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Found 2 results

  1. epsxe ahk for RL

    Version 2.9


    This is a roughly edited module for rocketlauncher to limit frameskip and use petes ogl driver v2.9 instead of core, win10 doesnt work with v2.05 of ePSXe and v2.01 runs at 1000+ fps without this. Should be able to use any plugin by renaming it to "gpuPeteOpenGL2.dll"
  2. Hi Guys, I made a PC Games wheel and it worked great. So, I had idea to make an audio wheel using VLC to play. It has 7 different "ambient noise" files that I want to be able to launch from the wheel; but then let it play in background as I browse games. The MP3 files I have are just ambient noise background tracks from old arcades... I want to get the feeling of walking through an old arcade as I go through MAME or other game systems. Then, I have AHK script that has hotkeys that look for key press 5, 6, or 2 (player 1 or 2 COIN, or Player 2 START on my system). That shuts down VLC and the EXE I compiled the AHK into. My issue: I can get it to launch either using a compiled AHK script that runs VLC; or by using RocketLauncherUI PCLauncher of just launching the VLC.exe file with command line parameters of the audio file I choose. Issue is that after I launch the EXE; it won't let me open another rom. It thinks the first one is still playing. I can hit the ESCAPE key; and then I get a Game Over screen; but that closes my exe and defeats the purpose. I put all the files into a 7zip if anyone wants to try to recreate: https://mega.nz/#!8A1lQLgK I have tried EVERYTHING. I think it might be my HyperSpin must have bad setting or something. I've tried 4 different methods: ANArcade81 (saw somewhere where RL looks for EXE to end emulation on AppWaitExe setting, made an "Intro" exe to just show msgbox and when that close emulator "rom" should close). This one causes RL to hang on Game Over screen, wouldn't load right. ANArcade92 i tried swapper method with Starter & Silencer, still wouldn't work. This method had a start up script that used AN_Starter.exe to start up VLC and send a msgbox explaining; and then a separate AN_Silencer.exe which just looks for hotkeys. ANbowlingalley I tried launching VLC instead of compiled EXE method. This one would sometimes hang; and it wouldn't run either. ANquietdiner i tried using old compiled method. Reworked all of them multiple times, never would "end" emulation so that i can choose another rom while background music on. Also, if i manually hit exit in HS, it'd end emulation; but then hotkeys no longer work and VLC would never shut off. I'm completely lost lol. Soo frustrating, so close to working.