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Found 44 results

  1. Android (Unofficial Database) View File Android it has 384 games Submitter IceLancer Submitted 01/17/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits IceLancer  
  2. This is the start of the WIP guide and Amiga Project thread DONT REPLY TO THIS THREAD REPLY TO THIS ONE(clicky) Database taken from this thread post More to follow
  3. RetroArch CHD suppprt

    The Libretro devs just enabled the CHD support for the SuperGrafx and PC-Engine cores on android. Update your cores with Online Updater. Personally I have not converted my games or have any PC-Engine CD games but its a good addition anyway. I hear that audio sync and quality can be an issue
  4. OpenBOR

    This will be the home for OpenBOR discussion . It will be my side project and next wheel. i did have a little play a while back but @Honosuseri inspired me to start again fresh. posted over at the official forum to see if the issues are likely to get some time from the devs http://www.chronocrash.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0 Current Issues Written below but better explained in this video. 1. Launching "direct to game" from Hyperspin (HS) wheel only supports 1 .pak file in the "PAK" games folder. When you have more than 1 game (.pak) in the "PAK" folder you will arrive at the OpenBOR game select list when launching any game from the HS wheel, then reselect the game you want to launch. 2. Controls are not intuitive and the touchscreen overlay is needed for things like exit. (Controlled by right thumb stick cursor) 3. Player 2 controls on Shield TV are not recognised as a seperate controller. Therefore broken (needs more testing) May require 3rd party app to reprogram buttons as keyboard keys. See this tasker profile by @BiZzAr721for changing keyboard see thread linked lower down for more details OpenBOR_Keyboard_Select.prf.xml Setup Details Grab up to date apk's from here https://github.com/DCurrent/openbor/releases/tag/v4583 Extract the release build and get the debug-apk from the Android folder. Games They all (I think) come as a .pak file and for now should be located on the default an local storage OpenBOR PAK folder. Below are the details for your Hyperspin OpenBOR.ini settings file ……............................................................... rompath=/storage/emulated/0/OpenBOR/Paks exe=org.openbor.engine/org.libsdl.app.SDLActivity romextension=pak,PAK .................................................................... Another thread with tasker info from @BiZzAr721 and @badhemi i will edit this post with setup details as and when I have time. Chip in to get us started as my time is very limited until my wreck of a house is sorted 😀
  5. Anyone got one? im not feeling the common red BG one as it reloads. looking for a static cab one with just the video changing Edit: Was looking for a default theme. Ended up merging a couple together and uploaded a pack a few posts down
  6. Hi Guys, I have a Hyperspin set up on windows for my cab but Ive just set up on my Shield (Android version) and its working great. I was wondering though can I just copy over the database, Settings, Media Files, Roms etc... from my Windows version to Android?
  7. I have already got Hyperspin all set up on my pc running into my arcade cab (so got files, artwork, roms etc..) can I easily move this over to my android box (Being Nvidia Shield) or are the systems (windows - Android) totally different set ups?
  8. Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    uoYabause has been replaced by Yaba Sanshiro on Android. This is a very good Sega Saturn EMU with excellent compatibility. If you still have uoYabause as your EMU in your Hyperspin cfg you'll notice it no longer runs. http://www.uoyabause.org/blogs/46
  9. From the same author of Real3DOPlayer Fastest and most compatible Jaguar emulator I've seen. Not bad for an initial release.... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar&rdid=ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar Nearly all games run well on my Shield... See the compatibility matrix: http://www.arts-union.ru/node/66 It's $9 but worth it. There is no launch-intent yet, he's aware we want the feature and has said he'll try to add it in the future.
