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  5. oui tu as raison, mais je voulais poster ma solution au cas où quelqu'un aurait un jour ce problème et tombe sur mon post
  6. I have converted a Dreamcast GDI to CHD which launches fine from reicast locally but if I try to launch through Hyperspin it just takes me to the Dreamcast bios/menu screen, anyone know how to fix this? edit. Not to worry guys went with redream instead
  7. hi to everyone, i was trying use joytokey, but i use Hyperspin for PC Games, so i didn't understand one thing, that's game will reconize gamepad some buttons like keyboard, when i need use it only for Hyperspin menu, anyway, so i think i find another way, just use on Hyperspin.exe compatible mode Windows 98, and menu stop stucking, only two bad things, first in windows 98 any programm use only one core of cpu, but for menu it is ok, and second joystick buttons a bit sensetive, so you must press them carefully
  8. Effectivement, c'est bizarre ton bug. Avec la mise à jour de windows 10 j'avais dû ajouter le sxs.dll. Mon hyperspin fonctionnait donc sur mon Windows10, mais quand je voulais le faire fonctionner sur un windows 7 il fallait que je supprime le sxs.dll sinon ça ne fonctionnait pas. C'est pas un peu ce genre de problème que tu as? Après, si tu arrives à le faire fonctionner, ça ne sert à rien de se poser trop de questions...
  9. J'ai enfin résolu mon problème mais c'est très bizarre, je m'explique, mon hyperspin est sur un disque dur externe et pour le faire fonctionner, à chaque fois que je rebranche le disque dur sur le PC à problème, je dois appliquer l'upgrade 1.5.1 d'hyperspin (et vraiment à chaque fois que je rebranche l'ordi). Je n'arrive pas à m'expliquer le pourquoi du comment mais en faisant cela ça marche. Je précise aussi que ce n'est pas un antivirus d'un autre PC qui m'efface un fichier.
  10. Taking some time off.  Will be back soon.  Stay safe everyone. ✌

  11. Cheers guys, greatly appreciated. I guess I just need to decide if I'm basically doing a "fresh" build if it's worth starting up to date, I guess it will also support Windows 10 better as well.... I've seen the newer version of MAME looks a lot different from what I remember so I'll have a think. Thanks for the info on the clones, I do seem to remember something about this now, it's been far to long since I set it all up. And recently I've been playing around with Pinball ROMS that are completely different. Thanks again, lets see what I can break tonight 😂.
  12. Totally agree! Once upon a time, it was not uncommon to see mame go without an update for 6 months or more. Now they kind of mandate updates every single month! It's such a pain to do so I try to avoid it at all costs. Basically I would only do it now if a game I really wanted to play was marked as "not working" in my current version and now became playable in a new version. All that being said, there are additions to features along the way as well, like the way mame handles artwork... and the use of HLSL/GLSL was added (or at least greatly improved) somewhere around .176 I think. I don't use HLSL or even vanilla mame these days. Another huge development in the last seven years is RetroArch. I will be forward right off the bat. I fuckin hate this program! LOL excuse the french. The way you make and save settings is just not very intuitive especially for newcomers. The ability to add a whole shader chain to any system, game, or content (folder) makes it well worth the learning how to use it though. Also just to add to what SupraKarma said, filtering the wheel "parent only" doesn't restrict you from playing the version you want even if it's not the parent. Interestingly, HS does not get parent/clone info from mame itself but rather from the XML. So if we take Pac-Man as an example you can find Pac-Man in the XML and delete “Puckman” from in between the “<clone of>” tags and it will show up as a parent. Then go to Puckman in the XML and put Pac-Man inside the clone of tag and HS will see it as clone and hide from wheel. Notepad++ (plusplus) is an excellent freeware program that you can use to better edit xml files. Just looks nicer than regular old notepad but more importantly, it does not have the same size limitations! I don't think a full fledged mame.xml would even load in regular notepad.
  13. Without going too in depth, I'll try to point you in the right direction, and give you my thoughts. The decision to update MAME is personal choice. My MAME setup is now going on 4 years old. But, 98% of the games worth actually playing have already been emulated, and, I have a full set of wheels/logos for all of them. Updating MAME would mean potentially having a couple hundred games without wheels, and I'd be willing to bet only 2% of them are games that I'd actually consider playing. MAME is a vast emulation project, and they've expanded to cover so many things now, that you really need to ask yourself if it's worth keeping up with. If they added an extra 200 fruit machines, is that really worth having? ...Again, 98% of the classics that are worth playing are already emulated. As far as the 'clones,' there's a very easy way to take care of that, assuming you're using proper databases. Simply open HyperHQ and go to the 'wheel' tab, choose MAME, and choose the 'navigation' tab, and under 'wheel fliters,' choose 'parents only.' From now on, only the 'parent' game will show up in HyperSpin.
  14. Hi all, OK so I've decided to give my old machine an update as it hasn't really seen much use for a while and it was originally built and setup a very scary 7 years ago 🤯. So I've got a new PC, monitor and got Hyperspin and RL setup and got the old stuff up and running (from what I can see so far), now.... everything is old MAME is on 0.152 and obviously everything else is around the 7 years old mark. Also I'd forgotten that I have loads of duplicate versions of games i.e. what seems like about 30 versions of street fighter II, along with many others I guess question one is should I get the latest MAME 0.226 from a glance, or any other version I should look for? and two how do I get rid of all these versions of the games? and lastly anything else I should be looking out for that has changed in the years I've been away 🤣? Cheers guys, (please be gentle...)
  15. fmartine

