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Found 18 results

  1. Dreamcast issues

    So I have Hyperspin setup everything like SNES, NES, NEO GEO, MAME, Genisis working great except for the Dreamcast. I am currently running the most up to date of all the software, I use RocketLauncher and Retroarch with either reicast or reicast oit core. Launching games from retroarch itself everything works fine but when using hyperspin it completely locks up and freezes. The problem at least I think is rocketlauncher and hyperspin wont see the games unless they are zipped in 7z, zip or rar when I run the games audit. The games have to be unzipped for retroach to run them when i test them. So I guess my question is is there a way to get rocketlauncher/hyperspin to see and audit the games in there native cdi, ghd, or chd format? I have made sure the file names are current with the database and they still wont see them when I audit or run hyperspin. Please any help would be great.
  2. Hi Everyone, Well, I have updated Retroarch to version 1.7.xx (don't remember well), an I noted that Sega Saturn stopped work on RA and looking at the notes on Rocketlauncher, it says that the developers stopped supporting Daemon tools or whatsoever. And I have found on reddit some people mentioning the same issue with latest RA builds, but no answer yet. Has anyone had this issue with Sega saturn? There is SSF but I just liked the way I had Sega saturn on RA.
  3. Hyperspin Android ScummVM with RetroArch Credits JLeaver Norkusa reznnate badhemi sting honosuseri sanchezmike01 aftermath17 Pouteur krater9 What is it? ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed! Assets and Links Latest ScummVM release at time of posting Dec 17, 2017: ScummVM 2.0. Diskmach Updated Database ScummVM 2.1 Latest HyperSpin database ScummVM 1.8 Working RetroArch core at time of posting scummvm 2.0.0 93d1ca1 Location of current core How to setup... Grab these setup files as they will be needed. (Includes the Android XML and "Official" XML databases) Follow this guide to set up RetroArch ScummVM core directly Get your games and place them in folders named after this spreadsheet OR download the above setup files and create folders for them (with help of the below guide) Follow this guide to setup the folder structure for Hyperspin Android "folder trick" Use the below ini file settings for reference and add the system to your Hyperspin wheel as any other exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=scummvm parameters=cores/scummvm_libretro_android.so Run Hypersync with the NON android xml as its not compatible with sync. The progress sheet below was adopted on the RetroArch documentaion and holds all my findings. I did duplicate 1 game to aid with android setup I created a "simon" folder for the Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack as all the games are in one folder. Backup of Working Core scummvm_libretro_android.so.zip Helpful Links https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/tree/master/dists/engine-data https://www.scummvm.org/ https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/2.0.0/ http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Datafiles
  4. Original Post Update By Thatman84.... Hi All, I'm running Hyperspin and RetroArch on my Nvidia Shield. I've added a wheel for Quake (RetroArch Content) and have been trying to launch it with out success, has anyone else managed it? From my ini file: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/tryquake_libretro_android.so Thanks Nigel END OF OP The following thread has all the detailes required to get Quake1 up and running with RetroArch on the Shield TV and other supported Android devices. See this post for Retroarch Setup Steps Artwork Collection
  5. So Radius is starting to get some work done adding a long awaited feature request of mine and many others. The ability to save system specific shaders, remaps, overlays and other settings. Shaders are 1st to come. So now for those multi system cores like GenPlusGX, the Gb/Gbc cores and alike you can have shaders setup to be loaded with specific settings for all content in your rom directory. Most people have their roms organised by system so it should work well for the most part Progress starts here https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/pull/6194#issuecomment-361098788
  6. Hi Guys, I am trying too add Sega Mega Drive Japan too my hyperspin but I am having all sorts of problems with this one which should have been quite straight forward. First off all I was getting troubles saying that Sega Mega Drive Japan is not a supported system name even though I have added it too the Retroarch AHK File and no games play atall apart from the systems I already have. I changed the system name through rocket launcher too 'Sega Mega Drive' and that allowed my to play games through Rocket Launcher but when I try on Hyperspin it points too my old drive. I recently put my whole hyperspin setup on a new hard drive and redirected everything but for some reason Rocket Launcher thinks it is still aiming at my K: Drive when I am now using my H: Drive. Can anyone help with this? Either getting the system to work as Sega Mega Drive Japan or redirecting Retroarch. Or both would be good if possible
  7. PSX Retroarch lags?

