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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently made variation based on this after effects video: https://videohive.net/item/arcade-logo/15175743?s_rank=1 For mame systems: Hope you like it Intro.mp4
  2. HyperRandom

    Version 2.0.1


    Random Intro Video very easy to use copy HyperIntro.exe to any folder of your hyperspin example: C:\Hyperspin\Tools\HyperIntro.exe and in HyperHQ in the startup/Exit tab put the path of HyperIntro.exe as sample image shows to create a folder any:\Hyperspin\Media\Frontend\Video\Intros any videos *.mp4 or *.flv
  3. Cambiar intro hyperspin con raspberry pi 3

    Hola tengo funcionando hyperspin en una raspberry pi3. Quería saber como cambio la intro (video) de inicio. No se como llegar a las carpetas dentro del hyperspin. Conecto una pc a mi red wifi y detecta la raspberry pero solamente aparecen algunas carpetas y no encuentro la parte para cambiar el video. Gracias
  4. Hyperspin Cinematic Intro

    Version 1.1.0


    A Startup Intro video for Hyperspin done in Cinematic style. Not your typical startup video. 1080p60fps Instructions - Rename the video to "Intro.mp4" and place it inside the folder path "Hyperspin/Media/Frontend/Video/" Either backup your old Intro video,or overwrite it with this one if you no longer need it.
  5. BTTF Hyperspin Intro Video

    BTTF Hyperspin Intro Video View File Just adding the finishing touches to my gift of a a BTTF based Arcade Cabinet so I couldnt not include the sounds. Turns out it fits quite nicely. Submitter agiovanni123 Submitted 12/14/2016 Category HyperMedia HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  6. Anyone know of any cool high quality Hyperspin intros?
  7. Hey homies, I edited a Star Wars arcade commerical with various gameplay footage. Added some epic music from Willow (James Horner). Also, some fades and cuts! I really hope you like it! Thanks, Steve
  8. Hey Homies, I love old media. This is a hyperspin intro I made using an old colecvision commercials. Exaggerated some lights/reverb for a very retro nostalgic feel. I hope you like it! Thanks, Steve
  9. The best Intro I can find

    Hey guys! Im not sure where I got this vid and I had nothing at all to do with the making of it. When I first started making my setup many moon ago I went through so many sites and downloads to get as much media as possible to help. Here is an intro which for me is the best I could find. I have no idea where I got this from and want no credit for the making. Im just sharing it so that you guys can have a look if it fits your setup too. Have fun guys
  10. My first HyperSpin intro video

    Hello HyperSpin world, Like many others, I just took a step into creating my first HyperSpin intro video. Since I love HyperSpin, Mame and Tron so much...I thought of combining the three elements. Original HyperSpin Derezzed Intro: New "shorter" version of HyperSpin Derezzed Intro: ** UPDATE ** Two new intro videos here for your enjoyment: Flynn's Intro (this is my personal one for my HyperSpin project) TRON Intro ** UPDATE ** - 09/04/14 New Flynn's intro - Added "ENCOM Presents" lead-in. Let me know what you think...I'd like some feedback, either way. Thank you, Craig - Atlanta, Ga. USA
  11. Hey Homies, Feeling creative! I really go a kick out of the Flynn arcade one I made. So, I took it a step further. This makes me feel awesome! See if you can name all the clips! I hope you enjoy it: Thanks, Steve Thanks to relic for some inspiration and pos vibes!
  12. Hey dudes, I made this Hyperspin intro using a clip from Flynn's Arcade (Tron Legacy). I think it is cool because it doesn't really show the kid's face. Helps with immersion. I hope you dig it: Thanks, Steve