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    xpadder 5.7

    xpadder not work after launch hyperspin what ?
  3. Ahhh.. The glory days of this forum, how they are missed...
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  5. Ich halte Scrapping und einige andere benutzerfreundliche Funktionen für nett für diejenigen, die einfach nichts vermasseln wollen, sondern nur Spiele spielen. Persönlich funktioniert Hyperspin auf meinem PC immer noch hervorragend, RocketLauncher erledigt seine Arbeit ohne Probleme. Wie im Frontend, habe ich einige Android-Versionen ausprobiert, die gut funktionieren, Medien verschrotten usw. Genau wie Agent sagte, wenn eine bestimmte Software für Sie nicht funktioniert, gibt es moderne Alternativen. Insbesondere diese Community hat den Großteil der Kunstwerke erstellt, die Sie in vielen Frontends verwenden. LB ist ein wichtiges Beispiel. Ich bin vollkommen damit einverstanden. Was ich erstelle, ist und kann überall frei verwendet werden. Wenn Sie mich fragen, würde ich sagen, dass sogar die goldenen Tage für RocketLauncher in der Vergangenheit liegen, ab 2016, und jetzt haben wir nicht die wichtigsten Updates erhalten, die normalerweise monatlich sind.
  6. Hello Bro the theme of Mame Player's Edge Plus (XM00005P+XMP00004) Multi-Poker (4:3) 1.0.0 is missing thanks for all your Hard work with this Themes