  10. Here is how I did it (Im not claiming its the optimal way, but ut works Situation: You have a big MAME wheel in Hyperspin Android with 1000s of games (with all your media & video set up in the right folders), and since neither Favourites nor Genres work you need a way to either: A) break the big MAME wheel into multiple smaller MAME wheels, e.g. by genre or, B.) You have a subset, such as I did, e.g. with your "top 500" MAME games or whatever, that you want to put in a separate wheel Complication: You wanna do this without manually moving about roms and media files to match the new multiple MAME-wheel situation Solution (at least one way, dont know if it´s the best, like I said im basically a HS noob): I will describe Situation B, which is what I ended up doing for my own system I wanted to create a MAME wheel with roughly max 1000 of the "best" MAME games. Go ahead and create your "Best of MAME"-wheel in your normal RLUI routine, to create the right folders etc. I started with a txt file, that I downloaded from here: (credit to Progetto-SNAPS). It contains nearly all MAME games, rated (im fine with someone else´s opinion on whats good:)). I chose to include all games rated "good" or better... The txt file did not contain the full filename of the roms, they are missing ".zip", so I copied over to excel and added it (=concatenate is the function to use...). Complete filepath is not needed, just the complete filename. Save your txt as "list.txt" (so next step´s script will find it) Download a software called "Autoit", create a Autoit script file and copy paste the code that is described here (see the step-by-step there and follow it through, no changes needed) The above link also gives step by step what to do (put your script in your big MAME rom folder, execute it etc.) Now you have the right roms for your "Best of MAME"-wheel (or your MAME GENRE X-wheel, if thats what youre after) in your new MAME rom folder. Now on to the media: Get a tool called "Hyperspin Rom & Media Manager". I think its nowadays called "HyperChecker", and that mine might be an older version, but not sure In this tool, after you put in some basic settings like your HS path etc in "HyperSpin System settings" and "Program settings" tabs, you choose your new system "Best of MAME", do a "Check", and you should see it finds your roms but no media. Here you can also easily create your HS database xml "Crop XML to only found games" Click the "Check missing roms or media in another folder" button, and work through one media folder at a time. It works for images, sounds as well as themes and video (all the time pointing to your big MAME-wheel media folders). The function will copy (not move) the media corresponding to your new rom list into the right "Best of MAME" media folders. Very easy! Thats it! You now have your intended roms & media copied to new Best of MAME-system. Finalize by adding e.g. Main Menu images for your new Best of MAME wheel, update the Main Menu Android database etc., to make sure it shows up well. Let me know if more detail is needed! If you want to instead to scenario A, e.g. a "MAME Bowling Games"-wheel, you do the exact same thing. Only difference is you need a way to create a txt file with all MAME Bowling roms in it (one filename per line, no delimiters). Looks like EyMannMachHin's script here can do just that for you! (you start with a Genre MAME xml which are readily available) Over and out, lovebus5
  11. Thatmans Blog

    Thought I would start putting out some @Avar inspired content. Its late here so no links. Just a little rundown of what I have been up to and whats going on in my Hyperspin Android, general Android and general emulation worlds. @agent47 helped me out with some batch scripts a while back and I improved on them (well thats debatable) 2. Commodore Amiga is getting some major love for Android setup. Watch this thread for updates3. New Discord chat group channel created for all things Android. PM me for the details. (post coming soon) TOP SECRET Possible chance of a very Minor HS Android bug fix update. Don't get excited....(but i am anyway.....God im a gimp) Peace Out A town zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. MAME software list and HyperSpin

    I thought I should leave another message here on the Android board, too. Even though the CMD method from @thatman84 does sort of work for me (it does for my Atari 5200 setup, but breaks again on the Bally Astrocade), the MAME Software list method works 100% of the time for me. So I came up with a little Windows Powershell Script (after only learning about it this week) that will read a MAME software list and a HyperSpin database and convert the game names it finds in them to MAME software list names, so you can use the ROMs with those names. It only does matching by CRC so it will possibly leave a few unchanged (actually A7800 doesn't match at all with the HyperSpin database, but RetroArch comes with it's own core for A7800 ) but it will give you a start without having to manually convert them all. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/13773-swlists-hs-convertps1/
  13. Top features Poll

    I love hyperspin Android and been using it for sometime now. Everything else can be worked around without much hassle but there's a couple of issues that really impact the browsing experience for me. 1. Launching multiple emulators in one wheel is my top one i dream of adding collections 2. Next is some way to have a favourites list without duplicating all my media 3. The holy grail is fixing the libretro intent so we can customise the CONFIGFILE path per system wheel
  14. Been a bit quiet last few months Who's still around here?
  15. WOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!! I just loaded an Atari 5200 game with MAME (Arcade) RA core from Hyperspin that is named as per the official Hyperspin xml. NOT using software lists or hash files. In a rom folder named Atari 5200. BUT its 11pm and I got work at 6am so gotta sleep. Its not all good news as this method requires a bunch of text files to be created. I expect someone will come up with a little script easy enough for that. Until I have tested more it could be nothing but I dont think it is.
