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  4. Jetman67

    Rom Path error driving me nuts in Hyperspin

    That path your seeing is just hyperspin displaying the rom paths, i have already set the pc application path in pc games, modules,global settings, ill keep playing around with it
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    Hurstys Animated Wheel Art Pack

    I haven't touched an RPI in ages! I know it can do Daphne as I had a lot of the games working on my Brother's RPI. It bothered me as my Shield TV couldn't do Daphne at all, the RetroArch core is still being worked on. If you're desperate to play Timegal. There is a port to the Amiga CD32 if you look. The RPI can emulate the Amiga with Amiberry. I played Timegal on my Android phone with Uae4arm not too long ago. I was testing stuff as I'm overhauling the Amiga for Hyperspin on Android and PC.
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    Rom Path error driving me nuts in Hyperspin

    You have the game pointed to the wrong path (longest path i have EVER seen by the way) Go to Rocketlauncher and PC Games and change path in the global modules settings (its in modules tab) Also check to see if they have set up an alterate emulator and change settings there if required.
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  24. Hi All I have a complete image of my systems so I installed Windows 1809 and it had no impact on Hyper spin to my suprise, HyperHQ or rocket launcher and works the same as Windows 1703, I did buy the CAB from a reputable company in Brisbane and they had installed it all onto its own drive so the dependency on the OS is very minimal, they also suggested that this would break the software but it did not thus far and I have seen no difference. currently running Hyperspin Version, Rocket Launcher Regards Wayne
  25. Hello I have successfully installed Crash Bandicoot trilogy PC game into a PC Games wheel in Hyperspin via rocket launcher and its working great, but I am also trying to get the same game to run from my Crash Bandicoot Collection wheel also. In Hyperspin I see it in the Crash collection wheel with all the art work and videos etc but when I run it I keep getting a cant find any rom path. Its driving me nuts as I have followed exactly what I did when I configured it as the only game in my PC games wheel as the initial test which runs perfectly. It runs in rocket launcher when I configure it in the emulator specific settings and hit launch as it did in my test setup. When I go into Hyperspin and go to the Crash Bandicoot collection wheel and hit run on that game I get the attached error, tried everything such as emulator specific settings putting the rom path into the crash wheel in rocket launcher so it knows where to look although I already have the application exe in the emulator specific settings so I wouldn't of thought it needed the rom path in the crash collection item in rocket launcher for the PC game, any help greatly appreciated it must be something simple but just cant see it Regards Wayne Crash Bandicoot error.rtf
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  27. Jetman67

    Hardware to run Gamecube and Ps2

    thanks all
  28. Jetman67

    HyperT00ls V1.4.1.2 error

    Hi All I am trying to use the Hypert00ls utility but when I point to my hyperspin.exe in d:\arcade at the hypertool setup I get the attached error and nothing is populated in systems, any body have any ideas, thanks very much unhandled exception, something about a key already being added and some references to .net Wayne Hypertool error.docx
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