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  4. Hello! Congrats for your solution... I wonder if you can share it because im having the same issue. Is not the same, but is very similiar, I lose the focus when Hyperspin starts (Im using JoyToKey) and i need to press alt + tab in order to get focus. Thanks a lot in advance.
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  6. I've tried to find the module line but all my modules are compatible with an old rocketlauncher (There is yet StartModule() function). Then i'll try to find an atomiswave module for rocketlauncher and for demul 0.5.6 or 0.5.7 ;(
  7. Trying to use bezels? Maybe this thread helps??? http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6689-Help-with-Demul-0-7a-module-and-running-earlier-demul-for-bezels
  8. I don't have it set up at the moment... but when I do finally get to it, I will probably be using the Reicast core in Retroarch.
  9. Thanks for the answer ! MAME, N64, ... work great but i have a problem with the last : Atomiswave. The emulator is Demul, the launcher launches great but in hyperspin, nothing happens. Had you already this problem ?
  10. Pretty sure there is a setting to start off in your favourites. Im at work and can't check right now, but I'm pretty sure its in the hyperhq settings. Worst case scenario create a new database .xml with only ur favourite games
  11. Never mind. signed out and back in and now working.
  12. Can't download these two even though I am a platinum member. Any reason?
  13. Super, great advise agent47, but im still having the same problems after reinstalling RL and doing it the way you suggested instead of Dark's way. I know this is limited to no imformation but is there something im missing other than the module udate? thanks.
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    hola kapo 1 pregunta es para vercion pc? por que lo pongo en mi hyperspin y lo pongo en la 2 carpetas tanto como en media y android y me sale zip file error
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  17. Hey Guys I have a cab with just MAME running. I want only my favourites to appear and have it boot to them on startup rather than use a hotkey. I found an old thread which said change an INI settting called 'Start_on_Favourites=yes' I did that but it doesnt work Can anyone help? Thanks
  18. Hyperlaunch is old and crap, i would suggest using RocketLauncher. See here how to connect HS and RL:
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  20. Here's the logs 12:29:41 PM | HyperSpin Started 12:29:41 PM | Going FullScreen 12:29:42 PM | Checking for updates 12:29:42 PM | Update Check Complete 12:29:42 PM | Startup program unavailable 12:29:42 PM | Playing intro video 12:29:43 PM | Error intializing joysticks 12:29:43 PM | Menu Mode is multi 12:29:43 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 12:29:43 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 12:29:44 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 12:29:48 PM | Loading MAME.xml 12:29:48 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 12:29:49 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 12:29:51 PM | Launching Game 12:29:51 PM | Using HyperLaunch 12:29:51 PM | Getting Launcher path 12:29:51 PM | Can't find HyperLaunch, defaulting to root HyperLaunch.exe 12:29:51 PM | Launcher located at C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe 12:29:51 PM | Running Launcher 12:29:51 PM | Launcher Command Line is: C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe "MAME" "sbbros"
  21. Hi, After decorated, i'am setting the emulators. I'm trying to install retroarch or MAME but it's the same : 1) MAME on emulator folder 2) MAME module -> MAME.ahk 3) Database -> MAME.xml 4) HyperHQ -> rom folder and retroarch.exe or mame64.exe Fusion with the megadrive was OK but not with retroarch & MAME. It doesn"thappen anything when i launch my games. Can you help me? Thx in advance !
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  24. Hi All, As i could not find any good collection of Atari 8 bit videos i made for my own use a set. I have up loaded them to Emu Movies close to 900 clips if anyone interested path to them below
  25. Problema risolto su RocketlauncherUI: 1) inserito il secondo emulatore In emulators 2) poi sono andato in games/alternate emulators/croce verde/add alternate game emulator/ e qui ho scelto il gioco che nn partiva, l’emulatore nuovo e il sistema partitooooooo grazie a tutti di nuovo
  26. Hi, Thanks for your quick answer, i didn't note the default theme Have a nive day
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