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    Colocando los DMD en el B2S Backglass de Visual Pinball

    Hola me encanto el tutorial pero ando buscando la forma de como cambiar el tamaño del backglass a la forma que me acomode, y no me funsiona el tema de visibilizar el grill por mas que aplique la forma no me aparece el grill en el backglass.
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  9. thatman84

    Is HyperSpin still being developed?

    I feel the same but with this topic I understand why the devs wont be doing that until its real. To much history now for that.
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  12. broomey

    Is HyperSpin still being developed?

    Any info on Hyperspin 2.0 progress would be appreciated by all I'm sure.
  13. thatman84

    Help identify cabinet

    As stated above this is a custom unit with a hard drive using the non-commercial Hyperspin software. I understand your coming from a decent place but our forum rules prevent these topics from continuing. I would suggest looking at ebay for comparisons but be aware selling something with copy righted games may be a legal problem in your location.
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    Help identify cabinet

    It's just an ordinary custom made bartop with an HyperSpin sticker glued to the hard disk. Probably the hard disk comes from ebay sellers that sell HyperSpin's preconfigured setting (spoiler: often they don't work and sellers don't give any kind of support on those things)
  17. HaydnAdmin

    Help identify cabinet

    Hi all. New to the forum because I work for an estate that will be selling a complete cabinet system but I need help identifying what this is. The front graphics say "ASTRARCADE". Searching for that online has turned up nothing for me. It has a drive inside the cabinet with the label "G41M-P23 System Hyperspin 2.0" Does anybody know who made this and where I could find more information? My boss is going to want to find out what it is worth so we can list it appropriately. Thanks
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