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  3. You need to have the correct parameter line pointing to the core in “systemname”.ini you need make sure the core is downloaded and tested with same roms in retroarch directly 1st
  4. Hola, he encontrado algunas cosas en Ingles. Te recomiendo que busques en : https://hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/ para sacar tus dudas, y si lo prefieres puedes colaborar en la traducción de algunos materiales....
  5. Hola Pilus, A lo que entiendo es que quieres arrancar HiperSpin.exe cuando enciendes la computadora.... pero dime que versión de windows estás utilizando ? En windows 10 lo puedes hacer creando un acceso directo en la carpeta: C:\Users\tu_usuario\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
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  7. I had either the same or a similar issue. I double clicked HyperSpin.exe and I could see the background process (HyperSpin (32 bit)) running in the Task Manager's Processes tab, but no window would ever come up. I had placed sxs.dll in my root directory as recommended here: https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/42440-hyperspin-not-loading/ When right clicking HyperSpin.exe and going to Properties, I had checked "Run this program as an administrator" in the compatibility tab. I had turned off Windows Defender *in the control panel*, and added an exception for HyperSpin.exe anyway even though that shouldn't matter with Defender turned off. So I still had the issue with all of that done and I decided to double check myself. I used the Windows search blank next to the start button to open Windows Defender settings again expecting to be take to the Control Panel again, but instead it offered a different window. This time it launched the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security window. It said Defender was turned on, so I turned it off here as well. After that, it FINALLY WORKED! I just double clicked HyperSpin.exe and the program launched in full screen. So if there are any steps I did here that you have not done, please give them a try! Good luck.
  8. hola gente, av er si me pueden ayudar no puedo arrancar HS en el inicio ya lo agregue de esta 3 maneras shell:common startup shell: startup y en el regedit y no me abre, para probar tambien agregue con el shell: startup el chrome y el chrome lo abre pero no hace nada con HS.
  9. After following tutorials, I have hyperspin 1.5.1 and update installed. I have Rocketlauncher and rocketlauncher media installed and have followed the installation tutorials. However, When I click on Hyperspin, does not run. Ideas??
  10. Spawk, Thanks for the help. RocketLauncher wasn't set as the launcher in Hyperspin. Watched the YouTube video, did the setting and all is working.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I purchase the drive for the ROMs as I had not heard of Hyperspin but seeing it action decided to use it. Should have got one setup by Hyperspin Systems. Will jump onto youtube and see what this RocketLauncher does.
  12. Hello, thanks for theresponses. I had this setup many years ago and had it working fine. I revisited a old setup. I realized I did had a system linked to "SNK Neo Geo" at some point. Anyway I revisted my setup. The main menu xml does have to do with sync as you set link to the available systems to what you have in listed listed in the main menu xml. I have added and removed many systems prior with no issues. I just forgot some minor details as it had been a while. I added new and deleted systems to re familiarized myself. From this exercise if added, I could link to that system and if deleted I couldn't link as expected. I noticed when I "dropped" a system from the media configuration section, the sync systems would also update. Likewise, if I added and set link to a system that wasn't listed before in sync system section it would update. So this answered my question I posted in thread originally in regards to how the sync systems were populated. Feel silly not seeing this before. Within reason I came to conclsion I mustve done some wrong or didnt drop the snk neo geo system way back when and it was still listed as a available system and caused a mistmatch. I located ini files where hypersync stores settings. Within the settings ini file, all systems I had setup were listed. The odd ball was "SNK Neo Geo", which I had no use for since nothing was linked to it via my setup (Sanity checked and went through all systems and verified nothing was inadvertantly linked some how). "SNK Neo Geo" show it was linkd to "linked=SNK Neo Geo". I just removed the system from the systems ini file. Problem solve. Restarted Hypersync and everything worked as expected. Annoying this happened but I it helped me recalls some things I had forgotten. I don't hand edit xmls by the way. I only use xml from hyperlist. Anyway, I apprecaite the help and responses. This is a non issue now as I have resolved. Added some screen shots for clarity just in case. Thanks
  13. There is no such thing as a "place to buy HS". Money would have been better spent on "platinum" membership here and at EmuMovies. Normally we just tell people who buy drives to go get support from wherever they bought it from... I don't want to even do that because the dimwit who set that up clearly had no idea what they were doing! Not only did he not use RocketLauncher, he didn't even use the old Hyperlaunch. He has stuff loading right through HQ like we used to do 15 years ago. Seriously there are some great setup tutorials on youtube, you should try and learn to set this up yourself.
