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  2. Sorry, i think i click on cross to hide message and forget it. So i think maintenance was finish 😅
  3. gigapig

    Sling 2?

    If you see the message then it's not finished.
  4. Maintenance is finish ? Because I still have this message "Sling2"
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  7. If using Retroarch load up a game, go into the quick menu>options and then unselect Boot to bios.
  8. I have also had this issue and I'm pretty sure it was a setting in Retroarch for that core which wasn't immediately obvious. Not sure if my current gpu can run Retroarch but I will look if it runs.
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  10. Spawk, I may have to start calling you Google, again you have the right answer. Setting that variable was just what I needed and now everything is working as it should Thankyou!
  11. Hello everyone is there a jynx module to download for rocketlauncher in trying to add camputers lynx system 

    im using jynx 64bit version im on windows 10 

    thanks again much appreciated 

  12. PS1 games are a mixed bag like that. Some games will only work in "Digital" others will need "Dual Analog"... some may even work with either/both. You can specify which connection to use on a per game basis in RLUI "edit global module" --> "Rom Settings" tab: You can find more info about it in this thread on the RL forums: http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?4408-Sony-PlayStation-Controller-Compatibility-Matrix-and-List-of-Special-Settings&p=47221#post47221
  13. Fantastic job on this. how did you get the LCD frame to line up perfectly with the top of the arcade cab? everyone else videos shows theirs sticking up a bit (ugly in IMO). now that i see that this can be done without looking off, or ugly I would like to try this. can you PM me some pics of your panel if you have any, for me to get a idea? Thank you!
  14. Spawk, Yes I followed your mini tutorial to get this far. So you are saying that I should get my PlayStation controller to work first in ePSXe. It does work and the configuration is attached below. All games work this way and no problems found. However when I launch the game in Hyperspin (emulator ePSXe) the controller is unresponsive for the game 2Xtreme. It does work however for game 007 world is not enough. Seems some games work and some don't. Not sure on the ratio but from what I have tested so far, 50/50. The controller is a stock Sony SCPH-1080 and the USB interface is a Komodo. Again, I did have it working once or twice with the game 2Xtreme but after I exited and went back into hyperspin, it no longer worked.
  15. I have same problem. Please help. Contact: Stickman Hook
  16. Hello! See if you can help. I want to change the color of the letters and the size of the letters, which appear in HyperSpin when you select a game. Not on the Wheel. But the text in the lower left corner. I know that if I enter the database and change the description, it changes what is written in the description. But what I want is to change the color and size of that description. I am attaching a photo so you can see the text that I want to change. It's 1996, Namco (I want to make it bigger) and Aqua Jet (I want to make it smaller) and both change the color. Thank you.
  17. Hola! A ver si podeis ayudarme. Quiero cambiar el color de las letras y el tamaño de las letras, que aparecen en HyperSpin cuando seleccionas un juego. No en la Wheel. Sino el texto de la esquina inferior izquierda. Se que si entro en la data base y cambio la descripcion, cambia lo escrito en la descripcion. Pero yo lo que quiero es cambiar el color y el tamaño de esa descripcion. Os adjunto una foto para que veais el texto que yo quiero cambiar. Es el de 1996, Namco (yo quiero hacerlo mas grande) y el de Aqua Jet (yo quiero hacerlo mas pequeño) y a ambos cambiarle el color. Gracias.
  18. galagaguy

    Sling 2?

    Read the banner on the top of the site. Happens every couple weeks.
  19. JTK should not be used for any in-game controls. The system profiles you create should only have an exit command... or possibly savestate stuff... only things that can't be mapped directly to a gamepad button in the emulator itself. RL works by shutting down and re-loading JTK with the appropriate profile so make sure to always have a profile loading even if it is completely blank. Did you follow my tutorial?
  20. Ok I think I found the issue with JoytoKey and restarting Hyperspin and running RocketLauncher. Looks like RocketLauncher is shutting down JoytoKey. If I manually restart Joy2Key before going backinto Hyperspin, the controller works as it did before. Is there a way to keep RocketLauncher from shutting down JoytoKey?
  21. I'm using JoytoKey to emulate a couple of game systems. When the PC starts, Hyperspin starts automatically. I can control my Hyperspin wheel with the controller just fine. When I exit and re-enter Hyperspin, the game controller still works just fine. However If I go into Rocketlauncher UI, launch a game to test, then exit Rocketlauncher UI and go back into Hyperspin, the controller no longer works. It's almost like JoytoKey isn't loading the Hyperspin profile for some reason. I discovered this while trying to get JoytoKey to work for Playstation 1 games. It works for some of them but not all of them and I can't seem to figure out why. For instance if works just fine for 007 games but I have only gotten it to work for Xtreme2 a couple of times, don't recall what I did to get it to work but when I exit the game and then go back in, it doesnt work.
  22. shiryu55

    Sling 2?

    I have same problem too.Is there a way to fix this
  23. Mr. Do's Castle (docastle) also not working with HiToText. It generates a "hi" file just like Mr. Do, which works just fine. In game high score table is also working fine for both. Both games on the supported list. Any input on this?
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  25. I apologize I only read now that: HyperSync is currently undergoing maintenance can anyone explain me how to use ftp? i am new and would like to upgrade for my PC GAMES system if there is something for this system.
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