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  4. Old thread but this link now goes to an attack site (hyperlaunch.net). Whatever happened with this project? Thanks
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  9. My honest advice would be to purchase Arc Browser on the Google Play store and use that. It's actively developed and being constantly improved upon and sadly Hyperspin isn't. I actually have both configured on my STV. That single purchase can be shared with your family account and/or used on your Android phone, so although it costs money you can get quite a lot of use out of it. Arc Browser has ready made system presets and can scrape artwork online for the games. It integrates with the voice search which is a nice feature, you can say "Sonic" and all the Sonic games from all the systems you've added to AB's library will show. It now supports video previews, you can add favourite games (Hyperspin doesn't do that), choose to use Retroarch 32 or 64 bit versions for separate systems...I could go on and on. In short it'll make your life easier and is honestly a better frontend. Hyperspin will have to be configured manually through the ini files in the "settings_android" folder. Yes the Hyperspin themes do look more flash than Arc Browser BUT many of them use swf in the zip files, so aren't compatible on Android (trust me I know, having tested and fixed soooo many of them for my STV). It's definitely worth the time doing Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher on PC, as you can do many more systems than on Android. It's your decision of course but hopefully some advice from an experienced retro gamer (i.e me) helps.
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  12. External should be fine. Most likely a bios issue. See this for a more detailed guide. If its not working grab a new set of software list roms and software list machine/bios. And make sure everything is matching the neocdz.xml hash file for your dummy zips
  13. Its all manual im afraid. There is a collection of settings files in the downloads section iirc.
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  16. Still no luck, Have done everything above and it now tries to load saying loading complete, but then jumps out back to Hyperspin before it starts. Can these roms be played from external hdd or do they need to go on internal ? I am using external. Thanks
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  23. Hi I'm learning to setup Hyperspin on PC now and it seems to work. My goal is to have it eventually on my Nvidia Shield. But since you say both versions can live together, I can't figure out how I could "export" my pc configuration easily to an android version? Do I have to do it manually by editing all the ini and xml files or is there an easier way like using rocketlauncher? E.g. Where you need to give the path to the emulator, you could just download the apk and point it to the apk?
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