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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone buy Injustice 2 for PC yet that can speak towards how the player controls are layed out? And is two player controlls with one keyboard possible - a la IPAC friendly? If not, any work arounds created using vjoy/ahk or anything else? I may buy it tonight and see what's up...
  2. Smiley Arcade

    I always wanted a Arcade cabinet., So I decided to build my own. Here is my Homemade Arcade Bartop Arcade HP Z100 i5 Motherboard 2.66Mhz 8GB Ram SANDISK 120SSD HD Keyboard Encoder: Howler Board (sucks!!) (Changed to iPac Ultimate OI in March) Buttons and Joystick from Paradise Arcade Arcade Template from Gameroom Designs Found random EPS art files on google. Very hard to file 25 watt Amplifier / Speakers and Led lights from Parts Express. Plus 8 Months of after work time and energy.
  3. Ipac or Xin mo?

    looking to buy arcade sticks in the very near future. 2 sticks, LED 6 buttons each on top, plus 1 on each side and a 1 & 2 player buttons. Do you recommend ipacs or xinmo modules? pros? cons? Is one better then the other? Are they both user friendly to set up? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I am using a minipac and just got my control panel build for an arcade. I tested things out last night and I noticed that my player 2 joystick has no keyboard delay on it compared to player 1. When using the player 2 controls to navigate through the wheels... it occasionally skips two or three wheels. If you push it down and hold it, it instantly starts spinning through the wheels vs player 1 which waits a second or two before actually starting to spin through the wheels. I have tested my controls and stuff... it seems to be that "keyboard delay" only applies to player 1 in Hyperspin. Is this true? I noticed the selection for it under controls in HyperHQ is only on the player 1 side. I don't understand why it wouldn't apply to both but is there any fix for this? Its mildly annoying. Thanks.
  5. xin-mo vs mini ipac

    Looking for opinion on the xin-mo vs mini i-pac. The pedestal is a 2 player, 8 button each, plus trackball . I was told the mini i-pac has a lag or doesn't register as well. Anyone have an opinion on this and/or suggestion?
  6. IPAC (mini) help

    I bought a mini pac a bit ago. Now I have finally finished the computer work and the wood work and it is ready to go. Besdies hooking the wiring up what else do I have to do?