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to the whole Hyperspin world but I have been working on it now in my spare time for the past couple of months with the intntions to eventually build a cabinet. I am quite stuck with a problem with Sony Playstation 1 games through retro arch where the frame rate completely drops and the games lag quite bad leaving it barley playable. Has anybody encountered this problem before and know of a fix? It happens on all games that I have tried but is allot more noticeable on past paced games such as 'Marvel Super hero's' and 'Street Fighter' I have a high end PC so it can't really be be that. I have tried countless different settings but nothing seems too make much of a difference. If you have any help please let me know, Thanks p.s This is the first time I have ever posted on any forum so be nice please
  8. WOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!! I just loaded an Atari 5200 game with MAME (Arcade) RA core from Hyperspin that is named as per the official Hyperspin xml. NOT using software lists or hash files. In a rom folder named Atari 5200. BUT its 11pm and I got work at 6am so gotta sleep. Its not all good news as this method requires a bunch of text files to be created. I expect someone will come up with a little script easy enough for that. Until I have tested more it could be nothing but I dont think it is.
  9. I made this last night. May help someone. It's the 1st things I do when setting up retroarch after install. then I do this to sync everything up with Hyperspin
  10. I have been testing out the gun game possibilities with various retroarch cores and a wireless mouse before bothering to buy guns. its not looking worth it right now, does anyone have a good setup for gun games on ANY platform or ANY emulator?
  11. I upgraded to RetroArch 1.4.1. It kept my custom path for my System/BIOS folder for RetroArch when launched by itself. When I launch through Hyperspin, the path has been reset to /data/data/com.retroarch/system. I want to change this to /storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/system (sdcard/RetroArch/system). I can't because there is no way to browse that folder through the interface. When I click to change it, the only path options available are: /data/data/com.retroarch /storage / None of those will allow me to browse to /storage/emulated/0. If I click into storage > emulated, 0 never displays because the Android OS doesn't have access to /storage/emulated. I also can't directly edit the cfg because it's in /data/data which I also don't have access to. How can this be changed? Or, how does RetroArch generate the list of folders as default when I click to change a path?
  12. So this problem has been around for a long time. Any console type system that doesn't have an android emulator but runs in RetroArch mame cores needs all media renaming to MAME short names to match the relevant Hash file. Circo has given the thumbs up for storing the files on the EmuMovies FTP (Thanks @Circo) Located /Upload Here/_Other/Thatman84_HSAndroid Standards are still up for discussion but this is how I am laying out the renamed files right now _FINISHED SYSTEM NAME/ Videos Wheels Boxart (If availiable) Cartart (If availiable) Databases/ System Name Databse/ EVERYTHING will be based off Phulshoff's MAME/MESS XMLS 0.182 & those originals will be kept in the Databases folder The Database named ready for Hyperspin will be a version of Phulshoff's MAME WITHOUT game entries that have no wheel artwork. If a system has no artwork then I may list it here or add a database to the ftp. Found Here under MAME XML and Include The _Unsorted folder should follow the above format so its easy to check whats there ready for moving to _FINISHED Credits Reznate Sonkun Badhemi FINISHED SYSTEMS Bally Astrocade Fairchild Channel F SNK Neo Geo CD Atari 5200 Amstrad GX4000 Bandia Super Vision 8000 Casio PV-1000 VTech CreatiVision Hartung Game Master RCA Studio II (DB needs work) To Do List Philips CDi Entex Adventure Vision Emerson Arcadia 2001 Epoch Super Cassette Vision Funtech Super A'can Mattel Intellivision handhelds
  13. Mame help for shield tv

    I need some help getting mame setup for a shield tv. I already have hyperspin working with NES, SNES, N64, SMS and Sega Genesis The way i have it setup is on the root of shield is my hyperspin folder. In hyperspin I have a folder called Emulators, Folders named with each system, then a folder called roms, then the roms ie. hyperspin\emulators\Sega Genesis\roms All of the roms i have for these systems have one file with the same file type for all roms for each system. ie: all Nintendo 64 roms are .z64 file extension. Also all of the roms are clearly labeled with the game name. then in my settings folder in hyperspin there are .ini files for each system. Inside the .ini i set up the rompaths correctly, with the retroarch exe and the rom extensions = to the file extensions in my rom folder. I also have the cores setup with the correct core that was downloaded through retroarch. There are also database files for each system with one xml document for each system. all of these systems and games work fine in hyperspin. Now for Mame. I downloaded two sets of Roms, one called .180 which is full of a ton of zip files and also hbmame which was 16 different zip files full of what looks like a lot of the same stuff in each zip. When i unzip the zip files for what i think are the games they look nothing like my other roms for the systems. 1. Am i supposed to have a folder named MAMA under emulators then roms and dump all of these zip files in there? (i did try this and i couldn't get anything to work after) 2. The Database file under MAME is full of different xml documents like bowling games, boxing games ext. Is this correct? My other systems have just one xml there with a list of all games. 3. The MAME .ini file also came with .mame4droid for the exe instead or retroarch, is that correct, or should it be the retroarch settings? 4. I feel like I must be missing something big with the mame setup. Doesn't seem like the others. Any help in pointing me the right direction would be much appreciated. Sorry for dragging on, just want to make sure i am clear. Thanks.
  14. N64 Emulator

    I downloaded "Gigapigs" HS build and it's great! But...when I'm launching the N64 games they're "grainy" and the sound if awful. I've used "Project64" outside of Hyperspin and it works GREAT! However, when I change it to the default emulator within HS it doesn't launch the games, it just launches the emulator. ANY IDEAS? THANKS!!!
  15. RetroArch+Hyperspin . Config pro Game

