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  4. I finished my arcade cab several years ago. At one point I know i used a xbox 360 controller for at least hyperspin and the pc games. One of my kids needed the controller so i didnt use it with the cabinet for a couple years. I just recently seen the news on this turbo grafx mini coming out in march 2020 and it made me want to play some of these old console games but want to use a controller. I just went through my hyperspin cab and got it all cleaned out and fixed a few buttons/wiring issues and got it back in shape to play. I just ordered 2 more 360 wireless controllers and trying to get at least this one controller working with retroarch to play some older console games because they just dont play well with joysticks. Well...I cant even get this controller to work and have more coming. I feel like its a windows issue or something. I enabled and set the controller in hyperspin hq and during hyperspin intro if i push a button on the controller it will register the press and skip the video and go to hyperspin. From there nothing works on controller. If i go into retro arch settings, the controller works in the menu to move up/down but no button presses register and in any roms I load the controller doesnt work but then if i go into my 3DO emulator the controller works fine. Ive spent days trying to search for a solution but cant figure it out. Im running windows 7 with an ipac4 and wonder if its a conflict? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. @Aorin I can't agree with you more. Love love love your content BTW. @tonesmaloneFunny, if i have an issue with how something works, i don't complain. I learn and try my hand at fixing it. Everyone complaining about when hs 2.0 is getting released, are a bi-product of the society we live in. the society of instant gratification. Unwilling to work for what they want.....nothing but cry baby pussies. If they want to leave, fuck em, let em... we don't need that toxicity. This is a great community of TRUE retro gamers. A generation of gamers that lived the slower, lifestyle. We walked to the pizza place to play mortal kombat, so we can appreciate the time it takes for greatness. Then we got older and watched everything change and the crybaby generation come into the world with the fast paced, instantly served on demand, always updating. "don't gotta go anywhere" cause its all here and if its not, 'i will cry until i get it'
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  7.  Castlevania Collection Full set  it's done ! Who's the next ?! (compatible all frontends)

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  9. Well I have more faith that it will be well done then, if you aren't doing the RPI. It's not a divide and conquer approach. The Amiga on PC needs sorting out, Rocket Launcher modules need adapting and of course the media sorting (which I've been chipping away at). I don't want to work with others and deal with egos, arguing why I want things done a certain way or teach people, for them to then want to branch off and go their own way. I started this thread for my Amiga project. It's already helping others who want to do their own setups which is great. It makes no odds to me if people want to use the setup I will eventually release or another, as long as people are still enjoying the Amiga.
  10. FYI.. I haven't turned my pi on ever since i released my last pi COLOSSAL 256gb Retro image months ago. Android IMO is a better system to play with. Does far better in emulation and non gaming things. As for advancing forward. I have a say in how amiga goes forward with HS, and yes, AGA and NON wheels will be implement. Optimized uae configs for each game etc etc. It looks like work on this will be doubled up from yourself and the "other side." It's a shame it was never worked "as a team" instead of divide and conquer approach. Lucky for me, I have 4 other guys willing to help and advance amiga forward with HS and my new hdfs. So i dare say it wont take that long.
  11. No I'm not holding my breath. My priority is to finally sort the Commodore Amiga out for Hyperspin! The best emulators (with cycle exact) are on PC and the Lion's share of Hyperspin users are PC based (because the PC version is superior). So that is now my focus and sorting the other Commodore computers that have been sorely neglected. I'm well aware of the state of Android emulation (you know this). I don't think it was a coincidence that UAE4ARM started working again on Android TV, shortly after I sent the dev a crash log. I didn't see anyone else post one on github, I've done my fair share to help the Android side of things along. There is already an Amiga set done for Android which was rushed and of poor quality. I'm not convinced the guys working on the new set using your updated hdf files will do it properly. No disrespect to them, the Amiga is a complicated system to emulate. I have my doubts they'll know the games are actually running as close to true speed as possible or know how to create a Workbench environment like I did for Android. I wish them luck with it, I do like seeing people excited about the Amiga which I do adore. I know you're busy with the RPI, I'll focus on PC and will then turn to Android once that's complete. If Amiberry is still in Limbo come that time, I already have an impressive working set of uae files for UAE4ARM to use as a base to update. The media assets created for PC can be used on Android, I think I'm actually using my time wisely. P.S Thank you for the update about Rygar (AGA) that has now been ported to the Amiga (it's an awesome game). I'm sure PC users are excited to get a definitive Amiga set to add to their collection.
