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Come join the 1st ever Hyperspin Club! Nothing more or less than being part of a 1st.

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  2. hey i keep get this error on my dreamcast h/rocketlancher/rocketlancherui database/segadreamcast/segadreamcast.xml how do i fix this
  3. From small begginings.... http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,76698.msg798523.html#msg798523 I will continue to update this thread when I get a chance....
  4. Yep sounds cool, but i like the name so has to be sorted of related dont you think? Maybe i will make it the community awards club or just leave it empty
  5. I think it can be used for common interests/hobbies/off-topic stuff. Could be art, music, literature, games, memes, internet, life hobbies, etc. Everything that might be of interest for the community or a part of it, but it is not directly linked to HS.
  6. I think clubs are really just an extension of the forums to be fair and their purpose is what KlopjerO mentioned Off Topic things outside of Hyperspin, Hobby Clubs, Location/Country Specific Meetups etc. Everything Hyperspin and anything effecting/interacting with said Front End should be kept in the public eye where best everyone can.
  7. I was wrestling with the same questions. what is it for ? Personally I think the focus should be special interest clubs, that you wouldn't want to bother the main forums with. Technical things like Action script issues or something. maybe other hobbies like Warhammer or breeding dwarf wooly mammoths. music in my case. I dont think main hyperspin related things should be posted in these clubs, because chances are that that would effect the main forums. and we wouldnt want to give the wrong impression to new comers.
  8. Thinking out loud here, so if anyone has any ideas pitch in. Im not sure this will even be a thing as we all have stuff to do and other interests What could the club be for, 1. With the announcment of Flash being withdrawn we could be a Flash appreciation group 2. Hyperspin news/audit 3. Maybe focus on one type of art like themes 4. Focus on games and cool stuff we see 5. Hyperspin Community liasions 6. Offtopic club - talk shit and post memes 7. Or something else 8. Freedom of speach - each member posts a topic on whatever the fancy Maybe have a rough timeframe on things. Do something once a month
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