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  3. Thank you, I can login now
  4. Great news. Thanks gigapig
  5. It looks like Hypersync is down and we hope to have it back up soon. Thanks.
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  7. Same for me. I haven't been able to log in for a while now
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  9. Under the news section is says "Error Loading News: Unable to connect to the remote server"
  10. "Could not verify HyperSpin membership, check your credentials and try again." I verified with the creds I use to log on here. I was able to use HyperSync a few days ago.
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  13. I'm new to Hyperpin. Bought a drive setup that has everything plus hyperspin and all the videos and artwork. Problem is I really don't like the theme. I noticed yours and was wondering where I can get it and what would I need to do to switch to it? Thanks.

  14. I've decided to finally buy my dream 4 player pedestal. Thus far I've reached out to Keith at Monster Arcades 4 times and Dream Home Arcades twice but I'll be damned if I can actually get any company to respond to my emails. Has COVID made everyone rich and they don't need several thousand dollars or what? Seriously frustrating. Who else would you recommend? I've been out of the scene for several years - below is what I was thinking about using. All comments and opinions absolutely welcome good or bad. The primary purpose is mainly for Mame and Teknoparrot with some new"er" PC fighting games as well. IPAC Ultimate IO (4) Sanwa 8 way JLF RGB standard length shaft (one that I can flip to 4 way when needed) (Pearl) Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball w/ U-Trak RGB LED Panel (estimated 46 buttons total) P1 & P2 8 buttons per - GoldLeaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons P3 & P4 4 buttons per - GoldLeaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons <-- any need to go to 6 button these days? Minigrip Flight Stick Version Spinner - spintrak rotary control 46" Samsung OLED TV Current PC is an old Intel I-7 quad core 2.8 ghz, 16 gig with X64 Windows 10 with an Nvidia 580. That still plenty good or not? 12GB NAS box On aside note I have retired my Aimtrak guns and am using the Sindens. Holy cow those freaking things are so much better! Also going to add (4) HDMI female receptacles to the front of my cabinet for easy access to using my bliss box. For anyone interested in doing that you also add a temporary switch and use pin 9. as temporary interrupt. Thanks to all.
  15. I really need some help with this. I am attempting to install hypserspin to my nvidia shield. I am using an external usb devis to hold the files. When i click to open hyperspin i get "No hypersin data folder found! Valid locations are "/storage/uuiid/hyperspin, /sdcard/heperspin", or /storage/sdcard0/hyperspin" Please visit hyperspin-fe.com. Why is it trying to access my SD card when my shield doesnt even have a sd card slot. It should be accessing the external USB storage i added. I just cant for the life of me figure out who to ask for help on this. Thank you!
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  18. Hey everyone, I'm trying to source hi-res versions of the side art (and other artwork) from Universal's Cosmic Alien. It's a beautiful cab, I'm tempted to track down the real thing rather than hack it onto a home arcade cab project. That is just what I plan to do though. Best image of the sideart I could find was via google image search. I don't know if it's out there, but I thought I would ask here. Thanks!
  19. I purchased this hdd and need help, ive done everything on these instructions and still nothing happens, hyperspin doesnt even open on my home screen, ive seen a video that says to root it but idk, then one that says unzip files, i dont know how to do either. Is there a tutorial video out there, its been 2 weeks i havent heard from the vendor so reaching out to public for help thank you
  20. Muy buenas DomusdelCampo!! Soy  Diego de La Rioja y tengo una pregunta para ti. Se puede compartir la carpeta media entre sistemas en el HS Subwheels? Es decir, que todos los sistemas de mame(por ejemplo) ataquen a las misma carpeta media.Muchas gracias.Un saludo.

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  22. 50 downloads

    Hi every here is the newest in from MAME ver 231 no nag. Enjoy
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