  16. I made this last night. May help someone. It's the 1st things I do when setting up retroarch after install. then I do this to sync everything up with Hyperspin
  17. I have been testing out the gun game possibilities with various retroarch cores and a wireless mouse before bothering to buy guns. its not looking worth it right now, does anyone have a good setup for gun games on ANY platform or ANY emulator?
  18. So this problem has been around for a long time. Any console type system that doesn't have an android emulator but runs in RetroArch mame cores needs all media renaming to MAME short names to match the relevant Hash file. Circo has given the thumbs up for storing the files on the EmuMovies FTP (Thanks @Circo) Located /Upload Here/_Other/Thatman84_HSAndroid Standards are still up for discussion but this is how I am laying out the renamed files right now _FINISHED SYSTEM NAME/ Videos Wheels Boxart (If availiable) Cartart (If availiable) Databases/ System Name Databse/ EVERYTHING will be based off Phulshoff's MAME/MESS XMLS 0.182 & those originals will be kept in the Databases folder The Database named ready for Hyperspin will be a version of Phulshoff's MAME WITHOUT game entries that have no wheel artwork. If a system has no artwork then I may list it here or add a database to the ftp. Found Here under MAME XML and Include The _Unsorted folder should follow the above format so its easy to check whats there ready for moving to _FINISHED Credits Reznate Sonkun Badhemi FINISHED SYSTEMS Bally Astrocade Fairchild Channel F SNK Neo Geo CD Atari 5200 Amstrad GX4000 Bandia Super Vision 8000 Casio PV-1000 VTech CreatiVision Hartung Game Master RCA Studio II (DB needs work) To Do List Philips CDi Entex Adventure Vision Emerson Arcadia 2001 Epoch Super Cassette Vision Funtech Super A'can Mattel Intellivision handhelds
  19. So @Riffman81, @CriticalCid & co have been putting some serious hours into recording Hyperspin themes for use with Launchbox. heres a quick preview of them in Hyperspin android I have commented before and the swf and animation issues with HS themes in Android and the video themes are looking like a viable option to replace some themes in my setup. there are limitations with using full screen videos and I don't really understand the 4x3 16x9 thing as I don't notice the difference much. Its VERY easy for me to make a batch of theme zips that match all the videos made by the LB guys so if there's interest or I decide to use more I will drop them somewhere for others to use. (Maybe @Riffman81 Would allow me to put them in the ftp folder with the videos) the themes are ONLY available on the EmuMovies FTP let me know what you think
  20. Thatmans Setup

    Well I thought I would do a video of my neglected setup. Spent some time adjusting Main Menu themes timing and animations today. I have plenty to add but I keep getting side tracked. I finally decided to go with a Main Menu order of Arcade->Console->Handheld organised by Year of release. (Well Arcade is Alphabetical) I did start converting 4:3 themes to 16:9 if needed but got fed up with it as the stretching really doesnt affect my experience enough, speically when there are Rom's to collect So as it was JANUARY when I last updated I thought it best to do another video. I added a bunch of Arcade Classics wheels over the weekend.....Still a huge amount to do in the games lists but its a start......
  21. I have several duplicates for MAME, which I can totally live with, but only one rom in the duplicates will run the video media preview. Is there a work around to this? Or is there an easy way to only keep the parent rom?