    Schön, es gibt sogar einen deutschen Bereich hier =). Hallo zusammen , ich bin eifrig dabei mein Hyperspin einzurichten. Mit Hyperspin und Rocketlauncher hatte ich bis jetzt keinerlei Probleme, seht für mich alles sehr Plausibel aus, und funktioniert. WO ich mir zurzeit die Zähne ausbeiße ist RetroArch. Gerne würde ich RetroArch für die meisten meiner Systeme in Hyperspin nutzen, mein bisheriges Manko ist aber das Einrichten von RetroArch. Zwar bekomme ich die Spiele zum Laufen, auch das Einbinden von Cores ist kein Problem, auch das separate einrichten von config Dateien pro System klappt soweit. Ich brauch nun aber nicht nur eine config Datei pro System sondern seperat für jedes einzelne Spiel. Was dabei in erster Linie wichtig wäre, sind separate Controller Einstellungen je Spiel. Ich weiß ja nicht wer von euch schon eine AC zusammen gebaut hat, aber das wäre schon ein großes Manko, wenn ich die Steuerung der Spiele nicht einzeln auf mein Layout anpassen könnte. Außerdem würde ich ganz gerne für einzelne Spiele angepasste Shaders, Videoerstellung oder gar Overlays benutzen. Hab jetzt lange im Netz verbracht und mich durch Tut für Tut, Forum Eintrag für Forum Eintrag gekämpft. Zwar einige Lösungen gefunden von Schreiben einer Batch Datei bis hin zu erstellen eines Unterordners des jeweiligen System im config Ordner... Vieles Probiert auch mit unterschiedlichen Versionen, kein einziger Ansatz wollte funktionieren. Es soll funktionieren, tut es aber nicht. Bringt mich echt zur Verzweiflung Liegt es vllt auch daran das mit den N64 core (mupenplus64) probiere? Ich habe gelesen das die *per game config* ein Feature von RetroArch wäre, das aber nicht von jeden Core unterstütz wird (warum auch immer?) Hat einer ne Idee, Ahnung, oder hat es selbst schon gemacht? Würde mich über Lösungsvorschläge sehr freuen. Vllt hat gar wer ein vorkonfiguriertes RetroArch auf der Platte mit 1 -2 cores wo meine Ansprüche erfüllt und ich als Musterbeispiel nutzen kann. Kann mir nicht vorstellen dass ich allein mit den Wunsch bin, gerade was das separate einstellen der Steuerung je Spiel betrifft.
  16. HyperSpin won't launch NES games

    Greetings, I've run into an issue that I cannot seem to figure out. When launching a .NES game through retroarch (July 17 2016 build), there are no problems, the game launches fine. When I launch the game through rocketlauncher indicating to use retroarch as the emulator, again no problems. Through Hyperspin, I can select the Nintendo Entertainment System platform, be shown the list of existing games (no problems here so far) and after that, when I press enter on my keyboard, nothing happens. I suspect an AHK file issue but I cannot be sure. At first launch, I got an error message saying the nintendo entertainment system.ahk file did not exist, so i created one (copy actually from another ahk file present in the dir) and renamed to to exactly what it was looking for. My HyperHQ NES settings are exactly in line with all my other working emulators, paths and such through Hyperspin. please advise.
  17. Found a little trick to help with the dual config thing with retroarch if you don't have root. This will allow you make the config file Hyperspin launches the same as the normal one Works in RetroArch 1.3.6 & 1.4.1 Hyperspin launched games use retroarch.cfg located in root data/user/0/com.retroarch Retroarch direct launched games use retroarch.cfg located in local storage (mine is) storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.retroarch You can now access the root retroarch.cfg file from the gui Steps Go to settings->directory Change your config directory to "data/user/0/com.retroarch" Go back to main screen and find "load configuration" Scroll down to the bottom and load retroarch.cfg Change any settings required Go to -> "Save Current Configuration" Quit via the menu Reload RetroArch and reset you config directory Save Current Configuration The main settings to change are the directory for System/BIOS & Configuration Directory You will need to create the folders if they are not already availiable Heres a rough video of the process
  18. So I know this is specific, but it seems some other articles/posts run into a somewhat similar issue. I have Retroarch, and from the RocketLauncherUI I am able to successfully load all of the emulators I want to. However, from Hyperspin, only the most recently emulator loaded directly from Retroarch will successfully load, all others go to a black screen. Example. If I load Super Mario 64 from Retroarch using detect core it loads perfectly. I can then go into Hyperspin and load Goldeneye64 no problem. Now if I go to load Sonic the screen goes black. Back out, open Retroarch, detect core load Sonic. Loads fine. Go back to Hyperspin, load Lion King for Sega and all is well. Go to load Goldeneye64 and get a black screen. This can be repeated for other systems, so it seems it is dependent on the most recently loaded system. I have turned on settings per core and turned them off. Off it loads a window with an overflow of gibberish (likely from the bad core config). This goes for the settings in RocketLauncherUI and Retroarch. I can't figure it, but it is so close to working... Rather frustrating. Also, have the specific cores selected for each system in the system specific Retroarch configuration within RocketLauncherUI. Any help is appreciated. Windows 8.1.