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  2. After 2 years and a half.... are hyperspin developers ever gonna solve this?
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  6. Hi friends, I wanted to see if anyone could help me with an issue I'm having. I have Hyperspin installed, with just MAME games, I have not set up the buttons just yet, I notice when I hit Enter on the keyboard to enter one of the games, I get the following message ( see image attached ), its about joytokey, can anyone share some info that can help me get this going? I just want to play MAME on Hyperspin!! by the way, am susing hyperspin with hyperlaunch and hyperhq. Thanks everyone!!
  7. I am going to try one more thing, should not have to bring the site down. Should take about 48 hours and I'll check back. Unfortunately It's looking like the actual embed code got messed up on these posts at some point.
  8. JoyToKey is what I use [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. If he wants to control Hyperspin with his Xbox controllers then he either needs to use JoyToKey or HyperSpin Startup Script 1.08. I don't know if @ninja2bceen has a video guide for those.
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  11. Thanks. Didnt explore the startup shutdown issue any more...I just select quit in emulation station wait a few seconds after the screen goes off the turn the power button off on the back.. Boots up when power button turned back on..
  12. If we click on them it loads a page with the image. Circo has been on the case lately working on the website to fix issues, he's been laid up for months with a broken leg (as have I). Raise the issue on the site maintenance thread and I'm sure he'll look into it. Nice looking little cabinet. Loved seeing the Lemmings walking off the blocks, that's a nice touch us Amiga fans can appreciate
  13. Are the pictures working there not showing up on my phone. Look like broken links???
  14. Nice little machine how did you get on with the power on/shutdown sequence?
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  16. haha, I was just coming here to ask! Yeah, the translators are not working. opening Question " salve sono stefano vivo in italia , vorrei acquistare un vostro blissbox 4 adpter , quando sara’ di nuovo disponibile? saluti " I replied with " in English: This is discontinued, some still exist in stores but many are sold out. You can still buy the cable bag on the store but the HUB is a special order. If you want to buy the HUB email me " then he says "grazie , mi puo’ spiegare come funziona , io uso un pc con hyperspin e’ devo simulare i tasti xbox360 usando controller 8Nbido e hori pro v , mi puo’ dire la soluzione migliore? gamer pro e’ la stessa cosa?" I replied with a link to a HyperSpin Bliss-Box tutorial Then he says "my controller are all with usb 2.0 because i use a pc with hyperspin , how must to buy for this? gamer pro is ok? sorry for this questions my english is so and so chis wizshaw tell me that i want to use my controller i can simular with hub blissbox , please help me for to buy correcty i must simular controller xbox with more controller no xbox " I then told him I would seek outside help in his language. after a bit he says " praticamente hyperspin funziona bene con il controller xbox , io ho tre controller di cui due sono usb 2.0 e sono nintendo 8nbido e un altro joistick della hori pro v , li uso a seconda del tipo di game , purtroppo con hyperspin questi non funzionano bene xche’ non li riconosce come xbox controller " in behalf of HP I replied " The thing you need to know is that Hyper spin is just a front end. The emulator are what read the controller. So its not Hyper spin that is issue. It is the fact you need to config each emulator and not all emulators will use xbox. Game-Pro makes this easier because all emulators will support it, you can map joy 2 keys for navigating in hyperspin. " where he just said " che cosa mi consigli di fare? " So, I'm failing him I think.
  17. Im having same issue , can anyone elaborate on how to set the fadetitle for this game? - or others im having same issue with>? - tia
  18. Thanks for trying anyway. My 3DS logos for example are still not showing, so I guess they weren't among the lucky 25,000...😉
  19. Well unfortunately I was only half successful. Many many images are back but not everything. I thought I had it when I sent you the message yesterday, I am sorry. Good news is something like 25,000 posts were repaired. I would try again but the two days downtime for the rebuild is just a bit much to try back to back.
  20. @diskmach I may have figured out a way to rebuild every remote image on the site. Going to take some doing but I just may be able to fix most of those broken images. Calling it a day for now but I will tackle that tomorrow.
  21. Agreed it is a shame, no way I can see to fix it though, sorry 😪
  22. Yeah, it's more about "preservation of Hyperspin forums history". 😉 And that I don't look like a slacker, all those links gone, or that I wouldn't keep the Imgur links up. 😉 Don't think I will be fixing 2000 links manually, though....
  23. Older posts do not fix themselves unfortunately. Thumbnails are created at posting. But it should be fixed going forward. Nice side effect though is that I switched image handling from GD which is utterly basic to ImageMagick which is much faster and reliable and supports anything you throw at it quickly. Including animated gifs. I did try clearing the cache and some other tricks but the links are even missing. There isn't much left to fix. At least you finished that set right? I do remember that much 🙂
  24. Thanks for looking into it. Can't see that it works here, though, maybe some problem still with older posts? If I find a random old post I did: Images are not showing up. If I copy the image address and remove the Hyperspin part the image is showing though? Edit: Yours is a direct link. So would it be possible to batch fix old links?
  25. I sent you a PM... Is that ironic?
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