  22. Android Main/Default Themes Pack - 4:3 View File This theme can be used as default/system theme as it can as main theme. This pack contains Arcade, PSX or Xbox buttons to choose from. This theme doesn't use Special arts, deactivate them in HyperHQ or just move or delete the special folder which contains special.swf files. HyperHQ Settings, copy these settings, it will make the theme look correct with these themes: Here you can disable special artwork that won't be used in these themes: Submitter Aorin Submitted 12/08/2016 Category Main Menu Themes HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  23. (FYI having trouble with upping some screenshots and the new formatting so please excuse the wierd format) Converting 16x9 Themes for Hyperspin Android (I am in NO way competent with artwork resolutions but my method works and looks good to me) Why... Because sometimes that theme you really liked just doesn’t display correctly The main reason for theme problems is the use of animation and scripting of the .swf assets in the “theme”.zip (It’s best to replace themes that cause Hyperspin to crash out, but you can try to convert them) What’s covered... 1. Extract PNG assets from swf files 2. Reduce HQ artwork to be compatible with Hyperspin 3. Further reduce artwork width to allow for Hyperspin 4x3 -> 16x9 stretching 4. Recompile your theme What is Needed: A Fotosizer (http://www.fotosizer.com/) batch resize image files B. Flash Decompiler (https://www.free-dec...flash/download/) extract png’s from swf C. Time and Themes I have done a little testing for Main Menu themes. This spreadsheet shows what I have tested and its Android compatibility status. The sheet has download section links for all themes I have tried. Let’s get to it... So grab a theme zip you want to play with and Unzip it. Any 16x9 Main Menu, Game or System Default theme will do. BakerMan provided me a guide to extracting the PNG’s from SWF but it has since been lost. These are the steps 1. Open JPEXS once downloaded and installed from link above 2. Click on the “Open” tab and browse to the offending .swf file from your unzipped theme SCREENSHOT 3. 3. Right click on “Images” on the left and click “Export Selection” (At this step you may find multiple images. If these images are only parts of one image, say the arms and legs of a character, you will have to lose that image completely from the theme or replace it with another one) SCREENSHOT2 4. Click “ok” to PNG file type then choose a location for the exported images (Default is Desktop. Only export one at a time and then move the PNG out of the output folder as it overwrites each one if not) SCREENSHOT3 5. Now browse to that Output location and you will find your PNG’s in an “images” folder. You are now ready for phase 2 – Resizing the images (Resizing Artwork is covered comprehensively by Avar in his tutorials found HERE) Open Fotosizer Add the Artwork that was converted to PNG Reduce the images to 68% KEEP MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO TICKED (this is the best size for the ones I have done) 4. Move the right side settings bar down and select an Output Folder 5 Remove that Artwork from Fotosizer 6. Add the newly resized artwork back into Fotosizer 7. Reduce the Width to 75% (to allow HS to stretch it back when its loaded) 8. UNTICK MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO 9. Now add this finished art back into the theme folder and zip it up again 10. Name the zip file the same as you have it in the “Main Menu.xml” database Final Thoughts... Now when you try this theme out you may find the artwork has slightly changed location. If so adjust the Artwork positions in the theme.xml file within the theme.zip OR load it into Hypertheme and adjust it as required Hope this helps someone.
