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  1. As far as the other 2 I recommend using the standalone apk for 3do....its a paid app but we'll worth it...the developer also of that emulator does the Atari jaguar one also , so worth looking into...u may need a bios which u can get anywhere nowadays and in the options u will see a tab that maybe says bios location and just map it out correctly....now as far as mo2....as far as I know the retroarch core doesn't seem to play nice with the controls....so in this case your only option will be mame/mess/ume cores....BUT since this is android and we always gotta work alil harder all roms must be named according to the softlist names....so u will need to open the xml and rename all media and roms according to that....now for future retroarch reference, all bios for all systems must go in the "system" folder...and u must make sure u go into retroarch settings then directory and the 1st option which should say settings folder or bios folder must be pointing to that "system" folder...there are a few exemptions to that rule like sharp x68000 where the bios must 1st go in a folder named keropi then that folder in the system folder...also for neo geo I recommend the fba core
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I'm curious how is everyone setting up the controls on the uae files for amiga....yesterday I looked at the Amiga wheel to see how much work needs to be done to make it look nice and presentable...i booted street fighter 2 but couldn't press start as there was no start button set ..when I looked at the uae (basically used the files from the Amiga pi group) the controller is only up,down,left,right and button A and button B....some games can load and play with that button mapping but others cant
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I'm using uae4arm....ecs and aga both launch for me...when I 1st started i used the whdload games....but my set was an older version ...i never checked to see what improvements if any between my old set and the newer set.. the reason why I kept my older set was because I liked the artwork better ...the boxart was thicker and i think taller than the updated set which seemed a bit more narrow...i could have probably batched the resize of the newer set but I honestly didn't want to do the whole unzipping and renaming of whdload folders again...lol
  4. Toaplan

    It's definitely ur theme....scroll slowly and remember the last theme wheel that worked....plug the drive in ur cpu and check the theme after the last working one that u wrote down....if it has alot of swf files u may need to extract the swf and convert to png ...you will most likely loose some of the animation but that's better than removing the game in general....also make sure that the theme files are directly zipped ...by that I mean that some themes I found in my setup were in a folder then zipped....that poses and problem for Android ...the last thing to check for is to make sure that if u don't have a specific game theme at least make sure u have a default theme...so to summarize, make sure the theme is not entirely swf, make sure the theme is not zipped in a folder, and lastly if no game theme is present, make sure u have a default theme
  5. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    As far as naming it ain't too bad...lolz....when I 1st started on amiga I literally renamed all my Amiga roms after unzipping them....took about a week to complete ..lmao....but the good thing was that the names all had things like ecs,aga,cd32,cdtv, and prototypes in it....that made separating them really easy as all I had 2 do was search for esc then cut and paste all roms with ecs in the name......i then made a batch script for uae files with about 200 lines in the batch give or take...that made it possible for me to make over 2000 uae files in 5 minutes.....that left me with time to concentrate on fixing wheels and art but then I stopped and moved on to doing other projects....i need to try 2 find all my files because I recently reformatted my laptop and didn't back anything up...hopefully I kept records and copies of everything on one of my drives....i have a few drives for storage between me and my wife so I'm hoping 1 of them has at least my batch script for uae files....the unzipping and renaming is the hardest part not too bad
  6. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Is there a difference from the version we got a while back ?...i am already able to launch Amiga games but haven't started on cd32 as of yet...still working on super famicom with 200 boxes to go out of 560....making art is excruciating...smh
  7. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    So someone successfully launched cd32 from the wheel finally?....i still haven't started on cd32 yet...currently changing my game plan and going thru each wheel 1by1 making sure everything is good....currently working on super famicom and that project will take about a week 2 complete...basically making 3d boxart for the games to fill up empty space on the right of the default theme....after that I am getting motivated to start back up on amiga
  8. pinball

    Ok...as u know I cannot talk about roms here as I do not want to be kicked out or blacklisted.....all I can say is for Android these are regular pinball apks....as far as apks go u will still need an ini file but it doesn't need a parameter or a exe launch command.... again I'm not trying to be a dick but we cannot talk about roms or link any roms or Rom sites or we all suffer the consequences....i don't make the rules but I have to follow them
  9. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    As far as Amiga goes on android u CANNOT load a zipped game....the problem is, everything is named according to the zip file name...now once u extract a game u will realize the whdload folder containing all game info is named totally different from the zip folder itself.....so at this point ur only left with the option more or less to extract and rename all ur roms ...trust me it sounds crazy but it's very much doable.....another issue which I've put on hold is that not all games will have the same screen size....if u look at the uae cfg, for the hight u may have something like 240 or so.....that may be good for a game like dkong but for rtype u can go 1 setting larger.....amiga is one of the hardest systems 2 setup for Android with no easy trick or nuttin....ive started Amiga but then jumped on other projects (my problem is never being able to complete a project b4 I start another one...smh)....im now in the stages of learning Photoshop because I enjoy doing wheel art or boxart.....this video is old but as u can see, it shows how Amiga works and how the bootloader works....the small time it takes to load only happens when u load a game for the 1st time...afterwards it should load immediately
  10. pinball

  11. Msx wheel art

    I don't think anyone has a full wheel set unless it's a generic 1
  12. Hyperspin Android Setup Progress

    Will be uploading videos regarding Hyperspin Android and the playable systems allowed on the Android Platform...like or subscribe or go ahead and give it a thumbs down...lmao
  13. Does Anyone Have Sord M5 Working w/ MESS?

    For all old mess systems u need to hit the scroll lock button to enable the tab...then u can remap the controls on a per system basis
  14. sanchezmike01