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  4. There is NO SUCH thing as an 8TB (or any other size) drive. It is highly illegal to distribute any games with any emulator/frontend. Anyone offering to do so, is in NO WAY affiliated with HS or this site. We don't even allow talk about where to get any "roms" on this site. We don't support piracy in any way. Please consult the laws in your Country/Region about the legalities around obtaining any "game images". This is not just HyperSpin specific, you can look at any Frontend you like, none of them would ever sell a drive with game images on it. Please DO NOT come here for support if you buy one of these! *If you already have a collection of legally owned game images ** AND you are setting all this up yourself Then you may come here to ask more specific questions about getting something running more smoothly... That's not to say you are guaranteed an answer or anything. There is nobody getting paid here to provide support. The user base isn't exactly bustling these days either, but the people that do still hang around these forums are generally really good at helping others troubleshoot. HS is FREEWARE after all, there is no reason to be buying it... ok there is a "suggested" HS premium subscription to quickly sync all the pretty artwork that you see when browsing the game wheels. It is not 100% needed though as you can technically download stuff manually and just place in the proper folder location. Also, the game video previews that play when browsing the wheel all come from a site called EmuMovies. A platinum subscription there is totally necessary no matter what Frontend you use! So there can be some cost if you are serious about your retro gaming. In my opinion there is no such thing as "plug and play". There is just too many different ways to "set-up". Too many different PC's. Too many choices! Did they set this up to run on a Pi or full fledged Ryzen CPU and 8GB graphics card? Was it set up for an actual CRT tube or a 16:9 widescreen? If it's widescreen, most retro systems are 4:3 ratio, did they just stretch the game out to the edges or did they use a nice bezel to display some art in that area instead? What about controls? Did they set up use for joypads? If so, were they dinput or xinput? Or did they just set up for actual arcade cab controls? Speaking of arcade cabinets, does yours have an LCD for the marquee? or nice LED buttons? Did whoever set this up account for that by setting up HyperMarquee or LEDBlinky? You see, we are not just talking about 1 program here. These kind of set ups are typically 3-9 different programs (not even including emulators) that all kinda work in unison. There is also often more than 1 way to do things. If you are using gamepads, you can map controls with supported keymappers like JoyToKey or Xpadder. Or depending on your needs, you could just use the "Startup Script", or you could write some quick AHK scripts to launch at the proper times. You can buy someone else's choices and hope that everything miraculously lines up, but ultimately I think you will have to learn what everything does and why it's used so you'll be able to "fix" it the way YOU like/need. Set-up should be done on the system it's going to run on as far as I can see.
  5. Please excuse the very basic question, but I know NOTHING about Hyperspin, and am the literal babe in the woods. I have some questions And I hope I can get some answers. 1. I am thinking of getting a preloaded Hyperspin external drive, and would like to know what would be the best to purchase. I am looking at the 8T because it seems to be loaded with the most stuff I want to play. What would be your recommendation. 2. If I get a plug and play unit, is all I need to do is to plug it into a USB and my computer will recognize it, will I have to do anything else to get it running. 3. I already have a setup on this computer with a front end (mGalaxY) with about ninety system installed on it. Will Hyperspin work with that installed if it is located on another drive that the one I am using for the hyperspin external drive 4. Currently on my computer I am playing Roms of Ps2, XBox, and WII-U. Most of the games work fine, however a couple of PS2, and XBox games (Games with high screen redraws), are a little choppy . My system is 8 G ram Intel Core 15-8400 2.81 GHZ' Intel UHD Graphics 630 Will some of the newer stuff be choppy. If so it is fine, I am only interested in the older stuff anyway, but hate to pay for newer games if they won't work, or if they are choppy. Also if I decide to get the preloaded external what is the place to get one as far as price, customer support, realibilty, etc. I thank you for your time in this matter.
  6. Last week
  7. It be like that sometimes....sometimes it plays the swf themes other times it crashes......been like that since the 2015 shield.....its best to not use swf for android......thats one of the reasons I changed up my whole theme to a more universal setup...between swf themes and not every system having box art and cart art....I changed all my default themes to a metallic background with metallic wheels , the system title all changed to a metallic color and just the game wheels and game videos are showing
  8. Euh ok, sorry, i'm sure it was not crashing HS before but you're right it was never working before but not crashing. i don't want to dedicate the life of nobody, reassure you, sorry to disturb you
  9. swf files have never worked on NVS so this is therefore NOT a regression, as some themes have always crashed with SWF files in them. That's just how it is. Reznnate will not be fixing that. All we want for now is for it to get back to what it was previously, he is not going to dedicate his life to getting everything working like the PC version, because if it could then it would have been done already. Simplest way to avoid crashes is to just use default.zip for every system and keep your themes for the PC version, or go through and remove SWF files everytime one crashes.