  7. Das habe ich schon getan. Aber ich bin trotzdem massiv enttäuscht, dass hier gerne Beträge genommen werden, diese aber anscheinend nicht für Innovationen genutzt werden.
  8. I mean, I hope they do for the sake of those who haven't jumped ship yet. But we've been hearing the same song and dance for almost a decade or so now with nothing to show for it. Anyone who has been around for a while doesn't put any faith in the empty "we're working on it guys". Sharp X68000 should already have an entry in there. If so, you shouldn't add or edit that line and just set the core in the module options instead. That's the problem with the RA module. The thread is a mess of a dozen+ people making random edits, some not good, and others building on them. Since RA is actively developed one person needs to maintain it for consistency. There have been people in the past who did overhauls but then they disappear and it turns into a free for all again.
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  10. Das ist alles, was wir in den letzten 10 Jahren bekommen haben, keine wirklichen Fortschritte. Wenn Sie mit der Funktionsweise nicht zufrieden sind, wählen Sie ein anderes Frontend, da es sich wahrscheinlich nicht ändert.
  11. So, wieder ist ein Monat ins Land gegangen, und nichts ist hier passiert ausser einer unkonkreten Aussage zu kommenden Veränderungen. Schade... PS: bei LB geht es permanent voran... PPS: funktioniert dein solides HS-Setup denn auch ohne RL?! Denn wenn die Hauptarbeit vom RL erledigt wird, dann wird HS noch witzloser.
  12. I had the scummvm games running fine on Retroarch, I'll shot you a PM, I can probably help with it. Update: Dark13 had a different module, once he tried my edited module, it worked fine.
  13. I added those lines to RA modules Commodore 64|LibRetro_VICE|vice_x64_libretro Sharp X68000|libretro_px68k|px68k_libretro And now it seems I can use RA cores, thanks. X68000 probably needs lots of work, with some games you are forced to use a specific disk in slot B. Indeed I still have problems with SCUMMVM, RL launch RA with SCUMMVM core but it starts with the GUI where you can select games, .scummvm files works correctly when you launch them from RA itself
  14. That's great Agent, I know we're on serious business when you mention you're working on anything. I know the Japanese database I worked on for the Mega Drive and later the PAL one for the SNES didn't receive their respective ratings, like CERO, etc., since I actually never used/cared for ratings. But as far as entries go, you should definitely take a look and give some feedback on it, modify or use if it helps, most, if not all the artwork has been covered for it. I'm using PX68K, this core works fine, specially for some HDF games, but those dumps with multi disks works great with the M3U file as well, I just couldn't make the gamepad work for one or two games, like After Burner, Super Street Fighter 2 didn't recognize the 6 button option, but as far as emulation goes, it's solid. I totally understand your complaining and decision about the database or even being part of the once great community there was around here. Be sure that personally, not only you, but all other great contributors will always have a special place in my memories. Fixes will come, even HS itself will be updated, like you mention no ETA for your work, the same goes behind the scene, it's being worked on when possible, this was what I read in a PM from the staff last month. I'm now working on something for the X68000, but this system is a porn machine that happens to have games on it. Tons of doujin games, homebrews, tons of adventure and the likes. As I mentioned the messed database I've found, I'd like to have one that has all official games released for it, with some RPGs that are accessible for everyone. I couldn't find any fan made game worth adding, they're mostly messed up stuff with assets taken from other games from the same platform, nor I could consider the hentai (lots and lots of it) or tons of adventure games. Any direction you could give me would be great, for now I have 175 entries which are only official games and mostly action, shooter, fighters, etc.
  15. Nothing will be fixed. There are reported site bugs that are 4-5 years old and still haven't been fixed. The attachments have been broken for just short of a year now I think. Then you have the site and/or HyperSync going down every week or 2 with no advanced notice or explanation afterwards and nothing is fixed which has been going on for years. I meant to reply to you and dark a few days ago but the site was down yet again. It's a bad joke at this point. As I mentioned above and on the RL forum a few times before I have been updating all of the modules to use RL classes, adding fixes and new features and new modules. I have implemented a some systems into the module already including the ones you mention but I still need to go through the rest of the systems (there's a ton) to ensure they're working as a bunch of the modules you'll find on the forum are broken and poorly coded. Then I need to make sure the RA features and structures haven't changed (configs/overrides/whatever else). It's not going to be quick especially since I don't like RA at and don't use it so I have to spend more time learning everything about how it works that most users are already familiar with. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to it. Like Aorin mentioned Sharp X68000 should already be in the module although it's set to use the MAME core by default. If you want to use the P68k core you should be able to just set that core in the module options. Not sure if any other core specific settings would need to be added or not. I added Daphne a while ago but from what I remember the core was busted and not even worth using over standalone. Some games would crash and others had no sound. I glanced at the commits and it doesn't seem like any emulation work has been done on the core in over a year, just maintenance and adding compatibility for those "Classic" systems hacked to run RA so I doubt it's any better now. If that's still the case I don't see a point in adding it to the module. Probably the one from HyperList which uses TOSEC names and shouldn't have been added. It's not as bad as some that are just straight dir dumps of TOSEC or systems on there that don't have any actual games in there but it's not good. Regarding the dev databases I uploaded, those were always meant to be temp dbs to fix the obvious mistakes until I redid them from scratch, which I have since done for many of them. I was actually going to remove them a while back but since attachments are broken they took care of that for me. I have no intention of ever reuploading them or any of my new dbs here. I too decided to start doing full/complete databases in addition to the ones done to brolly's original standards. Both of which will have MUCH more metadata fields to allow for advanced filtering. I'll probably end up writing an app to filter and export them to various frontend compliant formats eventually. For now it's a solo project for me with no ETA so I'm not sure when I'll share them or where but it definitely won't be here for various reasons.
  16. Hyperspin Android can only use 1 emulator per wheel so collections can ONLY be made with that in mind. It could be done if you use mame to run the different consoles but that's not ideal.
  17. Hello, I wonder how to setup a collection XML files in order to launch different system for each ROMs on HS Android Nvidia Shield. i-e , I setup a Metal Slug Collection, the ini file associated launch Mame4droid, but inside the collection I want to add Metalslug 6 (who should be executed with Flycast), (I setup a Samy Atomiswave ini with Flycast) How can I force HS to launch other ini ?
  18. I'm having the same problem with the 1.51 update. This only happens with horizontal scrolling + centered wheels. But what I do that's unique is have only 1 system show at a time. So you scroll through the system menu left <> right, and the previous and next systems would normally appear but I have those wheels set to 1 px in HyperHQ so they don't show up, giving me a display of 1 system at a time rather than 5. If this is fixed that would be awesome since it's the only thing preventing me from updating from 1.4. I'd love to take advantage of the bug fix of HS filling only half the screen immediately after exiting a game.
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  20. @dark13, I've never tried the Sharp X68000 until today. I added it to RL, added a weird database and tried some m3u files, some games run fine, Final Fight, etc, even the gamepad works, is there something you'd want in the module for this system that could make it work better? I mean, since you mentioned a working module or something in your last post.
  21. Anyone have this type of cabinet (Extreme Home) that they can provide the measurements on for the base? I am not good at woodworking and appreciate any help to just get me started. This looks like the easiest to cut out. Thank you.
  22. elegerf


  23. A single fullscreen video should actually run better than complicated .swf themes with particles and stuff, original .swf will probably looks much better, especially if the .swf uses fullHD resources,
  24. Ah interesting. Do you know if there are any disadvantages to using them? I'm thinking a video would load quicker than an entire theme, so browsing through your wheel of games could be quicker? Wondering if they look as good as the actual game themes too. Thanks
  25. Yes, you can create a themeset using only videos but usually those videos are for other emulators or weak hardware. Just as example nvidia shield version of hyperspin can't use .swf, so you can directly use the videos of the theme.
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