. Adding Multi Disk Games ie. (Amiga, PSX etc.)

    Firstly try and find the games on other systems - Genesis / SNES / MAME / NES / SEGA CD / PC Engine. Gods, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine and Flashback are on the Genesis. Secondly in the database xml file I would point it to the first file to load - eg disk 1 - enter "Gods_Disk1" as the first entry It will run the game from the first disk. After that you will have to find a a way to switch disks. GOOD LUCK! I gave up on Amiga due to this issue. If your using a PC, not a cabinet, its much easier to just run Winuae when you want to play the games. Try looking at the CD32 as most amiga games are being ported to that system and they do away with multiloads. hellsing
  4. Only using Hyperspin for MAME from now on so I will not be doing anymore themes for any other systems. I also have all the MAME themes I need so Mickey Mania will be my final theme.

  5. Recommended PC Games With Simple Gamepad controls?

    Ghosts 'n Demons Sonic Time Twisted Knightmare Remake Thrust Xtreme
  6. Taking an extended break so no more themes for a while.


  7. Upload 4 themes - Perfect Dark, Mario Kart 64, Conkers and Mortal Combat for the N64 - NONE of these are my themes and I don't know the original authors.

  8. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Thanks for the mention. hellsing001
  9. Hagane the final encounter (SNES)

    Can't seem to be able to download your themes...????
  10. Trying to produce the themes which are missing.