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  3. You obviously don't know how to use RocketLauncher as without it, Hyperspin would be useless. Any module updates are on the forums somewhere and they keep all major systems functioning well, to this day. Although I slated @Agent47 regarding his comments about Hyperspin, his work on the RL forums is excellent and he has kept it going for years almost single handed (IMO)
  4. Yeah Launchbox is great ..... If you like waiting 2 hours for it to load up !! 😂
  5. Yup, difference being I have posted plenty of updates over the years. Plus RL modules are open so anyone can work on it, unlike HS. Thanks for creating an alt/new account just to respond tho.
  6. put the sxs.dll file in the hyperspin root folder
  7. LaunchBox all the way! Hyperspin has been dead for a long time.
  8. Same bullshit applies to Rocketlauncher, another abandonware... are you still promising updated modules? hehehe all bullshit.
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  10. Pretty sure this is a known bug. I could be wrong but I thought @ninja2bceen posted a fix that closes extra hyperspin exes that are running. Happens to mine on windows 10 also so it’s not just yours.
  11. This was working flawlessly until today. It looks like sometimes when I close HyperSpin the process remains running. This happened most recently when I was launching HyperSpin to see if I moved disk images into the correct artwork folder then exiting (without launching any emulators). Any idea what I could be doing wrong that would keep the HyperSpin process from closing?
  12. Thanks; After I posted this, I did find a forum that suggested that trick with the .dll; I then undated the computer and Hyperspin worked like a charm. Thanks again. Damon
  13. As you are a hater of Hyperspin, we will ignore what you have to say about it. It's a simple dll fix that you drop into the folder with your Hyperspin.exe (hardly a major chore is it) Maybe stick to RocketLauncher/Launchbox instead of bitching about Hyperspin all the time. If you don't like it, stop coming back to these forums. I use it and it works flawlessly on latest windows update or previous versions.
  14. Here's the fix, go to your HS directory and Shift + Delete it. HS has been broken for years and the devs have done nothing about it. The only "fix" is to download a Win system dll from a random person on the net. Choose a different frontend, HS is dead and will not be updated. Not only will the new frontend work without compromising your OS but you won't have to deal with the mile long list of problems and things HS can't do.
  15. Hello; I need a little help. I had updated Windows 10 pro to the latest update and it broke my Hyperspin. I did a little research and found out that I can undo the update and go back to the previous version of Windows(before the major update which is Windows 10 Pro Version 1903) which i did and now my Hyperspin is working now again. Has anybody else came across this issue? How do you resolve it? Thanks! Damon C
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    created with HyperTheme 1.1.5
  18. Conker's Bad Fur Day (USA) 4:3 View File created with HyperTheme 1.1.5 Submitter patrullazombie Submitted 09/27/2020 Category HyperPin File Count 1 Credits patrullazombie  
  19. So I'm having a weird issue.... I am migrating to a new machine for HyperSpin / MAME (now running 224, "upgrading" from 154) and I'd like to save my old hiscores if possible. I have all new roms for 224 and copied a hiscore.dat file from the old mame folder to the new one. I also did the same for the .hi files in /hi and /nvram folders. In HyperSpin, Hitotext shows me the correct old scores and generally works fine (I am using a new exe and xml I downloaded from sourceforge). But when I actually run a game, the highscores are NOT the ones from my old installation and don't match what Hitotext shows in HyperSpin. So any idea where the data siconnect is coming from? Thanks.
  20. Hola, el problema es que no tenes las siguientes carpetas que si o si pide el hypertheme.exe crea estas carpetas y inicia el hypertheme.exe de nuevo. dentro de media crear la carpeta Mame dentro de Mame crear la carpeta Themes y listo te abre con los controles sin ningún problema.
  21. So I finally sorted exiting most of my emulators under hyperspin. I finally understand how the setup works. Use joytokey to set the joystick pushes to equal a keyboard input - I chose the esc button (for now), and mapped it to pushing the start and #1 buttons on my joystick. Use Hyper HQ to set the location of the joytokey program. Use rocketlauncher to set the HYPERSPIN RL profile in joytokey to record the button pushes Also in rocektlauncher use the global settings/exit emulator setting to be ~ESC|1joy1&1joy9|2joy1&2joy9 so the escape key and both joysticks with the key combo can trigger to exit. This means that rocketlauncher sees the key combo as a trigger to close the emulator, and the key combo is also used to trigger the ESC button. It is kind of two closing motions with the one set of key presses. Works great with MAME emulator and retroarch emulator (not set in retroarch, only in rocketlauncher). But I can't get it to work for WINUAE which I use for Amiga? I understand WINUAE uses ctrl+F11 to close, but I don't know how to set joytokey to be a combination of keyboard inputs for a combination of joystick inputs. Do I even need to use the exact combo to close an emulator, or can I just set the combo in Rocketlauncher and it should work, but I suspect perhaps there is some conflict that Esc key is used in the emulator itself as a useful input, so I need to change my 'exit emulator' key to be something other than Esc?? Is there a way to exit WINUAE through the rocketlauncher side? The setting of the joystick key combo to something other than Esc perhaps? Anyone got any other tips?
  22. Right click Hyperspin.exe, then go to properties and set it to run as admin. Also add sxs.dll to your Hyperspin folder if you are on 2004 update on Windows 10.
  23. I am having an intermittent issue with HyperSpin where sometimes when I try to launch the application it will not start. The process starts, if I CTRL+ALT+ESC I can see that there are 2-3 HyperSpin processes running. Closing them all and trying again fixes the issue. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I am on Windows 7 with Hyperspin 1.5.1.
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    Inicio Automatico

    Hola hay alguna manera de arrancar un juego automaticamente al iniciar hyperspin?
  26. Thanks for the reply if you mean 'start_on_favourites' in the mame.ini I tried that and doesnt work? Theres no setting in HyperHQ as far as im aware?
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  29. Maybe this has nothing to do with this particular version of Hyperspin/Retroarch but is there a particular way to use a Shield Controller with Playstation games using pcsx_rearmed_libretro_android.so? It starts the rom perfectly no issues, my Shield controller shows like it's mapped but just not usable at all.. should I be doing something special? I thought it was setup through the autoconfig process...
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