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  4. Version v0.222


    sorry for the late compile, but here is yet another Arcade64 v0.222 Enjoy🙂
    This is the file with all the game title fonts for your MAME wheel.
    Gracias! Me costo encontrar un archivo que funcionara...
  5. I also have the same issue on Windows 10. Two xbox one XINPUT controllers are both showing the same IDs. Here is what my settings.ini looks like... [Game Ports] Port1=VID_045E&PID_02FF&IG_00 Port2=VID_045E&PID_02FF&IG_00 [Daemon Settings] DaemonMode=FALSE DaemonModeDelay=10 When i reboot it will actually disconnect my controllers and will not reconnect them
    Works fantastic! Thank you for providing these!
  6. 262 downloads

    In celebration of the upcomming 4th Of July I decided to do MAME .222 No Nag for everyone. As always let me know if you run into any issues and everyone have a safe holiday.
    awesome work, thank you!
    Numbers are wrong...
  7. Version v0.216


    Here is a requested Arcade64 v.0216 no nag raw enjoy😃
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