  12. You still holding your breath for Amiberry for Android? Really after all these years... ? With no proof or any evidence the port to Android is possible. I've given up waiting. The dev is way to busy with supporting Amiberry on single board computers then to mess with an unfamiliar OS. Uae4arm is the way to go forward on Android, and with any issues or hiccups, lubo is surely prepared to at least look at it and or solve it. If or when Amiberry arrives on Android I'll then pay attention to it. Otherwise Ill spend my time elsewhere.
  13. zero delay encoders is nothing but a marketing name serial joysticks sucked and had a horrible delay --> USB no delay what you have is a joystick encoder you basically saved yourself the trouble of doing this to a USB controller https://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html as you may or may not know Hyperspin has a bug with USB controllers DISABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! usb joysticks use in HyperHQ and use this to map your Joystick Encoder to Hyperspin. it was built for a 360 Controller but you can change the button numbers to match what you have/want
  14. Thank you!, that did the trick!. Im building a racing cab, and when testing the same thing happened to me, especially supermodel, the sega model 3 emulator. Putting in performance or equilibrate solved the problem.
  15. Learned that one the hard way - I tossed pretty much everything I bought there originally and went Ultimarc. Live and learn! Added bonus, extra LED controllers on the IO board. Loving the knob I got there after I shored my hole up with an altoids tin; and the trackball glows like an absolute dream. I'm at the 'make it pretty' stage now... considering how I might build a custom stand for the barcade cabinet, too. I do have an old, broken-down minifridge that's about the right height...
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  17. Hi Guys. I'm bran new on this forum so I hope I've posted this the right place. I have a two player bartop, set up with two Reyman zero delay usb encoders. My question is: How do I wire them up correctly to use them with Hyperspin? Right now, the buttons for player 1 and two are wired as shown in the Picture. For player 1, buttons on the front are 9, 10 and 11. Hope you Guys can help 🙂 My Current setup is with a pi, but I'm transitioning to HyperSpin shortly
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  19. Thanks for your help..but unfortunately i am totally baffled as i have followed your instructions to the letter , checked and double checked and it crashes back to the menu every time either when trying with retroarch or hyperspin to run the games. i just thought it was strange that the M2v video files wont even play in x-plore or esfile explorer so i have to assume thats the problem i only asked for the files from cobra command out of desperation and thought you were saying no to providing links to the paid m2v for space ace etc ..so apologies i mis understood Cheers guy
  20. Thank you! Just so you are aware. Ransom is also busy covering the Amiga for the Raspberry Pi with Amiberry, although I do know he's helping some other guys out with an Android Hyperspin project. He did ask me nicely if I'd consider teaming up with those guys again (as I frankly know more about the Amiga than they do) but I've refused. It's possible they may finish before me as they are just concentrating on using UAE4ARM. I want to sort Amiga emulation on PC first. I'm going to have to tinker with some Rocketlauncher modules as well as sort and create media, although to my knowledge I have more Amiga media than anybody else. This gives the Amiberry team time to complete the Android port and then I can turn my attention to uae files for that and the media I've done for PC can be used on Android.
  21. This is very exciting stuff. Thanks for all the hard work. Love the Amiga & looking forward to this beast set.
  22. I have a 1TB SSHD adopted as internal storage to expand the 16GB, never tried doing stuff from external drives. I barely use MDB or play MS-DOS games on the STV. I'm not one of those people that wants to "brag" that they have 300+ wheels in Hyperspin. The wheels I have are stuff I want to play and they're done well. I'd love to help you out but it would drag this thread off topic and to be honest I'm pretty busy with this Amiga project and PC VR.
  23. Hello, I am looking for a way to sort the list of xml games, e.g. Mame etc, in alphabetical order, unfortunately most xml lists are not alphabetized, which makes Hs Wheels a light mess ?? Unfortunately in Hs alone I didn't find the option to show the list by alphabet or I'm blind
  24. I've never managed to work out Magic Dosbox since sideloading it to shield. First problem I couldn't get a mouse cursor to appear using the shield controller, i got a mini usb keyboard to solve that issue but then found i couldnt load games from an external hdd.
  25. I made it very clear in that video NOT to ask me for the game files or Hyperspin media. I've already told you I can't test the m2v files, I don't have the STV with me. I'm very busy with my Commodore Amiga project for the Hyperspin community right now. I wish I had time to help everyone but I don't, that's why I make the videos. Much of what you have asked is in the video or covered in the comments section. All the best with it, I hope you figure it out soon.
  26. Oh ok...i am still stuck then...damn the only thing i can think of is my m2v files are wrong as they wont play in android natively ..please can you send me a link to your cobra command files or please could you try and play them in x-plore to eliminate that possibility many thanks guy
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