  14. G'Day Trend Setters, I have look at they system closely and have notice that when I press the start key it is trying to launch MAME but jumps back out into Hyperspin. Below is the log. 08:50:53 PM | HyperSpin Started 08:50:54 PM | Going FullScreen 08:50:55 PM | Checking for updates 08:50:55 PM | Update Check Complete 08:50:55 PM | Startup program unavailable 08:50:56 PM | Error intializing joysticks 08:50:56 PM | Menu Mode is multi 08:50:57 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 08:50:58 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 08:51:00 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 08:51:09 PM | Loading MAME.xml 08:51:12 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 08:51:14 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:52:21 PM | Launching Game 08:52:22 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:52:22 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:52:22 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:52:22 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\pbobble.7z,zip" 08:52:37 PM | Launching Game 08:52:37 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:52:37 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:52:37 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:52:37 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\pbobble.7z,zip" 08:52:44 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 08:52:44 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 08:52:45 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 08:52:58 PM | Loading MAME.xml 08:52:59 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 08:53:00 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:06 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:07 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:10 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:11 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:12 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:12 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:15 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:15 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:16 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:16 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:19 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:19 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:26 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:26 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 08:53:36 PM | Launching Game 08:53:36 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:53:36 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:53:36 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:53:36 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\galaga.7z,zip" 08:53:40 PM | Launching Game 08:53:40 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:53:40 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:53:40 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:53:40 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\galaga.7z,zip" 08:56:34 PM | Launching Game 08:56:34 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:56:34 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:56:34 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:56:34 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\goldnaxe.7z,zip" 08:56:43 PM | Launching Game 08:56:43 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:56:43 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:56:43 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:56:43 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\goldnaxe.7z,zip" 08:56:51 PM | Launching Game 08:56:52 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:56:52 PM | Running in normal rom mode 08:56:52 PM | Excecutable is mame.exe 08:56:52 PM | Command Line is: "R:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe" "R:\Arcade\Mame\roms\goldnaxe.7z,zip" 08:57:03 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 08:57:04 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 08:57:05 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 08:57:12 PM | Exit program: clear.bat 08:57:12 PM | Exit params not set 08:57:12 PM | Working directory: R:\Arcade\ 08:57:12 PM | Window State: NORMAL 08:57:12 PM | Launching clear.bat 08:57:12 PM | Command Line is clear.bat 08:57:12 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 08:57:12 PM | Bye! Anyone know how to fix this.
  15. I have the same question: - Is it possible to delay the theme/artwork/video to give your eyes a chance to rest on the wheel before the theme/artwork/video takes over? Also, Spawk mentions using a default theme. How do you set that up, and could you share what you use for your Mame theme? Finally, how do I figure out how the theme XML file works and what all of the options available in it are? Thanks!
  16. I have attached a short video showing that the Arcade games not launching and other games launching perfectly with no problem. So when I try to launch the Arcade Game it appears to open up Retroarch, but does not load the core. Do I have to edit the Hyperspin Info Settings to make sure it is opening up the Core to launch the game? I am trying to provide all information that I can in order to get this build fully up and running. Once again thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  17. Hey, I just did exactly that and I started off using this guide here: https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ It's for MAME but once you've walkedthrough that you'll be bale to figure out the other systems.. I've also created a playlist of videos that i've found useful on Youtube that you can access here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb4JfnF9Bg93c8an5XRLwlMAIYavgSK8_ Hope this helps!
  18. Hi all Its been many years since I delved into the Hyperspin and emulator world, but after being absent, I dug out the old PC that used to host my set up. On boot, I can see that its a Win8.1 Enterprise machine and very outdated! Im going to format it and start afresh, plus update a couple of components in time, but I was interested to see if there is a current set up guide please for Hyperspin? I have all my ROMs and emulators on a separate drive, so Im hoping I can just format and reinstall the OS on the OS drive, then have emulation run smoothly from the other drive that houses ROMs etc. If not, then Im happy to run through a full Hyperspin rebuild (which actually might not be a ad idea as this current set up is years old) but could do with a guide to help refresh my memory on it all. Could someone direct me to the most current one please? Appreciate any help given. Thanks
  19. It looks like it was the theme. In short, there wasn't one. If I add a theme, the video shows inside the theme. Is there any primer on themes and how they work? I'm specifically interested in the xml file. Thanks!
  20. If you are sure about the naming then it must be theme you are using. There really isn’t any configuration. You can change the location of videos in HQ but if you haven’t done that manually they should work in default location. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Xml uses rom names, as does Emumovies. I checked a few of them just to make sure, and they named match—and none of the videos are working, including the ones I specifically checked. Is there anything anywhere else that needs to be configured?
  22. The rom and all media must be named EXACTLY like what's in the XML.
  23. I downloaded the videos from Emumovies.com and placed them in my Media\MAME\Video folder, and they still don't work. I also have the HyperHQ video path set to the same folder. However, HyperHQ specifically says FLV videos--and these are MP4 videos directly from Emumovies. Any ideas what is broken? Thanks!
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  25. Thanks Torden. I mispoke, Indeed the game name must match the zip file. Thanks for that correction... WHat I should have asked is if anyone knows a torrent set that matches up with the 2.2 Database or similar.
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