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    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    You should go look into HyperPie if your dead set on using the RPi Hyperspin and RocketLauncher won’t work on any RPi. goodluck with your project but give the PC option another look before you decide
  4. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    Rocket launcher is mentioned in the initial post. As it's clearly asked if they both work on the RPI! The OP watched all the videos about Hyperspin their brain can handle. So yes I've connected the dots and seen they're learning about Hyperspin and RL! Yes Windows 10 can now technically work on the RPI. Do Hyperspin and Rocket launcher work with it? I dunno, haven't tried and won't bother because the RPI is under powered. I'm done conversing with you. All the best with your projects

    Hardware to run Gamecube and Ps2

    What would you recommend as a fresh build that could play GC and PS2 without any issues? When you say any processor released in the past 2 years, that includes i3? I thought emulators require more CPU than GPU? +++ath0 NO CARRIER
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  7. Suhrvivor

    To zip or not to zip (or 7zip)

    Last year I switched all my disc based collections to CHD and it's amazing! That format it's the best of both worlds. CHDs are highly compressed and most modern emulators can read them directly without needing any previous decompression. I highly recommend using CHDs.
  8. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    if you want to nit pick my posts, I can do the same to yours where exactly did the op say that he wanted to learn about hyperspin and rocketlauncher I don't see a mention of Rocketlauncher in the initial post so why are you bringing rocketlauncher into this post. the OP never mentioned that he wanted to learn anything he asked if you can install Hypersin on a PI (a question with a simple yes or no answer) whether its a pre configured drive with Hyperspin he bought or he wants to install a fresh copy of Hyperspin we don't know that because the OP did not mention that!!! what exactly does the OP have to do with you and what you have done you are making the assumption that everyone lives by your standards and is going to build their own image. connect the dots if you can, what's easy and in my opinion the lazy choice downloading a pre made image vs learning how to do everything yourself just because you made your own image, this does not mean that everyone is going to choose the option that requires an extra effort in their part..
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  10. dark13

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    A pc is surely more expensive but if you are at 720p a 120€ ryzen 2400g can run fullspeed about 98% of emulators' database and 60 fps on low settings with SFV/MK/tekken7/soul calibur. To be sure you can run EVERYTHING at 1080p you need a 8350 @4.8ghz and a 1060 6gb (in some cases you can even downsample window games from 4k). A bit on the pricey side...
  11. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    No it's English. Nobody mentioned using premade images, except you. Every RPI I've done, was done from scratch. I've been through almost every arcade frontend available, from using KODI to Retropie, Attract Mode etc. So no, using an RPI in a cab is not lazy. The word you're looking for is it's limiting! The OP has made it quite clear they're learning about Hyperspin and rocket launcher. So I don't think they're lazy, as they're already making an effort to learn the ropes. I think we all agree PC is the best option. Mini-itx form factor is a possibility to keep the size down BUT these builds always work out more expensive. I'd be surprised if a stripped down Dell couldn't be made to fit in a bar top cab.
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  13. dark13

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    With a pi you'll be missing lots of great games. Everyone will think to console and mame 3d games but even cps3 games (street fighter 3) will be costantly frameskipping on a pi3, I tested 2 version of pandora's box (similar hardware) and both versions had this issue. Another reason to use a pc if you are on LCD screen is the freedom you got with shaders: some of them are too much demanding for a pi3 while a decent videocards can run them. Honestly today crt emulation is so good you can pass on a real CRT.
  14. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    its being very lazy when you can download an pre built pi image load it to your sd card and stick your sd card in your PI set your controls and you are done. it might be an american expression forget bout modern arcades, as in don't bother trying to run modern arcade games because you can't even run some of the older arcade games.
  15. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    That's not lazy. It's being cheap! I've made it quite clear the RPI is under powered and I don't think it's worth using in a cabinet. You provided more information about using the RPI which has "confused" the issue. Why you said forget modern Arcades, just because the RPI can't emulate them also makes no sense to me. In my opinion cabinet needs a PC. Shield TV for something to plug and play into the TV for couch gaming, although it could work well in a cab too I suppose.
  16. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    when I say lazy I mean sticking a PI in a cabinet is like sticking a VW bug engine on a high performance sports car. are you honestly telling me that you would build a high end custom arcade just to put such a low powered device in it. and I like paying console games on my cocktail cab with a PC and Hyperspin as much as I like playing arcade games with a console controller while I"m sitting on a couch. each system has its pros and cons.
  17. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    Surely it's the reverse! Just running it through the TV is lazy. It's more effort making a cabinet, which is what the OP wants. If you're going to go to all that effort, you should want to be able to cover as many arcade/console systems as possible. For maximum versatility, PC is the way forward. Dell Optiplex PC's can be found cheap enough refurbished that have the i7 2600. The whole case doesn't need to go in the cabinet. The OP needs to be aware it can be stripped down and the parts just secured into the cabinet.
  18. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    I have an PI and its nice to have the retro consoles on my main TV, but sticking in an arcade cabinet is just lazy. forget modern arcades, its recommended that you run MAME 2003 on a PI 2 and an older version on a Pi Zero (I'm not sure what is recommended on the latest Pis) you can't even play Killer Instinct (mame version) on MAME 2003, you have to play the SNES to MAME hack. I ended up using Final Burn Alpha over MAME and used MAME 2009 for all the MAME games not found on FBA.
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  24. Now that Valentine's Day is behind us, it's time to get back to work on our gaming projects. To help you all out I am happy to announce the release of our SNK Neo GEO AES video snaps. For those of you who are unaware the AES was the stupidly overpriced home console version of the Neo Geo MVS that was in the arcades. All videos were recorded using the AES flag in mame and I tried to capture each version that would have a different title screen. In total the set includes 170 video snaps. As always we have a preview video followed by all the juicy details. Enjoy! High Quality Sample High Quality (FTP, Sync) Resolution 640x480 Video Count 170 Total Size 2.09GB Frame Rate 60 Audio 192 kbit/s Standard Quality (Site, FTP, Sync) Resolution 320x240 Video Count 170 Total Size 525MB Frame Rate 30 Audio 128 kbit/s Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies FIles Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord View the full article
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    MAME style split screen

    Hello Haloman800 Did you ever figure it out to split the screen for the Cocktail cabinet?
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