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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.

Hypersync and the FTP are currently down to change servers. Thank you for your patience.

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  7. Hi I followed this, but it seems when I open the PS2 games from Hyperspin Wheel, it doesn't load the game...only black screen. I can run the same games if I open it directly from AestherSX2, I am on Nvidia Shield v9, any idea what's wrong?
  8. https://mega.nz/file/vgATnILR#mYKT_W41xukMpsxb2zb53q5CjkSpw56sgly0GgumbyM
  9. I just installed Hyperspin for the first time and it didn't work, with this fix it works now. Thank you so much
  10. Version 0.248


    This is the Arcade64 0.248 No-Nag. I would normally not upload this, but nate67000 is taking a well earned break for a few months, and asked me to fill in. Any issue please PM me, i will try and help.
  11. Version 0.248


    **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.248 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229) It's advisable to download the full 0.248 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1 Note: Akai Katana and DoDonPachi Saidaioujou are working with this version of mame. This will only be done if the code remains in the files, once removed i will not re-add them.
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  14. what took you so long Andyman this is long overdue congrats
  15. Guys please can somebody upload APK again because links not working any more. I'm so excited, hyperspin is back on Android 11
  16. Thanks. How do you know what parameters to put in the config file if i want to use another core?
  17. Someone asked this before, but whoever answered them has deleted their answer and I can't get any of the tutorials to load up on the website. Would someone mind informing me what the HyperSpin button does. This button appears to be configurable through HyperHQ, but I pressing the button seems to do nothing. What's that function for? Thanks
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  19. Hi all trying to install Hyperspin to Windows 10 and it wont boot just doesn't kick in.I've added the sxs.dil but it hasent changed anything. Here's the log 12:07:26 PM | HyperSpin Started 12:07:26 PM | Going windowed mode 12:07:26 PM | Checking for updates 12:07:26 PM | Update Check Complete 12:07:26 PM | Startup program unavailable 12:07:26 PM | Playing intro video 12:07:28 PM | Error intializing joysticks 12:07:28 PM | Menu Mode is multi 12:07:28 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 12:07:28 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 12:07:29 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 12:07:34 PM | Exit program unavailable 12:07:34 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 12:07:34 PM | Bye!
  20. Did you try the NZB and/or Torrent located here? https://www.arcadepunks.com/android-front-ends/
  21. I haven't found al ot of NEC PC-98 media. So I worked on this wheel. 

    NEC PC98 Wheel.zip

    1. Retrogamer79


      The wheel art is based off of the video snaps I found off of Emumovies. 

  22. You guys are lifesavers! I purposefully have my arcade computer offline to avoid Windows updates because I figured "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Everything had worked fine, so I let it be. Last week Windows crashed on me (stupid blue screen of death), I had no choice but to re-install Windows and any new updates that came with it. Sure enough, Hyperspin would not open. If it wasn't for this thread, I would have never figured it out. THANK YOU x1,000,000 😆
  23. Hey, Deanoe. So, you'll need to download the 'cores' in retroarch that correspond to what the .INI is looking for. Hyperspin uses .INI files to do... everything pretty much. Cores are basically emulators. Then, you'll need a system .INI file for the 2600. I recommend you copy a working system, name it Atari 2600 and go from there. Those .INI files are in the settings folder. This will serve as a good road map as to what's going on. That should get you started, hope that helps! -ghost
  24. Just an FYI, I'm a platinum member, and it currently does not work for me. I can log into Emumovies, but not HyperSpin which prevents the syncing from working.
  25. Thanks! <gets out the broom and sets to work swatting spammers with it>
  26. Congratulations Andyman ! And thanks Gigapig for keeping the dream alive.
  27. Hello Hyperspinners We have a new moderator joining us, so could you all welcome Andyman to the team. Like myself he joined in 2009 and assured me he knows his way around the site. So a big congratulations to Andyman.
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