  24. Hyperspin Android Settings (.ini) Files What’s covered... Settings file directory location Global.ini & Betabrite.ini Settings.ini Main Menu.ini (All testing done on Nvidia Shield TV Pro) Before We Start... For the purposes of this tutorial I will be editing the .ini files with Notepad++ & screenshots on a Windows PC. You can use any Android or PC text editor to complete this task it was just simpler for the purposes of writing. If using a combined Hyperspin PC and Android setup then you can get more information on the different settings from the notes provided in the HyperHQ program. HyperHQ directly controls all of your .ini files located in Hyperspin/Settings NOT Hyperspin/Settings_Android For full original listings please see this post What is Needed: Your set of .ini files (Located in your Hyperspin/Settings or Settings_Android folder Text Editor (any will do or use Notepad++) The set of clean and preconfigured .ini files (Settings_Android.zip) Included in the Android base pack I submitted. Lets get stuff covered!! Settings file directory location For default Windows PC installation ALL your settings files can be found in the Settings folder of your Hyperspin directory (..Hyperspin\Settings) If you are not using your Hyperspin Android setup on a PC then leave them all in the /Settings folder If you are combining your PC and Android Hyperspin setups please create the following Settings_Android folder and place a copy of ALL your .ini files inside (..Hyperspin\Settings_Android) If you are using my Hyperspin Android Base Pack locate your settings files here Global.ini & Betabrite.ini These files are not required for Hyperspin Android and do not affect it Settings.ini Without a settings.ini file Hyperspin will still run, read and display the artwork and animations you have in your folders. This will display any override transitions you may have also (Override Transitions are little .flv video animations that play when switching between systems/games). Located in:- Hyperspin/Media/Frontend/Video/Transitions (Play when system specific not available, named what you want) Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Video/Override Transitions (Named as your Main Menu system entry) Note: If ‘<not supported>', then there is a hard-coded value or the parameter is ignored currently. The three options are explained below in a settings file example. Please see THIS post for further details on the Optimizer settings for PC installations Option 1 & 2 Option 3 Main Menu.ini This ini file configures how your Main Menu list will display. There are a few features that can be customised and some that are not supported. Note:- Your Main Menu systems list will always display vertically to the right. Video Path, Sounds & Wheel text are not supported Next is Special Art Special art is the animated .swf artwork usually for controls. Further reading can be found HERE So thats all I have for you on the core settings options. I will do a seperate post for the System settings where all the business happens!! Hope this helps someone and big thanks to badhemi for his settings files
  25. Version 1.1


    My Attempt at making Andriod, MAC, PC users 1st steps in to Hyperspin Android easier This is an adjusted version of the Media and Databases that are included with Hyperspin Full Install 1.3.3 Tweaked and cutdown for use directly with Android devices (It will not directly work with a PC although you can merge it with a PC setup to aid the building of an Android setup) Whats Included Indenticle Media files as 1.3.3 with some removals Pre configured Settings files Brief Android Emulator setup notes MAME Adjusted xml for 0.139 ROM set (Default one included also Outdated) Additional Settings files for 123 systems/collections (Provided by Badhemi) Systems Included & Emulators suggested Atari 5200 (Retroarch MAME (Arcade) Core) Atari Lynx (Retroarch Handy Core) MAME (MAME4droid Reloaded (Red) 0.139v romset NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Retroarch Mednafen PCE Fast Core) Nintendo 64 (Retroarch Mupen64Plus Core or Glupen Core) Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch Nestopia Core) Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Retroarch VBA Next Core Panasonic 3DO (Retroarch 4DO Core) Sega 32X (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega CD (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega Dreamcast (Reicast 73e2691 2016_05_22 Build) Sega Game Gear (Retroarch Genesis Plus GX Core) Sega Genesis (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega Master System (Retroarch Picodrive Core) SNK Neo Geo (Retroarch FB Alpha Core) SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color (Retroarch Madnafen NGP Core) Sony PlayStation (Retroarch PCSX Rearmed Core) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch BSNES Mercury Performance Core) See this Thread for details (Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation Install Notes To install this Hyperspin Android base pack Step 1 - Combine the download parts Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT1" (Hyperspin.zip) file Place the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file within the extracted Hyperspin folder Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file and it will combine the two parts Alternativly extract both files and the cut and paste them together (Optional Addition) Extract the Settings_Android.zip and pick out the settings files you require as you build your setup. Place them in your Settings folder or Settings_Android folder depending on your setup Rename specific systems if needed ADD YOUR ROMPATH Step 2 - READ the Setup Notes.txt Step 3 - Organise your roms Organise your roms so they are located in the suggested folder structure OR place them in a location of your own choice. MAKE sure you adjust the "SYSTEMNAME".ini files to reflect your own rompath ****Remeber rom names will need to exactly match your Hyperspin databases (.xml) and be in a format that your chosen emulator can open**** Step 4 - Move the pack to your Android Device Once you have the complete Hyperspin folder place this at the root of your storage device connected to your android device (USB HDD, Internal storage, SDCard or Network drive) Step 5 - Download and configure your emulators Step 6 - Install Hyperspin Application Download and install the Hyperspin application from the Goggle Playstore