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  1. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Why does my anti-virus (It's Microsoft Essentials since I don't surf porn or stupid sites on my PC) Go ape shit and deletes the Hyperspin.exe and icon shortcut every time I reboot?
  2. How are Windows 10 and your Hyperspin setup getting along?

    I've had windows 10 since the update release, I've had no problems running anything with HS, the only issue I have is in HQ when selecting a path for ROMS and VIDEOS the window to select the folder gets buggie and shuts down HQ if I'm fast enough I can select the folder and be done with it but it takes a few tries, other than that everything in HS/RL/HQ works fine for me.
  3. Hyperspin MAME upgrade?

    Any upgrade to mame prior to 162 is worth upgrading to... 162 has the integration of mess/mame if you don't care about older consoles like Atari, segas being added I would say upgrade to at least 160, a good round number. For me I'm updated completely as it's more of an obsession to have the latest which is .166... Do I used all of what it offers no, but like I said it's being complete. or OCD one of the two.
  4. Snapshot and Marquee Issue

    I used "hyper helper" for my cabinet setup with a second monitor up top for marquees, it was a lot easier to set up than Hyper Marquee, since I spent hours with HM only to delete it all in frustration since the videos posted were so vague and no REAL tutorial has been made showing paths and step by step setup. If you're only going to use it to display marquees, Hyper Helper is the better way to go. Plus it displays wheel art for the other system by using the "wheel" artwork when cycling thru games.
  5. What does your HyperSpin user name mean?

    Gothicplsur = Well Let's See, "Goth" Came From When I Used To DJ For A Local Radio Station I Always Wore Black, When I Got Hired On I Had A Mohawk (shaved head on the sides) So The Other DJs Picked The Name For Me As My "Radio Name". On Fridays and certain nights I would be at the local nightclubs hosting "hot body" contests, wet T-shirt contests, and promoting the radio station. When you're in radio, you're kind of like a local celebrity and I got to be very well known on the local club scene and well when you're on the radio women throw themselves at you (tough job I know) and the girls coined the phrase give me some of that "Gothic Pleasure" therefore it was set in stone. Hey, You asked. LoL
  6. Going from 16:9 to 4:3 for cab

    27 inch CRT... couldn't be more happier...
  7. can you install hyperspin on an offline computer ?

    My stand up arcade machine got everything transferred to it and it's not connected to the internet... So yes!
  8. XML to DAT

    Any Help On This...!??
  9. XML to DAT

    Hey Gang, I have a question hopefully someone can help me out. I used Don's Hypertools (awesome program) to create an XML of my MAME roms and took out genres I didn't want eg. mahjong, puzzle, clones etc. So now I have the XML. I've backed up all of my MAME ROMS, and my question is, How do I make a DAT file to remove all of the ROMS from the folder that are NOT included in the XML now, and use ClrMamePro to scan out the non-needed ROMS? If this has been answered before please direct me to the forum post or an answer would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Connecting to coinbox hyperspin?!

    I will show you in a video how I set mine up, I took apart a USB game controller (shown in another video on my channel) and then attached wires from the coin return switches to the buttons of the USB controller, if I want to add actual coin mechs. I could switch the wires to the drop coin switches.
  11. Would This Be Possible...

    I'm doing research for building a Hyperpin cabinet soon and was wondering after seeing threads here of actually DMD boards used instead of a 3rd LCD monitor to display the DMD, and finding this to make things look even more awesome would be a color DMD, any thoughts on if this would work for VP or FP in my build...?!?
  12. Metalliball-46/32/dmd

    Anything After The "Black" Album Would Be A Waste Of Ink On Paper In My Opinion... But Kool Idea, Good Luck With This Project...
  13. Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Comments From the Peanut Gallery... Haha...!!!
  14. Pinball Cabinet Terminology

    Speaking Of "Lock Down Bar" And The Mechanism... I'm Curious (don't kill me) How It's Mounted On The Cabinet Wood... Anyone With Examples Or Pictures...?!?
  15. VPcabs tearing it up at Pinfest 2013

    What's The Thought On TRUE Pins Vs. VPs... Are There Hardcore Pin People Out There That Don't Believe In A "Virtual" Cab And Think it's Blasphemy, Or Is It An Accepted Avenue Of "Hey, I Get To Play My Fav Pin All Over Again" Jus A Thought... I Think VP Is Awesome, And I'd Like To Venture That Way One Day With A Build...