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  2. JAWS (VPX) PuP-Pack You're gonna need a bigger pincab! This is the VPX version of my Jaws PuP-Pack. It's a fairly simple table so it only took a few days...but I may update it later when I have more time. I had a couple of days free time away from my military training course, so I finally got this sucker done! Thanks goto Rom and SLAMT1LT for the original FP tables, and RandR for the VPX conversion! Thanks also to Tarcisio Caleiro for his excellent Jaws default background video! The Future Pinball Ultimate Pro JAWS PuP-Pack is coming... but that table has way more content and modes,etc so it will need a much larger PuP-Pack...and of course the table will need to be updated to work with it. (When I have time). A video demo of the PuP-Pack can be found here: And some pics for those who don't watch videos
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  8. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo

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  11. I forgot to mention that severals of my 64 bits folder path aren't on default location but with custom path (example: I share the system folder 32 and 64 bits with the same path). Maybe we have to keep all default location of 64 bits folder to work I may need to make a fresh instal of retroarch 64 bits and then, make a new test of the apk. If someone could confirm me if it already work on fresh install thanks
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  19. Hello! I have a Dreamcast and a GDEmu and have been trying to take my .GDI files and convert them with Eng translation patches. Does anyone have a tutorial or pm me to help convert my files to gdi or CDI format so I may play them on my real dreamcast? THANKS ANYONE IN ADVANCE!!!
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  25. so I made a test this new apk after deleting the former one but unfortunaly, it doesn't work. when a load a romfrom hyperspin, it continue to point to the regular retroarch 32 bits. I have change in settings of the core : exe=com.retroarch.aarch64/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture but no luck little disappointed because I thank we have found the best solution. is others guys test it with success ? thanks for your support
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