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  1. Atari 2600 Carts [HyperList 1.0] [COMPLETE & STANDARIZED]

    I´ve downloaded the original Atari Carts pack from you guys but I´ve faced some problems with it so I decided to update it and make it OCD-ready. ;-)
    Here´s what I did:
    - A few carts had no images at all. Now each one of the 648 games at the HyperList 1.0 have an image, even if a "ROM Only no cart release" (E.G.: I Project);
    - There where some unused images. They are gone now;
    - The resolutions were all over the place, from 150 px to 400 px wide. All lo-res pics were redownloaded. Now every image is exactly 400 px wide;
    - Some games had low quality scans. Those were replaced;
    - Some games had wrong images (E.G.: Air Raid). All fixed now;
    - Some Atari games released on both Text and Pic labels had the (boring) Text label scanned (E.G.: SLot Racer). Those were replaced when possible;
    - When possible, I´ve tracked down original scans of the real card or PCB of the Protos. (E.G.: LotR: Rivendell, Last Starfighter);
    - I´ve added transparency on every oddly-shaped cart (E.G.: Air Raid, Air Raiders) so it would look good when displayed;
    I´ve replaced almost 200 of the 648 items in the pack. It seems pretty standarized right now.



  2. Atari 2600 Cart Art

    Cartridge art for the Atari 2600.



  3. Atari 2600 - 2D Carts [HQ Hi Res] - Complete

    This is an updated cart art set for the Atari 2600 system. New templates were used for some games. All of them have been redone and are now better quality than the previous set. Enjoy!



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