    Cerco temi

    Cerco i seguenti temi per Hyperspin, meglio se per Mame oppure anche versione non arcade ma sempre dello stesso gioco: crzrally Crazy Rally f1gpstar2 Grand Prix Star II hwrace high way race hotcahse hot chase hcrash hyper crash kikstart kick start wheelie king lagunar laguna racer motorace motorace USA racingb racing beat pc_radrc rad racer pc_radr2 rad racer 2 rpatrol river patrol spcpostn space position sci special criminal investigation splndrbt splendor blast strgchmp steering champ superbug super bug ssrj super speed race junior winrun winning run winrun91 winning run 91 winrungp winning run suzuka gran prix grazie
  16. DIDIER44

    Rocket Launch

    Salut shinobi, J’ai effectivement téléchargé sur le site de rocketlauncher le bon module. Bon j’ai galéré un peu car le l’avais mis sous hyperspin/module (config hyperlaunch je pense) alors qu’il faut le mettre dans le dossier hyperspin/rocketlaunch/module (pour ma config) Je le précise car cela peut aider d’autres personnes en difficulté. Y’a plus qu’à continuer la config Merci de ton aide. Bonne journée [emoji3] Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  17. Pinup Popper will let you download media for each table you have. it will also let you auto record the backglass, Playfield and DMD videos. something you should do. Unlike MAME or any other video game you have in Hyperspin. Visual Pinball and Future Pinball tables are always being updated with better and better resources. at some point we where playing this table https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1423 witch looks good but if you compare it to the more current version https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14334 Long story short, you should always record your own videos (so that they match the table you have) and use the Pinup Media downloader for wheels and other media that does not change as you updated your table or dB2s .
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  19. Thanks for the reply and information, I had already been playing with Pinup Popper but when I remembered how easy the media etc was to get on Hyperspin I had a moment of OOoooOOoo....I wonder??? Ah well back to plan A 😁..
  20. If you navigate to the MAME Emu and manage to start a game up Then you push TAB whilst the game is running on your keyboard to get in to the config settings. From There you can config your push buttons joystick etc It is time consuming and, at times frustrating, but well worth it in the end a big advantage is learning how the emulator works settings etc and file association Hopefully you have gone passed this issue and now making headway
  21. shinobi68

    Rocket Launch

    Salut, Pour mame, depuis la version .202 il me semble, les lignes de commande ont changé pour lancer les jeux. Il faut donc aller sur le site officiel de rocketlauncher et télécharger le module mis à jour (fais une recherche sur le forum pour trouver la version la plus à jour). Je tente de te joindre le fichier mais je crois que ça ne fonctionne plus sur ce site. Rocketlauncher, c'est comme Hyperspin. Ce n'est plus soutenu et ce sont les utilisateurs qui continuent à se soutenir eux-même, à mettre à jour les modules et à créer du nouveau contenu. MAME.ahk
  22. Fix HERE. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/42249-windows-update-2004-fix/?do=findComment&comment=326103
  23. Did you ever find a solution for the nonexistent function error in Hyperspin?I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere.  Any help would be appreciated. 

  24. neither of those is a good option HyperSpin only has support for one monitor HyperPin has not been updated in years (this is a knock on Hyperespin). The difference is that it does not support Rocketlauncher and the current launcher does not support FX2/3 or any of the other Steam Pinball Games you will find. for you it only has support for 2 monitors so your DMD and Topper would be black. if you had a 2 monitor cab with no DMD or Topper and did not care for FX2/3 or any other Steam based pinball games , this might be an option. Your Better Options are PinballX PinballY and the most "fancy" Pinup Popper ----> if you choose PinballY or PinballX some tables will need you to install this in the background as they require Pinup Player. Pinup Player will also give you the ability to play PUp Packs (replace your active Backglass with a video based backglass) again you can choose PinballX or PinballY and have Pinup Player installed in the background.
  25. any ideas what the hell is wrong with windows this time ????? hyperspin used to work, i cant get it to launch .... it will show up in task manager then disappear. sometimes it will stay in task manager.... absolutely nothing will show up on the monitor, or taskbar..... all copies of hyperspin on the computer will not work.... it worked 3 weeks ago or longer , i know windows did a update....
  26. DIDIER44

    Rocket Launch

    Bonjour, J'ai un hyperspin / Hyperlaunch qui fonctionne correctement. J'ai essayé une installation hyperspin / RocketLaunch qui ne fonctionne pas. Lorsque je lance un test jeu sur rocket launch, j'ai un message d'erreur comme quoi mon mame.ahk n'est pas compatible avec ma version mame (j'ai pris le ahk et le mame de mon hyperspin/hyperlaunch qui fonctionne. J'ai essayé plusieurs émulateurs mame et plusieurs modules, mais rien n'y fait. Quelqu'un aurait-il une idée ? Merci d'avance
  27. This might be a post for @32assassin
  28. OK so I'm looking for a bit if guidance please. A few years ago I built an arcade cabinet and used HyperSpin, I worked great so this year I decided to build a Pinball cabinet (picture of the build so far below) I'm waiting on a few things to get it finished so I thought it was a good time to update and refresh the Arcade machine (as it's not had much use for a while). Whilst trying to get my head back into the arcade setup rather than Pinball I noticed that there seems to be support for Pinball emulators etc. within Hyperspin/Hyperpin. Would either of these be a good option for my Pinball cabinet? I've got a 3 screen setup (Playfield, DMD/Topper and Back glass), I've got the emulators (VPX and Future Pinball) just about sorted, I love the Hyperspin front end on the Arcade especially with the Hypersync etc. I know there are other front ends for the Pinball cabinets but if I can keep both machines on the same setup it "should" be easier for me to manage. Thanks in advance.
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