  10. Yes that's what i've already do, as i say in previous post without swf it works, i know some thiings don't work like swf wheel etc but before the new beta hyperspin won't crash with these themes so i inform reznnate as he ask the regression with the beta, it may be related with some new library
  11. Remove the swf files from one of the games and test to see if its the issue, or just delete the theme altogether and use the default themes (that's if you actually want to play the games) ? Keep in mind this does not work like the PC version as this is android and many things that work on PC won't work on NVS and never have.
  12. Yep but a lot of my themes have swf, why these themes particulary crash, and it's for reznnate as he ask what was working before and not now with beta. What is surprising is that somehow i can read these themes with fresh instal
  13. Check the zip files in themes folder for the games that crash and they probably have swf files in them. It's best to NOT use swf files anywhere on NVS in my experience.
  14. I've got crash with some games themes, like super mario 1 2 and 3 on NES, it crashes hyperspin as soon i go on, i think it's related with swf in theme. curiously some times with fresh install of hyperspin i can read theme but as hyperspin go on last game i played, if i go in nes after stoping HS it crash
  15. I'm not seeing where to download the newest beta version. There was a post a few days ago with it attached but the file isn't there any longer. I checked the downloads on the site and the last update was in like 2018 I think. I uninstalled hyperspin from my shield and reinstalled it. Accepted the permissions to access files. And it's still just crashing as soon as I open it.
  16. Thanks, i'll wait for your work on SAF, don't want to change all emulator to retroarch.
  17. I wish the retroarch MAME core was better on Shield, but it's buggy... Am working on SAF support but it will be a few weeks (I think) for an update. I'll post the new beta here when it's ready.
  18. feel


  19. annalynn


  20. That's understandable.....for myself, RetroArch is my #1 go to emulator for android...with a mixture of old and new cores I think its the best solution....sometimes newer cores breaks old features so I tend to keep copies of new and old cores for those reasons....as far as mame goes, RetroArch is the best on Android....as far as mess or old computers are concerned , mame 0.227 was the last and final version on Android that was pushed out....anything beyond that failed to compile with both mess and mame merged...as far as ps1 goes, have u tried with chds, bin and cue or other compressed formats....I use bin and cue and chds for multi disks to avoid swapping
  21. Sorry, I might have been unclear with what I was saying... I don't want to carry over artwork. My point was that arcade games don't have consistent art, in general, since they don't all have a box or a cabinet picture, or whatever--they never will, and that's ok. But because it's not all neat and organizable like having NES boxes or something, it's perfect for Hyperspin. You get wrapped up in sound, video, and stuff like that and don't have to worry about everything being the same size or whatever. Anyway, the fact that Retroarch basically works is also of little help, because some of us are morally opposed to Retroarch (there are reasons you won't find certain emulators like Redream on there), and even if we aren't some of the cores just aren't great... for the life of me, I can't find a Retroarch core that does as well with Playstation as ePXSe, for example. My old favorite "Air Combat" (precursor to Ace Combat) barely runs on FPse and some of those. So, I HAVE to use standalone emulators. And for other systems, Retroarch just doesn't offer a built-in option, so once again, I have to use standalone. And as of right now, SAF or whatever is preventing many of them from working. TL;DR - SAF needs to be addressed for Hyperspin to be viable on Shield again.
  22. U can use the same launchbox files with hyperspin.....I did that before I decided on a different type of theme that is more universal with no box art
  23. @Spacman for me dolphin don't work, can you said what dolphin version you use please and parameters @fred33 said than yaba sanshiro don't work, you said than yaba sanshiro work ? same here, what version and parameters ? for PPSSPP as i said in precedent post : With this parameters Error message "invalid emulator" rompath=/storage/SDCARD1/Hyperspin/Games/Sony PSP/ userompath=true exe=org.ppsspp.ppssppgold/org.ppsspp.ppsspp.PpssppActivity romextension=iso,ISO,cso,CSO parameters= With this parameters hyperspin open standalone emulator ppsspp gold... rompath=/storage/SDCARD1/Hyperspin/Games/Sony PSP/ userompath=true exe=org.ppsspp.ppssppgold/org.ppsspp.ppsspp.PpssppActivity romextension=iso,ISO,cso,CSO parameters=org.ppsspp.ppssppgold.Shortcuts If we must do a summary - Hyperspin now can be launched with android 11 and work with usb and nas external storage - Retroarch work allways with hyperspin - Standalone emulators ( many of them use SAF file and hyperspin need some adjustement, perhaps less of standalone emulators work again but we needed to test all standalone emulators)
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Sorry for the delay, here is arcade nag free v0.246
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