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  2. I would like to know how do I configure x68000 games with 2 floppy disks for more?
  3. I would like to know how to put the games of some system in the home menu for example the mother wanted to make a project with only games of the same and wanted all games to be in the home menu
  4. are you using the rocketlauncher to configure?
  5. mrv

    PS2 not loading roms

    I select any game and thats what i get
  6. Today
  7. Maybe a screenshot will help.
  8. Hi Guys got a full Rom folder. When i attempt to load anything I get.. "Current system has an empty Genre list" It has worked before....Not sure what ive altered ? Any advice ? Cheers
  9. Hello. Is your widescreen convertion script still available? Thanks

  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi, @Bungles this one is just awesome, congratulations! I'm using it, along with @ninja2bceen's work! Just one question, do you think is possible to you to make the necesary replacements for system wheels? I mean, you made "SpecialB1" and "SpecialB2" for main wheel, but system wheels need additional info. For example: "Navigation (left/right - jump back/forward)" as well as "Navigation (hold left/right - letter search)". Perhaps these ones could go inside a customized "SpecialB1" made just for system wheels (since main wheel don't use these commands). Thanks for reading! See ya! PD: We share the same birthday! Geminian brother! LoL........
  12. NP, yeah there is a ton of media not in the correct section
  13. Oh great thank you. Never even thought about doing a search when they weren't listed under its section.
  14. Here you go. Search if filtered to Files is real handy. (The downloads is real messy but we are working on it) https://hyperspin-fe.com/search/?&q=Panasonic&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or
  15. Yeah the Real3doPlayer android emulator worked far better for me. I only tried Wolfenstein 3D and it was unplayable with the RetroArch core. Perfect with Real3doPlayer. I'm trying on a Shield Portable with Android 4.4.2 and Real3doPlayer 1.0.32 (I actually did buy the app a year or two back, forgot about it and when I went to use it it was gone from the store!). The "cd" parameter is working for me in so far as it cuts to a black screen (if there's a previous save state the menu to select it even appears) but nothing after that. Since I'm new to HyperSpin I'm kind of relieved it's not just me that can't get it working. May I ask where I can get wheel art for the 3do? There's none in the download section (noob question)
  16. Hey guys, Anybody run this on their android setup? Just wondering if its possible (I know a lot of people won't find it worth it... but I like the games available on it!).
  17. Last week
  18. Try Launcher4kodi https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=136798
  19. Hi Rayne, Can you be specific on what system(s) you are having issues with? You have options. I am also in the midst of converting all my zip collections into more usable formats (CHD, PBP, etc). All of which have nearly as good compression as zip and load as fast as an iso. Also if space is no problem at all, you can always just leave them un-compressed. Just have them all in 1 folder. For systems that have games that use same names (track 01, track 02), put them in folders, just make sure that the folder is also named exactly like the database.
  20. Hi guys!! I'm using Windows 10 home edition and the sheller does'nt work for me. I don't know in another old versions worked, but now (I have 1907 ver) is impossible, I tried all and there are no matter. Some one has a idea? Now and can't change the windows version, I had configure more games that need new versions to run. Thank you.
  21. Hello I'm trying to configure epsxe on rocketlaucher I can make the configuration perfectly but when running any game it stays with black screen and does not come out, running the emulator only all games that I have here run normally. Does anybody know how to solve this?
  22. magho73

    future pinball

    salve ragazzi mi sono affacciato da qualche giorno in questo mondo perche vorrei farmi un flipper cabinato, sono fermo da un paio di giorni xchè non riesco a configurare futurpinball con hyprspin, qualche anima pia potrebbe fare una guida su come fare,magari passo passo, ringrazio in anticipo tutti, by
  23. Good Evening. Not to sound like a broken record after hunting the forums and the web on this issue, but is the "Search Subfolders" issue gonna be fixed at any point in the near future? I'd rather not have large game files zipped as they take way too long to launch and don't want the custom trimmed XML as I'm constantly adding games as I see the need/want. I'd appreciate any updates you may have on this.
  24. Thanks mate. Jesus there are a massive amount of xml files in that download. Any idea which is just the basic .xml to use?
  25. There is an official Mame DB thread in the database section of the forum and that eventualy leads you to the RetroFE website where Phulshoff releases his mame database pack with a gaxillion different flavours. Get the latest .217 release from here http://retrofe.nl/download/
  26. Good day peeps. I am new here and have run into the same issue and was wondering if there was a fix to this. I am running Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.153). Thanks in advance.
  27. Final after a little break from myself we have another update added to 1st post Update 7 is brings 91 wheel packs sorted by @JSinn a coupkle of weeks ago now.
  28. Hi Guys. I have got a Mame 0.219 full. What do I do with regards to the database.xml file? Do I still use the one from here even though its 0.16 onwards and from 2016? Just want to be sure I am using the correct items.
  29. Hello, could anyone help, I would like to configure under dolphin Hs to detect original wiilote etc. and pads from xboxa360, ps3, ps2 and preferably if it is possible to detect the mini ipad arcade panel ?
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