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    Cocktail table Underlay artwork for Jatre Specter (Space Invaders bootleg)
  5. Jatre Specter Underlay View File Cocktail table Underlay artwork for Jatre Specter (Space Invaders bootleg) Submitter Lucky1 Submitted 11/16/2019 Category Templates HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
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  7. Try this one: https://wallpapersafari.com/download/UKbZXs/
  8. Hi Creezz, how did you solve this exactly? I have the same issue with wanting to use a button on an Xbox 360 controller and a button on a Logitech R29 racing wheel to invoke the Escape key with Joy2Key? Thanks
  9. Spawk


    Just for my own curiosity, why would you ever need to turn JTK off? Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  10. Some of us long timers only log in once a week or so... A couple of things: you are win10? You may want to try to run JTK as admin and see if the ini is ok then. Also, is that hyperlaunch? Would suggest upgrading to RocketLauncher. I can help more in about 3hrs when I get off work. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  11. https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/arm64-v8a/
  12. Navigate the libretro buildbot website for arm v8 cores to find the exact name
  13. Auch wenn ich schon vor geraumer Zeit zu LaunchBox gewechselt bin, zieht es mich alle Nase lang mal hier in das Board. Zu meinem Erstaunen tut sich entwicklungstechnisch anscheinend garnichts mehr, daher meine Frage im Threadtitel... Gruss Alex
  14. Hi I love that background used on the control panel layout of all the game devs, is it possible to get a hi resolution version of that to be able to print? Thank you.
  15. you have a link for new database xml ?
  16. Module changed from 0.211 on MAME, that's why MAME 0.215 works, and 0.170 does not. Look for previous module for MAME and link it to your 0.170 set if required.
  17. wow, I thought in a Hyperspin Website/Forum I would get multiple answers or suggestions to my problem, I guess this is more complicated than I thought I still appreciate everyone taking the time to look at the post.
  18. I think I'll stick with the Quadro for now. Seemed to have it going 'okay'. I installed mame 215b and now I can't run any games in RL/HyperSpin! 0170 worked fine but doesn't have BGFX. 215b seems to work fine by itself and works with the roms from 0170 (so far..! 🤞), but refuses to work with RL/HyperSpin. I get this error: "ScriptError - There was an error waiting for the window "ahk_class MAME". Please check you have the correct version emulator installed for this module, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your Frontend first. Also turn off Fade to see if you are hiding your problem. " 1 step forward (CRT-Geom works fine, deluxe is too taxing and causes sound glitches in things like Espgaluda), 2 steps back (no games in HyperSpin!). How do I sort this?
  19. Hi friends! I have an installation of Hyperspin with just MAME games ( no other systems, just MAME ), in the past this install was being use with an IPAC encoder. I built my own cabinet and want to use this Hyperspin installation with my new Zero Delay encoder button set, at the moment I haven't been able to configure anything because I cant even access a MAME game to use my keyboard to configure keys yet. here is the error I get when I hit " enter " on my keyboard to enter a game: ***" You are using Keymapper support but are not up-to-date with JoytoKey or cannot find JoyToKey.ini c:/Hyperspin\Hyperlaunch\Profiles\JoyToKey Please Make sure you are running JoyToKey v5.1.0 or later. "*** The confusion is that I have a higher version of Joytokey installed already ( see image attached ) I also have the Joytokey.ini file in the profiles folder, is visible when I see it via windows explorer but not when I try to look for it via Hyperlaunch. ( see image ) attached are some images of the settings in Hyperlaunch, can someone tell be what I can do in order to bypass this error and be able to play MAME games! Thanks everyone so much
  20. Hi all, It seems retroarch (at least on android) has removed their Mupen64plus core and replaced it with Mupen64plus-next. My hyperspin (Nvidia shield) won't launch N64 games anymore because it's trying to launch a core that no longer exist. I have tried editing my "Nintendo 64.ini" file with multiple variations to get the new core to launch, but I cannot get it to work. Anyone know the new core parameters off hand? I've searched quite a bit and am coming up empty. Just to clarify I'm looking for the "Parameters =" line under the exe= that determines which core retro arch will use. I have confirmed manually loading the "Mupen64Plus-Next" core works with content. I just can't seem to get the command line correct to have it launch from hyperspin. Any help is appreciated thanks! I have already switched to it launching "Mupen64 FZ" in the meantime, but I prefer the launch coming from retroarch because FZ resumes mid-game where you left off when starting from hyperspin, and I prefer the WOW factor of games loading from the title screen.
  21. Ikagura used Naomi board, just use demul for naomi, m2emulator for model 2 and supermodeler for model3. Upgrade to mame 0.214 can make sense as finally cps3 (Street Fighter 3) emulation is now perfect. For the videocard, well, try it. Old AMD drivers are often a mess...
  22. vlado1


    Joytokey can no longer be turned off with bat file!
  23. tinkinhte


  24. Hey, thanks for replying. I'm aware of the Quadro's specialism. I also have a AMD 2400XT lying around as well. Difficult to get proper data on comparisons, but they seem to have parity with each other. Is it worth seeing if I can swap them round do you think? Just had a quick look at BGFX, but apparently it's only on mame 0.172 and later? At the moment I'm running with 0.170 because I have a full working set for that and there's nothing missing for me from it (apart from Ikaruga, which still doesn't work in latest MAME anyway AFAIK). I'm trying to get away without having to download a whole new MAME set - they're beasty big files!
  25. Yeah, HLSL impacts performance on weak videocards. GLSL needs less power but the best option in mame is BGFX. Some rigs I've worked on had a weak videocards that could not run CRT GEOM on RA GLSL but worked like a charm using MAME's BGFX video mode and CRT GEOM DELUXE shader chain. p.s. quadro videocards may have problems with games, they are made for professional applications and the drivers sucks in terms of gaming performance.
  26. So, after much fiddling around, I just got HLSL effects enabled in RocketLauncher for MAME. Trouble is, when I do have them enabled EVERY game goes very slow and grinds to a halt (test game is espgaluda). So I have a dedicated vertical cab with an 19" Dell LCD monitor (it's a Vigolix inspired build) which has this PC in it: AMDFX6300 8GB memory NVidia Quadro FX 580 Graphics card. Now, the graphics card is old because it's pulled from another machine. Is it the graphics card that's limiting me or something else I've missed? Should I look at GLSL instead? Do I need to replace the graphics card after all? If so, what's the cheapest I could get away with? My RPi3 ran many of these games pretty good with shader options in retroarch (attract mode build from arcadepunks) ...were they some other kind of less demanding shader? Because it really seems to me that my PC should be kicking its butt! Sorry for all the questions, but there's really a lot of detail to get my head around!
  27. hola necesito ayuda para la configuracion de hysperspin logro emular bien los juegos pero al momento de cambiar a otro se blockea alguien podria darme alguna solucion
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