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  5. Unofficial Database for IP Retrogamer system (magazines) View File Hi, Here is the updated database for IP RetroGamer Magazine. I've uploaded the media too (Wheels updated) Submitter shinobi68 Submitted 01/20/2020 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
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  7. Solve this issue for myself. right click HyperSpin.exe and go to properties. Go to the compatibility tab. Check Run as administrator. press ok and done.
  8. Sure thing man, the contributions are really great. Yeah, I know it seems the staff isn't working or fixing anything, but they're surely are, there was some talk about the issues on the platform and the software itself, I'm hoping all major issues are fixed when possible. As for new content, I'm not sure if you checked, but I worked on the Japanese and PAL Mega Drive, same for SNES, the idea of a database including only playable or translated titles wasn't OK with me, it's best to have all entries and artwork for any system, translations are released from time to time, etc. Some games had PAL releases added instead of Japanese or even Brazilian ones which run at 60Hz, like Alien Soldier (Japan) or Donald in Maui Mallard (Brazil), and so on. The database and artwork related to this system can be found here, in case you're interested: Also, as you may have known, the development databases were mostly lost, possibly due to a hardware problem on the server site (not sure at all), and I'd really appreciate if you could at least PM me with what you have.
  9. agent47 as far as you know is there any hope to see released RL modules for latest RA cores (vice, sharp x68000, daphne, etc)? šŸ˜›
  10. Thanks, it's appreciated. I'm still actively contributing to RL and helping troubleshooting on their forum. I'm also still working on databases (I never really stopped, just stopped sharing them here for multiple reasons) although most of my free time lately has gone to researching missing games, finding, and dumping them for Redump. As I'm sure most people here are aware, I stopped contributing anything here years ago and just log in every once in a while to see if there's any quality art that pops up or any interesting posts (unfortunately neither of which are very common anymore IMO). Looks like dev/admin activity and communication are still non-existent too which is sad, but not a shock to anyone who has been around here for any period of time.
  11. Not related to the topic, just wanted to say a big thanks for all contributions you made to all the community, not only here but on RocketLauncher as well.
  12. I love Hyperspin, spent over 10 years messing with it and learning, NO way I would even think about another FE none of them give you the freedom to do whatever you want like Hyperspin does. Being open source and 100% FREE is also a BIG plus! To bash hyperspin is kinda ironic being its what the other BIGBOX trys to EMULATE!
  13. the only thing you need to do is go into HYperHQ and set your settings to a single wheel instead of having a Main Menu with sub Menus your Single Wheel would have all your Neo Geo Games
  14. Alright, So I built a fresh new PC to run HS, everything was going great but then all of a sudden upon one boot up, HS decides to lag. so now this is what my boot looks like -start windows -log in -run HS (HS wheel/video/emulator lag) -exit HS immediately -taskbar DISAPPEARS for 5-7 seconds -taskbar reappears -run HS again -all gravy. thoughts? I'm running HS/Emulators/Roms on a dedicated Kingston SSD drive. Thanks in advance!
  15. maclio


  16. No, but it would be really easy to make.
  17. HS is losing focus when your game is starting causing the premature game quit I think; this is an old issue. There is an option you need checked in LEDBlinky's configuration utility to let it know that you're using Rlauncher with HS that is supposed to address this issue.
  18. am having this problem too, wondering if a fix was every found? After trying a few things, I can see that disabling a keymapper (joy2key or xpadder) solves the issue. Problem though is I need the keymapper of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm on the latest HyperSpin and RocketLauncher and am using the Pixelcade LED Marquee + LEDBlinky http://pixelcade.org. So the problem is when launching a game, the Pixelcade LED marquee won't display the marquee image because LEDBlinky has sent a game quit command which equals a black frame sent to the LED marquee.
  19. Hi, good jobs. I wonder if you can post Hyperspin special art. I mean the buttons at the bottom of the screen. I'm interested in your Xbox and PS special ar that I saw in your post (main menu and system menu). I hope you can do this. Thanks!

  20. Thanks! I'm scared to tinker because, when I do, I often mess something up.
  21. Iā€™m subscribed and have to say I love the gameplay videos you do! Gets me motivated to actually play some games instead of always tinkering around with my setup.
  22. I know this is a bit of a zombie thread, but.... I am in it right now with an Optiplex 790 inside a new ATX case. I have the original 5 (or 6, including the blanked out one) power pin and I am deciding how to wire it up to the original 2 wire pin coming from the case. My understanding, after reading this thread, is to crop off the the 2-pin connector on the case power switch and connect them, splice them into the yellow and black cables coming off the original switch. Question: this connector on all the motherboards I have seen does not have polarity, no + or -, yet in this thread they are given positive and negative values? Then do the same for the LED connector, hooking up the original ATX case 2-pin connector to the orange+ and blue-. This does have polarity. What does it mean to leave the red cable "Normally Open"? Does that mean just leave it hanging connected to nothing, or...??
  23. Hi. I have hundreds of Hypermarquee MAME gameplay videos here http://www.youtube.com/c/mamefan I also have a video showing how to get it working.
  24. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35556-hyperspin-android-apk/
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